Heart to Heart – E04

Our reliably selfish Yi Suk follows through with his jealousy by telling Doo Soo off for playing with Hong Do’s feelings.  In response, Doo Soo responds to Hong Do’s confession with one of his own – he’s engaged.  As a result, our sweet and innocent Hong Do’s crush has a short life as within a couple of days of finally confessing to her long-time crush, Hong Do stands outside Doo Soo’s apartment, getting drenched by the pouring rain.  Having watched Doo Soo enter the apartment with his fiancee, she decides to fold her crush.  It’s in this vulnerable state that Hong Do gets Yi Suk’s invitation for barbecue and drinks at his place.  Similarly vulnerable because of his own unfinished feelings over his brother’s death, Yi Suk and Hong Do find comfort in each other’s vulnerability.


The episode preview for this episode is Hong Do in bed with Yi Seuk.  We are lead to question whether this is another dream or reality.

Back in the present time, Hong Do confesses her feelings for Doo Soo.  Afterwards, she literally falls over herself and runs back home.  Right away, Yi Suk calls Hong Do to call her out to celebrate in the nearby bakery.


Hong Do cusses at Yi Suk but reluctantly goes to the bakery.  Once she arrives, she calls Yi Suk from across the street, where she’s squatting and staring at the wall.  Yi Suk comes out and pulls Hong Do into the bakery.

Inside the bakery, Yi Suk is self-congratulatory; he explains that all of her progress is due to his genius ability.  He also guesses that her situation was triggered by a girl in the past as Hong Do seems okay with both Yi Suk and Doo Soo.

Hong Do stares off into space and finally snaps at Yi Suk that she was unable to ask Doo Soo whether he slept well…Instead, she confessed her feelings for him!


Back in his office, Yi Suk tells Hong Do to repeat her confession in his office so that he could try to guess how Doo Soo feels.  He makes Hong Do repeat the confession, “Inspector Jang, I like you,” over and over again with the excuse that he doesn’t feel her sincerity.

It’s during this situation that Doo Soo calls.  Yi Suk steals Hong Do’s cell phone and tells Doo Soo to forget about the morning as Hong Do didn’t mean any harm.


Yi Suk consults with the grandmother from the past episodes as Hong Do watches on the side.  The grandmother continues to talk to her invisible son and even pours orange juice on the floor because she thinks she’s helping her son drink.

In response, Yi Suk tells the grandmother that her son doesn’t exist and she needs to be careful about taking her medicine.

Within minutes, Yi Suk’s senior psychiatrist storms into his office and yells at him for telling the grandmother that her son doesn’t exist.  She yells that he should consider the patient’s circumstances before deciding on the treatment and warns him not to let his mother-issues affect his professional decisions.

In response, Yi Suk raises his voice to tell the senior psychiatrist that she’s the one with the mommy-issues; she doesn’t have a mother.  That’s why she didn’t proscribe the right medicine for the grandmother, because she felt bad for the old lady.  Watching all this enfold, Hong Do mutters that Yi Suk is a jerk.


Probably feeling a little bit guilty, Yi Suk takes Hong Do out for dinner and drinks.  He tells her that he isn’t going to drink the wine, but he wants to indulge.

Hong Do drinks in the wine and asks why Yi Suk chose to become a psychiatrist; he has shown no speck of empathy.  Yi Suk continues to smell the wine, but doesn’t drink any.

Instead, he asks what Hong Do likes in Doo Soo and she responds that she likes everything about him.  Afterwards, he calls a substitute driver and instructs the guy to take Hong Do home.


However, Yi Suk ends up driving with Hong Do in his passenger seat.  She’s completely drunk and cannot tell him her address or hold her head up.

The next morning, Hong Do stretches away in Yi Suk’s bed.  While she feels incredibly hungover, she does remember the prior night’s events – including throwing up on Yi Suk’s rug.  Out of embarrassment, she jumps up to change and leave.

Yi Suk calls to tease her that she has horrible drinking habits and tries to joke that she voluntarily undressed.  Since, Hong Do remembers everything, she completely denies it and gets caught that she didn’t black out.  She runs home to change for work.

We get a near miss as Hong Do arrives at the Goh household at the same time as Yi Suk leaves.  He calls Hong Do to call her out and Hong Do’s (the grandmother’s) cell rings.  Before Yi Suk can think about it, Hong Do runs into the house.

Inside the house, the head house keeper sniffs around complains that Hong-Do-the-grandmother got drunk before work.

Sero calls Doo Soo in the middle of another chase.  She called to let him know that she heard about the decision on her lawsuit against him – she lost. However, she explicitly states that she still expects an apology.  At this point, Doo Soo’s companion yells out, “dog poop,” because he stepped in the criminal’s dog poo… Sero thinks that Doo Soo is insulting her and gets miffed again.


In Grandfather Goh’s room, Hong Do keeps her hand over her mouth to keep him from smelling the alcohol from her breath.  Grandfather Goh asks Hong Do about his memoir and Hong Do just demurs that it was good.  Not satisfied with her response, Grandfather Goh asks Hong Do to return the books and find the other ones that he needs.

