Love & Secret – E47

Areum deals with the consequences of her public announcement like a professional; she continues to use her best efforts at work and ignores the naysayers.  As every cloud has a silver lining, the board of directors decide to let Areum design the new line of children’s clothes because she has received a lot of public support from young mothers.  Meanwhile, Seung Woon starts to officially court Areum and flirt with her in public, which results in adorable hijinks!  Unfortunately, Yoon Yi does not seem as happy about the situation and starts to plan her revenge.


The episode opens up with the tense conversation between Areum and Philip as both accuse each other of not being fit to be Tiffany’s mother.  The conversation ends with Philip declaring that he will never let Areum go to Philip.


At home, Jinwoo gets ready to cook something for dinner.  After Areum comes home, her father and brother direct her to her mom, who’s laying in bed and refusing to do anything.


Areum goes to see her mom and asks her mom to believe in her.  However, her mother doesn’t want to listen and just yells at her that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.


Afterwards, Areum’s dad checks in on Areum. He tells her not to worry about him as she has it worse than he does.  He also comforts Areum that her mom will come around with time.


Mr. Chun has a headache in the morning and Soo Ah asks if he’s going to do anything about Areum, who’s the brought bad press to the company again.  Mr. Chun tells her to leave the company business to him.  Soo Ah responds that she’s worried because of Seung Woon; Yoon Yi told her that the engagement was broken because of Areum.  Mr. Chun replies that Seung Woon will figure it out now that the news of Areum’s baby is public and leaves.


Areum and Jiwoo arrive in the design room to find a bouquet of lowers.  They wonder if it’s from Seung Woon only to find that it’s from Miss – an organization of single mothers.  The note explains that they were heartened by Areum’s announcement and support her.


Secretary Jang brings Seung Woon the partnership contract with Huey.  Seung Woon bursts out in a smile as he reviews it and notes that they can finally celebrate.  He also asks if Secretary Jang was continuing his sns comments.  Secretary Jang answers that he wrote a comment that it doesn’t matter if a child is being raised by a single mother as parenting is most important.  Seung Woon responds in disappointment that the comment is too scholarly.  He instructs Secretary Jang to continue his commenting but focus it on more simple comments such as “Areum is the best” or “Areum is pretty,” etc.


Interlude as Philip wakes up from a nightmare.  As his secretary comes in, Philip orders that he gets an update from Dior Fashion.  The secretary also reports that Winner’s Group managed to partner up with a Chinese company.

Philip’s lawyer also calls to let him know that Susie’s side amended their complaint.  They added the existence of the extramarital child as another cause for the divorce.


Philip’s day just gets better as he next meets up with Mr. Han.  Philip tries to explain that it is not a big deal and just a small lover’s quarrel between Areum and him.  Mr. Han cuts him off to tell him that Philip had one chance to stop hurting Areum and he failed.  He tells Philip to sort out the custody details with Areum, but that he hopes not to have to see Philip again.  Leaving the car key on the table, Mr. Han leaves. ^^


Winner’s Group has another board of directors’ meeting.  The directors congratulate Seung Woon on the successful partnership and discuss creating the children’s line.  One of the directors proposes leaving the new children’s design to Areum.

Discussion continues about whether or not they should let Areum design the new line.  One of the directors takes a strong stance that Areum should design the line as she is currently the center of media.  He adds that the market for young children’s clothes consists mainly of young mothers and such mothers support Areum.  Another backs him up with the comment that noise marketing may give them free marketing.

Yoon Yi tries to persuade the board otherwise; she adds that leaving the design responsibility to Areum, who is an intern is too risky.  The director responds that she doesn’t have to be the official person in charge – she will just design the outfits.  Seung Woon adds that she’s already designing the outfits and the board agrees to leave the designing to Areum with Seung Woon officially in charge.


Afterwards, Seung Woon calls Areum to get dinner together.  Unbeknownst to Seung Woon, Areum brings the whole design team.

