Run, Jang-Mi – E17

Jang-Mi gets her brother back and Taeja’s feelings start to change due to jealousy.


Jang-Mi excuses herself for the ladies’ room to avoid meeting up with Mincheol and his mom.  However, on her way out she ends up meeting with him anyways.  He gives her his condolences about the baby.

Jang-Mi responds that she doesn’t need his condolences or goodwill; she’d rather not see him again in the future.  She asks that he pretends that he doesn’t know her in the future even if they see each other accidentally.


Afterwards, Jang-Mi stalks out and tells Taeja that she wants to go back to the cafe instead of eating at the mall.  On the stairs, she loses her balance and almost falls.  Taeja reaches out and steadies her in a hug, which gives us a minute of romantic tension between the two.


At the same time, Mincheol reports to his mom that he saw Jang-Mi in the bathroom and what she said.  He sighs that she looked under the weather.  Mincheol’s mother snaps at her son to get over Jang-Mi.


Meanwhile, at the cafe, Jang-Mi eats some porridge until Taeja stops by with tons of food.  He tells her that he went back to the mall to buy her food and brings out a thermostat of seaweed soup from her mother.  He explains that her mother probably knows her taste best.  Even Jang-Mi has to smile at Taeja’s efforts and starts eating.


Taeja’s grandfather stops by for his lunchbox.  Jang-Mi invites him into the backroom for special menu.  Jang-Mi explains that Taeja bought lunch and Taeja’s grandfather happily starts eating.  However, when Taeja’s grandfather gets some food stuck and tries to drink Jang-Mi’s seaweed soup, Taeja snaps out and grabs the bowl from his grandfather resulting in a spill.  Understandably, Taeja’s grandfather stands up to leave at the affront and Jang-Mi barely calms him down by forcing Taeja to apologize.

Taeja’s grandfather harrumphs that Taeja is such a rude youth and Jang-Mi apologizes on Taeja’s behalf by saying that his exterior is rough, but he is really sweet inside.  This seems to please Taeja’s grandfather, who sits back down to eat.


After lunch, Taeja’s grandfather finds Taeja waiting for him in his car.  He tells his grandfather to stop coming to their cafe to spy on him.  Taeja’s grandfather snaps that he knew Jang-Mi before Taeja did and stubbornly answers that he’s going to continue to come by.  Once Taeja leaves, his grandfather muses that at least Taeja has learned to care for his coworkers.

Next, we see Taehee hiding in her car under a large hat, glasses and face mask.  She appears to have eaten in her car, waiting to see Joonhyuk when he leaves.  Joonhyuk enters the garage and peers at her, but pretends that he doesn’t see her… My own heart breaks for Taehee as she cries after his disappearing image.


The shameless mother of Mincheol shows off her mink coat and Minjoo whines that her mom should have bought a younger style so they could share.  Mincheol gives his sister his credit card to buy her own.

Taeja checks in on Joonhyuk and thanks Joonhyuk for being a decent man, who would turn down Taehee despite her specs.  Joonhyuk comments that Taeja seems too happy and Taeja responds that he was worried about Taehee and his mother’s relationship.


The next day, Jang-Mi reaches to put bowl back on a high shelf and Taeja grabs it before it can fall on her.  Minjoo texts him to offer to buy a meal with Jang-Mi and Taeja accepts for both of them.

As for Taehee, she snaps at one of her partner suppliers and confesses to Minjoo that she stalked Joonhyuk.  Minjoo adds that she thinks there’s too high of a class wall between Taehee and Joonhyuk so it was for the best… Taehee just sighs that no one seems to support her.


That night, Taeja drags Jang-Mi to dinner with Minjoo.  [DRAMAFEED – Holding hands without a thought! >.<]  Minjoo starts suggesting different types of food that Taeja likes such as sushi or Italian… Taeja shoots down each suggestion, which is bad for a woman after she loses her baby and suggests shabu shabu (hotpot) instead.  Minjoo exclaims in surprise at his suggestion as he normally hates meat in soup.  Taeja explains that his tastes have changed and the three go for hotpot.


We get another scene of cuteness as Taeja automatically sits next to Jang-Mi and Minjoo calls him out for sitting next to Jang-Mi instead of herself.  Taeja turns to Jang-Mi, who agrees that it’s weird and he switches.

