Run, Jang-Mi – E18

Minjoo earns some points from Taeja’s mother by lying that Taeja buying the gifts for his family was all his idea.  When a cockroach incident causes her mom to fixate on the sauna, Taeja spills the beans that Jang-Mi was pregnant and lost her child.  Jang-Mi’s family goes through another emotional rollarcoaster and Taeja finally finds out about Jang-Mi’s ex-husband.  As a result, Jang-Mi lashes out at Taeja for betraying her secret and the selfish Taeja returns.



Minjoo demands to know where Jang-Mi got her hairpin and Jang-Mi asks Taeja himself.  Taeja answers nonchalantly that he bought it with Minjoo.  Looking stricken, Minjoo repeats in shock that the hairpin wasn’t for Taehee.  Nodding, Taeja walks out telling Jang-Mi to handle the cafe.  Minjoo sighs in aggravation, while giving Jang-Mi a glare before leaving.

Still having no clue that she just set off the witch in Minjoo, Jang-Mi wonders why Minjoo asked about the hairpin when she picked it out.


In the car, Minjoo comments that if Taeja would have told her that the present was for Jang-Mi, she would have picked a different style.  She explains that the style is too elegant for Jang-Mi.  Taeja responds that it’s only because Jang-mi is wearing her uniform; when Jang-Mi wears normal clothes the hairpin suits her.

Minjoo frowns angrily and asks Taeja why he bought Jang-Mi a present in the first place.  Taeja chuckles and admits that it’s a bribe to have a peaceful and easy time at the cafe.  Feeling mollified by this answer, Minjoo finds her smile again.


At Taeja’s place, his grandfather is ecstatic that he got a present from Taeja.  Taeja’s mother, while not completely happy with the scarf, seems to appreciate it because her son bought it.

As the family gets up for lunch, Taeja’s mom asks Minjoo if she was the one who taught Taeja to buy presents with his paycheck.  After a brief pause, Minjoo happily takes credit.  Taeja’s mother smiles that Taeja earned points from his grandfather through this.

Minjoo becomes even happier as the grandfather notes that it’s been a while since the family was all together.  Taeja’s mom even comments that Minjoo should also enjoy the lunch.


During lunch, Taeja sees that Taehee is zoning out and calls her out.  Snapping out of her daze, Taehee announces that she wants to go on an arranged date.

Right away, Taeja objects.  He tells his sister that she’s not in the right stage of mind and should wait until her heart’s healed before she meets anyone.  Not listening, Taehee gets up and leaves with Taeja right behind her.


In Taehee’s room, Taeja tells Taehee that if she’s doing this to provoke Joonhyuk, it’s not going to work.  Instead of answering, Taehee tears up that she had hoped she would live a normal life with Joonhyuk, who doesn’t see her for her family money.  In life, people are comfortable with her until they find out her background.  Once they find out that she’s rich, either they judge her for being too pretentious or judge her for acting too crude.  Listening to all this, Taeja just tells her that it’s the price of their luxury, but Taehee is not in the mood to listen.


So Taeja barges into his mom’s room, where Minjoo is styling Taeja’s mom’s new scarf.  He demands that his mom postpones the arranged date.  His mother answers that she’s planning on setting up a date before Taehee changes her mom.

As expected, Taeja objects to this as well.  He asks his mom what she would do if Taehee decides to get married because of her emotional instability.  In response, Taeja’s mother comments that any of the arranged marriage candidates would be better than Joonhyuk.  Seeing the increasing tension, Minjoo quickly intercedes to break up the impending fight.


At Jang-Mi’s place, her mom enthusiastically eats the expensive – Korean grown-cow meat.  However, once Jandi sees that Jang-Mi hasn’t been able to eat, she tries to politely tell Mrs. Baek that each of them should only eat their share.  Mrs. Baek exclaims that Jandi always ate over at her house and she never treated her differently; threatens to not eat any more and Jang-Mi and Jandi have to coax her back into eating.

Outside, Jandi explains to Jang-Mi that she only wanted to make sure that her pregnant friend could have some meat.  Jang-Mi tells her friend that she actually lost the child.  Jandi exclaims that Jang-Mi never told her…but comments that it’s for the better.


Mincheol comes home and complains about how tired he is because he worked so late.  When Mincheol’s father comes out for food, his wife complains that they just had dinner.  She basically tells him off for coming home early when their son has to work late.


Taeja comes home to find Jandi bringing her trash out.  He grabs the boxes from her and they bicker adorably until Joonhyuk comes home.

When Taeja comes back home, Joonhyuk warns him not to flirt with Jang-Mi so easily and confuse her; he doesn’t want an awkward situation to occur in their house.  Taeja asks Joonhyuk in shock, what he thinks of his standards.  He explains that Jang-Mi is below his standards.  Afterwards, he goes into Joonhyuk’s room to tell him that Taehee decided to go on arranged dates.  He asks Joonhyuk to stop her as she’s doing this out of emotional distress.  Joonhyuk replies that it’s not his place to interfere anymore.


In the morning, Taeja introduces himself to Jangsu.  Hearing Taeja’s name, Jangsu realizes that Taeja came to their father’s funeral.  He tells this to Jang-Mi and she finally realizes how they first met.