Seung Woon, Areum and Jiwoo get to Jinwoo’s barbecue place first.  At first Seung Woon dismisses Jinwoo, but when Jiwoo introduces Jinwoo as Areum’s little brother, Seung Woon jumps up to introduce himself properly.  He even comments that Jinwoo is goodlooking.

The rest of the design team arrives after Anna bought a hair pin.  At this point, Seung Woon announces that Areum will be in charge of the new children’s clothing line, which is the reason for this celebratory lunch.

We also get an adorable scene as Seung Woon throws cooked meat to Areum under the guise of coughing and tries to play footsy.  Meanwhile, Areum tries to cut it off by pulling her feet away from Seung Woon >.< Adorbs!


Korea’s unfortunate and judging characteristic appears in the drama.  When Areum and group walk back, a bunch of people are waiting for Areum as they protest the fact that the company would employ a single mother.  Once Areum arrives, the egg-throwing ensues.  Many of the older citizens yell at Areum that she has no shame; being a single mother is nothing to proudly announce on the internet.  Louis has to hold off the angry mob as Jiwoo helps Areum run into the building.


Meanwhile, Philip and Seung Woon each have investment meetings in the same restaurant.  They meet outside the restaurant and don’t lose the chance to snipe at each other under the guise of talking business.  Seung Woon warns Philip to leave Areum alone.  Philip responds that Seung Woon is fighting a losing fight as he’s Tiffany’s father.  Seung Woon answers in one line – if that’s Philip’s strongest argument, he has issues.

At the company, Areum tries to clean up in the bathroom.


We get an interlude with Seungho’s grandmother.  She borrow’s Soo Ah’s mink coat and diamond ring to go to her singing lesson.  However, when she arrives, she runs into Cheolgu.  Cheolgu tells her that Songcheol is no longer holding lessons.

Seungho’s grandmother runs into the bar to complain.  Songcheol responds that he will teach Seungho’s grandmother whenever she wants.

Cheolgu interrupts to say that having older women in the bar will affect their revenue and Seungho’s grandmother offers to buy their most expensive alcohol.  Songcheol diffuses the situation by telling the grandmother to have a seat and come by whenever she wants lessons, for free.

Areum finishes up her first designs of the children’s line and sends it to Secretary Jang before leaving.


After Areum leaves, Yoon Yi sneaks in and copies all of Areum’s design into a usb drive.


After an episode that focused on character development, this episode was a welcome fresh air of cuteness.  It feels good to see that the drama doesn’t drag out things or focus on the negative consequences, which would be hard to watch after a long day’s work.  I appreciated that the drama tactfully showed us that people will be people with the judgmental protesters and the the egg throwing.  Yet, we can take it because we still know that Areum is in charge of the baby clothes line.  This decreases from the heavy feeling of the consequences and makes this episode much easier to accept ^^

Briefly touching on the continued family aspect, I can’t really tell if Areum’s mom’s response is because of her worry for Areum’s future or her worry about the $120,000 debt that Areum and her father doesn’t know about.  If it’s due to her worry about Areum’s future, I can kind of understand it.  I don’t agree with her reaction, but I understand that she must be disappointed that she thought she found the perfect solution to Areum’s mistake – make it legitimate by having Areum marry the rich and successful baby daddy.  However, when the family is  in a situation in which they can support Areum until Areum is fully self sufficient, I don’t understand why Areum must sacrifice her long-term happiness to hide from society’s judgment.  In the end, even if Seung Woon was not around, I would think that Areum made the right choice with Philip.  If she married Philip knowing that she doesn’t love him, she would just end up one of Korea’s statistics in “sunset divorces” – the couples that divorce after their children go to college.

Seung Woon really stood out in this episode.  I loved how he tried to ask Areum on a date only to find himself holding an official lunch party with his design team.  To be honest, he should be nicer to his design team.  He’s been working with them longer than he’s been working with Areum and he should show them some appreciation, too. ^~  However, the best parts were him flirting with Areum such as playing footsy and jumping up, on his best behavior, in front of Areum’s little brother >___< CUTE!


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