NEWS FLASH – Kill Me, Heal Me Accused of Copying Hyde, Jekyll, and Me



The original webtoon author, Choong Ho Lee has accused MBC’s drama, Kill Me, Heal Me of stealing ideas from his webtoon.  Lee posted on his personal SNS that Professor Hyde (in the drama Hyde, Jekyll, and Me) will protect his idea of a romantic comedy surrounding a man suffering from multiple personalities disorder and his romance.  To make his challenge clear, he also linked an official announcement from the producers of Kill Me, Heal Me.

He expanded in his post with the question of whether it truly is coincidence that 3 to 4 years after his webtoon with Professor Hyde was published, such a similarly premised drama would be created.

Of course, the producers of Kill Me, Heal Me stands behind the defense that this is an unfounded accusation.  Their position is that they had no idea about the webtoon.  They announced their intent to air Kill Me, Heal Me in January of 2014 and only heard about the drama of Hyde, Jekyll and Me during fall of 2014; they found out about the webtoon after they heard about the drama.

The writer of Kill Me, Heal Me is the same writer of the drama Moon Embracing the Sun, Soowan Jin.

MBC has made no official response.
Looks like Lee was disappointed by the less than blockbuster response to episode 1 of Hyde, Jekyll and Me and has taken to the internet to vent his frustration.  I feel like I can’t blame him.  There is no confusion that these dramas are competing with each other in the same time slot with the same basic premise – man suffering from dis-associative personalities disorder deals with life and love.
Specifically, with respect to the plot:
  • at least one of the multiple personalities falls in love creating the possibility of a romance and comedy;
  • at least one of the personalities is a version of an uptight stickler;
  • the suffering male character is financially well off and has to control his disorder to conduct business; and
  • both female characters are bright, cheerful, and bubbly – providing an instant foil to at least one of the male personas.
Both dramas are have impressive actors.  Nope, this is a direct duel of two dramas for the greater market share of viewers.  While Kill Me, Heal Me had an advantage of launching first, both dramas will have to try their best not to lose any fickle viewers.  In the end, it will be the combination of everything from acting, chemistry, writing, and directing, which results in an impression that each viewer gets from each drama that decides which drama wins out.
DISCLAIMER: Information was taken from Chosun.  However, the views expressed in this article are not endorsed by any news outlet or Wikipedia and are solely the musings of DRAMAFEED.
Source: Chosun
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