Before she comes near Grandfather Goh’s desk, Hong Do sprays perfume on herself to mask the alcohol scene.  However, this gets misinterpreted by Grandfather Goh, who thinks that she’s spraying it because he smells.  He roars that she’s fired.


At the precinct, Doo soo informs Yi Suk that he found the burglar.  However, only one gold heart was found in his possession.  All of the other hearts have already been sold on the black market.

Yi Suk sighs and changes the subject.  He asks Doo Soo how he felt when Hong Do confessed.  Doo Soo responds that Yi Suk can use him in any of his psychological experiments as long as it benefits Hong Do, but not to mess around with her.

This rubs Yi Suk the wrong way and he responds that Doo Soo is the one that is playing with Hong Do.  He asks if Doo Soo is actually dense enough to not know Hong Do’s intentions as he keeps her close by.

On the movie set, Sero plays a beggar, who needs to eat the food that she receives.  Except, the sauce looks just like dog poo…With Doo Soo’s words repeating in her head, she just can’t get herself to eat the food.  When she finally stuffs it into her mouth, she ends up spitting it out…to the utter annoyance of the director.

Doo Soo speaks with his fiancee on his commute home.  They discuss the honeymoon destination.  The girl continues to act lovingly and asks what part of her Doo Soo likes.  He responds that he likes a lot of things about her.  She continues to ask if he likes her as much as heaven and earth and he responds not that much.  She laughs that she got what she wanted, which was to hear that he likes her and they hang up.

Before going in, Doo Soo checks his outer food-box to find that Hong Do hadn’t dropped by with food.  He decides to go by her house, except Hong Do is returning in her granny persona.


Walking behind her, Doo Soo asks if the “grandmother” came to visit Hong Do.  Freaking out, Hong Do runs away and loses her wig in during the resulting chase.

Yi Suk gets bored and calls out his ex.  She tells him right away that she received a proposal and accepted it.  Yi Suk invites her on a farewell trip and she tells him to shut up before leaving.

At the nearby playground, Hong Do apologizes to Doo Soo for surprising him.  He laughs that it’s nothing to apologize about.  He finds it hilarious.

Hong Do confesses that she used to spend all her time with her grandmother because of her condition.  She would copy her grandmother’s speech even.  She basically spent all of her time at home, but then she met Doo Soo.  She wanted to know more about him and tried out different things, which led to this situation.

In response, Doo Soo expresses amazement that he was able to help Hong Do come out of her house.  He asks if her confession the other day meant that she likes him as a man.  Hong Do confirms and Doo Soo apologizes because he’s engaged.


Hong Do goes home to watch the quiz show as she stuffs herself…

In the morning, Grandfather Koh speaks with Yi Suk’s father.  He gives some vague platitudes about the general goals for the company.  Grandfather Goh tells him to try again the next day with specifics or go back to the United States.


Yi Suk brings huge sun flowers for the visit to his brother’s grave.  He walks into the house just in time to hear his father tell his mother that he has a meeting…The family can go visit Yil Suk’s grave without him.  Yi Suk’s mother tells his father push off the meeting and Yi Suk’s father responds that they need to let the living live.

Yi Suk interrupts to tell his father not to speak to his mother in that manner.  Sero runs down to state that she has an audition and will not be attending the visit to her brother’s grave. She complains that her mother is obsessed with her brother every day; they don’t need to visit his grave on the day that he died.

Yi Suk quietly tells his sister to shut it.  They are all going to visit the grave together, if that’s what their mother wants.  Seeing the flowers, the father asks if they bring sunflowers to the grave every year. He comments that his wife was bringing his favorite type of flower to his son’s grave every year on his behalf…

Hong Do erases her cell phone background picture, which is Doo Soo.

Yi Suk throws himself on his senior psychiatrist’s couch to complain about his parents.  In response, she tells him that his parents are just dealing with the loss of their son…They haven’t completely healed.  She also notes that he hasn’t completely healed, too.


Yi Suk takes Hong Do to speak with the grandmother again.  Except, she ignores all of his questions.  As he gets up to leave, Hong Do sees that the grandmother isn’t wearing socks.  She asks if the grandmother isn’t cold and brings the blanket to cover her feet.

At this, the grandmother opens up…When she was younger, she was so focused on making socks to earn more money.  She continues that her son came in to ask for food and she gave him 50 cents to go out and buy food…He never returned.  She no longer needs socks; she’s not cold.  She explains that it’s almost time to meet her son again.

Yi Suk interrupts to say that her son’s death was an accident.

In response, the grandmother replies calmly that a mother, who loses her son is a sinner…breathing hurts.