Afterwards, Jang-Mi and Minjoo introduce themselves to each other and Minjoo comments that she also knows a Jang-Mi, but she’s never seen that Jang-Mi’s face.


As for the rest of the company, Jandi has fun at a karoake bar.  It’s hilarious because Jandi chose the venue, which is a karaoke bar that has young waiters come to entertain in each room instead of women.  However, the second waiter to come in is Jangsu.  Jandi exclaims that Jang-Mi is looking everywhere for him. Jangsu runs out with Jandi and Joonhyuk in pursuit.  Joonhyuk manages to corner him in a building.

After their meal, Jang-Mi gets a call and the three drive to the karaoke bar.  Taeja runs after Jang-Mi saying that he needs to look after her, because she’s not right in her head lately.


As Jandi, Joonhyuk and Taeja look on Jang-Mi yells at Jangsu and hugs him in tears.  There’s an equally happy reunion at home and the family decides to sleep together that night.


The next morning is pay day!  Jang-Mi looks happy and proud about her pay, while Taeja teases that her pay would be gone after one luxury bag.  Jang-Mi smiles that she used to be as immature and comments that now she is too busy considering all the things she could buy.

She also asks if Taeja’s pay is his first pay check, which he confirms.  Jang-Mi instructs him to buy a present for his mother as is expected from tradition.

Taeja ends up following Jang-Mi on her shopping spree.  She buys something for Mr. Jang and a necktie for Joonhyuk.  Taeja gets adorably jealous when Jang-Mi picks out a tie for Joonhyuk.  She explains that Joonhyuk hired her and also found her brother.


Right after, Taeja drags Jang-Mi to a nearby stall and picks out a bracelet for himself.  He tells her to pay for it since he’s her lifesaver and walks off, leaving her to pay despite Jang-Mi’s refusal.  This scene is adorable >.<

As they leave, Jang-Mi eyes a hairpin that’s $13.00.  The seller offers to discount it by $1, but Jang-Mi leaves it.

That evening, Jang-Mi gives her presents to Mr. Jang and Joonhyuk.  It’s hilarious because Jang-Mi’s mother asks why Taeja isn’t giving Jang-Mi a present as she’s his manager.  Mr. Jang agrees that Jang-Mi suffered so much because of Taeja…At this, Taeja complains that he suffered so much because of Jang-Mi and Jang-Mi adds that she doesn’t want anything from Taeja as well.


Next, Taeja takes Minjoo shopping to pick out something for his mom.  After they buy a scarf, Taeja stops by another stall to look at hairpins.  He asks Minjoo for help and she picks out a hairpin happily, assuming that it’s for her.


However, Taeja goes straight to the cafe, where he finds Jang-Mi working on new menu items.  He teases that her hair is in her face and pins up the stray strands with his pin.  Getting embarrassed, he leaves.

The next morning, Taeja looks so proud when Jang-Mi walks out wearing the same hairpin.  They get the cafe ready and Minjoo comes by to pick up Taeja.  When he goes into the employee’s room to get his present for his mother, Minjoo spots the hair pin that she picked out.  Instantly suspicious, she asks Jang-Mi where she bought it.


Having no idea that a hurricane is about to hit, Jang-Mi responds that she got it as a present and Minjoo gets visibly angry.


This episode brought back a lot of the cute moments between Jang-Mi and Taeja, which I think are adorable.  The main question that this episode seems to ask is whether someone could fall in love without realizing that he’s falling in love?  Both Taeja and Mr. Jang seem to have fallen for the Baek females and are reacting like men in love, without even realizing it.   I just wonder whether someone needs to know that they have fallen for someone before they would act a certain way or if they can court someone without realizing it.

Another thing was…I don’t know who the writer is, but Taehee’s situation is sad.  I’m not afraid to say that it’s oddly relatable to want to stalk your ex.  It’s quite refreshing to see Taehee do it and see how it plays out realistically… That she would go so far as to wait for him and then, at the last minute, pretend that she’s not there.  Sigh, I really hope that Taehee’s situation works out the best…

As for our main lead, it looks like her next crisis is about to hit and it’s still Mincheol’s family, albeit for different reasons.  Minjoo is definitely not the type to stand by as her place next to Taeja gets threatened. Let’s hope she doesn’t spiral down into into the second female lead psychopath zone.

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