Jangsu goes to work, but seems to have difficulty in his new job, which is selling land.  His supervisor calls him over to warn him that he has to sell at least one lot this month or they won’t be able to pay him.  When Jangsu tries to explain that everyone hangs up too quickly, the supervisor tells him to buy land himself with a student loan.  Then he would receive $1,800 every month, which is his normal monthly salary.

Mr. Jang comes home to hear Mrs. Baek scream because of a cockroach.  Next thing we know, Mr. Jang has set off a smoke bomb.

Jang-Mi and the two boys come home and the group decides to go somewhere for two hours.  Jang-Mi’s mother suggests the sauna and Taeja starts to protest that Jang-Mi will get sick if they go to the sauna.  Jang-Mi’s mom starts to get serious that Taeja’s words that Jang-Mi will get infected if she goes into a spa.


When Jang-Mi’s mom demands an answer, Taeja tells Mrs. Baek that Jang-Mi lost her child.  Jang-Mi’s mother turns to Jang-Mi and screams whether it was that jerk’s child?  Jang-Mi whimpers that she must have gotten pregnant at the honeymoon and her mom faints in shock.  The group carries Jang-Mi’s mother into Mr. Jang’s room.

Mr. Jang and Joonhyuk come out where Taeja waits.  Joonhyuk tells him that it’s his fault for giving Mrs. Baek the news in this manner and Mr. Jang quiets both of them.

At Taeja’s place, his grandfather has to cut his workout short due to his uncontrollable coughing.  He sets his weights down and takes some medicine.  However, Taeja’s mother and Taehee come in to check on him out of concern.  Taeja’s grandfather laughs that he choked on his own spit.

Taeja’s mom asks Taehee about the guy from the arranged date and she responds that he was okay.  Although Taehee hadn’t really even spoken to the guy, he had told his family that he liked her.  Taehee’s mom tells her to consider dating the guy seriously.


Jangsu finds out the news and Jang-Mi has to calm him down.  Meanwhile, Jang-Mi’s mother sobs that she didn’t even know her daughter was pregnant and lost her child; she weeps that she’s useless. Unable to see his mother like this, Jangsu storms out and Taeja follows him.

They grab drinks and Jangsu tells Taeja everything.  Hearing everything, Taeja comments that Jang-Mi met someone who was human trash…  Afterwards, Taeja brings Jangsu back and explains that he kept on eye on him, in case Jangsu would go after Jang-Mi’s ex.   He apologizes for telling her mom about her lost child and Jang-Mi just tells him to leave.

That night, Jang-Mi’s mother cries as she watches over her daughter sleeping.


In the morning, Jang-Mi’s mother wakes up early to give her hot tea made from mushrooms.  She explains that her mom gave her the same then when she had Jang-Mi.  Jang-Mi apologizes that she wasn’t able to tell her mom sooner.

At the cafe, Taeja has already set up everything.  He tries to warm his way into Jang-Mi’s good graces, but she’s thoroughly angry.  She tells him that it was her fault for trusting him with her secret in the first place.

At home, Jang-Mi’s mom cries about her daughter when Mr. Jang stops by.  He tells her that he brought her morning coffee.  She comments that she doesn’t feel like coffee and he tells her that she needs to be strong for her kids.

Jang-Mi’s confesses that she’s so frustrated that she can’t really help Jang-Mi.  In response, Mr. Jang confesses that he’s also not really much of a support to his son…However, they gave their children life so they have the right to be their parents.  Jang-Mi’s mom tears up at this honest confession.


Meanwhile, at the cafe and at home, Jang-Mi gives Taeja the cold treatment and doesn’t let him help with anything.  Finally, Taeja drags Jang-Mi to the parking lot.  He demands that she needs to know how to accept a person’s apology.

This was just what Jang-Mi needed to hear to tell Taeja everything.  She tells him that he ruined everything.  She had wanted to protect her mother and keep it a secret from her forever.  She knows how much her mom had suffered because of her dad’s death; she never wants her mom hurt again.  However, everything is ruined because of him.

Taeja asks if everything was just an annoyance to her.  She responds that it all was.  Looking hurt, Taeja tells her that he will stop caring.  He stalks into the cafe and changes before leaving.


Taeja hits a japanese restaurant with Minjoo and drinks away his anger.  Of course, Minjoo happily thinks that she doesn’t have to worry about Taeja and Jang-Mi.


Joonhyuk gets some development as he buys some vitamins for Jang-Mi and her mother.  He lies to Jang-Mi that he got it from a friend for free.  Jang-Mi tells him to give it to his father and Joonhyuk smiles that he has more in his bag so Jang-Mi should take the two bottles.


The next morning, Jang-Mi prepares the cafe for opening by herself.  When Taeja comes in, she yells at him for coming so late.  Taeja responds curtly that she can fire him if she wants; that’s his main goal, which he had temporarily forgotten because of his useless worrying about someone else.


Sigh, I think Jang-Mi’s overreacting here.  I understand that she’s worried about her naive mother.  However, she is her mother.  She isn’t giving her mother enough credit.  We saw in this episode how her mother went from being a spoiled brat to mom-mode within minutes.  Her mom is strong enough to have raised two decent human beings; she can more than handle life’s hardships with her daughter – especially if they threaten her children’s well-being.

Was my heart the only one that fell a little when Taeja responded so coldly at the end of this episode? I got so used to Taeja being friendly and helpful that when he returned to a colder version of selfish Taeja, it was weird.

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