As they leave, Hong Do asks if Yi Suk prescribed medicine for the grandmother and he confirms.  This triggers Hong Do, who starts to yell at Yi Suk that it’s not the end of the world for the grandmother to be happy before she dies…She adds that she couldn’t go to her grandmother at the hospital, at her funeral, or at her cremation…Now, she is beginning to forget how her grandmother looked and how she sounded like…She cries that if she could see her grandmother once more, she would do anything.  Turning around, she jumps on her scooter and leaves.

Around this time, a nurse from the retirement facility comes out to confirm whether Yi Suk proscribed the right medicine; he left regular vitamins.  Yi Suk confirms and instructs her to only give that medicine to the grandmother.

At the precinct, Sero brings a bag of dog poo and dumps it on Doo Soo’s desk.  She tells him that it’s for what he did to her and walks out.

On her way home, Hong Do turns to Doo Soo’s house.


However, Doo Soo has brought his fiancee over.  He comments that he doesn’t have much food and she asks if he has ramen.  Doo Soo seems surprised as they just came from dinner and his fiancee bursts out laughing.  She comments that he must not have seen the movie.  He still has no idea and answers that he’s not sure if he has ramen.

The fiancee continues to laugh that she likes this part of Doo Soo and tells him it’s fine.

[DRAMAFEED Explanation: In the Korean Movie, “One Fine Spring Day,” which showed in 2001, Young Ae asks the guy that she’s seeing, “Do you want to come in and have some ramen before you leave?” Recently, this phrase or act of inviting the guy over for ramen has been an accepted code for “do you want to come and stay the night.” It was even discussed in Korean variety shows, where women talk about how to seduce a guy without sounding too cheap. ^^]


Hong Do sees this interchange from behind the brick wall in front of Doo Soo’s place.  She stays there even when it rains and makes the determination to only cry until that night…She also decides to never come back.

Yi Suk returns home and calls Hong Do.  He tells Hong Do that he’s about to drink, if she doesn’t come to stop him.  In response, Hong Do falls to the ground crying.

Yi Suk makes Hong Do dry off before coming into his apartment.  She asks for some dry clothes.  When she comes out in his clothes, he comments that she looks funny with her hair up.  Hong Do mutters that he can keep his comments to himself.


Yi Suk must be feeling generous.  He tells Hong Do that her insecurity triggers her blushing.  He tells her that while she’s no beauty, she could be a little more confident.

Hong Do grabs the beer to drink as Yi Suk continues that her worlds about her grandmother were good.  She needs to keep letting it out to heal.

In response, Hong Do tells him that she’s give up on Doo Soo.  She asks if he has ever separated from someone he loves.  He tells her that he recently broke up with his girlfriend; he’s still in the stage of breaking up.

Hong Do looks at him quizzically at the fact that Yi Suk said they are still breaking up.

Instead of explaining, Yi Suk tells her that he first separated from his brother…He continues that today was his brother’s memorial day…Almost in self reflection, he continues.  It’s hardest when you don’t have an opportunity to say goodbye.  Some people try their best to forget, while others try their best not to forget.  Both are symptoms of loneliness.


Sighing, he grabs a can to take a drink.  She grabs the can to stop him and he looks up.  He comments that she is really red.  Then he kisses her on the forehead…and the lips…and she kisses back.  Before we know it, they’re making out.  He pulls off her shirt and Hong Do kisses him and we all know where this leads.


Honestly, I pushed off watching this drama until I had to time on my morning commute.  After watching it, I am so pleased that I decided not to drop this show after the disappointment from Episode 3.  Something about this episode felt like a punch in the gut – in a good way.  Once you talk with people of a certain age, it becomes common adage that the majority of society is dealing with at least one emotional issues, whether it’s stress from school/work, pressure from parents/bosses, emotional scars from the past…

This drama takes that portion of society’s shared characteristic, one that is not usually talked about even among friends or family and spins a story that focuses on such issues.  I think that’s where Heart to Heart differentiates itself from it’s rival, Kill Me Heal Me (another GREAT show!).  Whereas  Kill Me Heal Me heavily focuses on the romance between the two main leading characters and Do Hyun’s issue is so extreme that it provides safe viewing enjoyment (after all the majority of society does not suffer from dis-associative personality disorder with seven extreme personalities), Heart to Heart focuses on more prevalent issues such as social anxiety/agoraphobia and insecurity.  Additionally, while watching it, you get suspicious that Yi Suk is Hong Do’s foil; her symptoms manifest themselves obviously on her face and through her resulting behavior.  Then the show quietly lulls that suspicion asleep by focusing on Hong Do’s more apparent issues. However, as the episodes continue (with a hint in episode 1), you confirm that the seemingly competent Yi Suk is even more unstable.

This can be a bit uncomfortable because Yi Suk’s main issue as Hong Do diagnosed it in episode 3 is his severe insecurity.  He’s so insecure, he has to be at the center of attention and continue to receive affirmation.  Sound familiar to anyone about themselves or friends…say the overachiever…the class clown…the stereotypical CEO?  So basically, we’re watching a show about two of the more prevalent issues plaguing a majority of society.

I look forward to seeing where the show takes this.

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