Love & Secret – E49

The dark side begins to make their move…Soo Ah confronts Mrs. Han with Areum about Seung Woon and Philip seduces the CEO of Huey with a lucrative partnership, if Huey breaches its contract with Winner’s Group.   Finally, Mr. Han finds out about the real estate fraud and Philip’s involvement in their financial stability.


We open up with Philip muttering himself in drunken anger that Areum is being cold because of Seung Woon.  His secretary drops by to tell him that Winner’s Group win the K Fashion project and the guy loses it – he starts shouting Seung Woon’s name out loud…


In the morning, Mr. Chun happily fends off calls from business partners, who want to wine and dine him now that Winner’s Group won the K Fashion Project.

At the same time, Seung Woon paces around wondering about the result… Secretary Jang comes to tell him the good news, which sends him out straight to tell Areum and the crew.


Seung Woon walks in and starts off in a serious tone, thanking the crew for their efforts.  Realizing that the tone implies that they lost, Louis trembles that it is fine…But, Seung Woon continues that they won setting off the good cheer.  Of course, Seung Woon only has proud eyes for Areum.


Soo Ah is also hard at work.  She secretly meets up with one of the directors to hear that the directors are all happy that Seung Woon won the partnership with the Chinese company, which allowed them to win the K Fashion Project.  She tries to hide her disappointment as the director explains that most of the support has now fallen behind Seung Woon.

Lucky for our baby cub, his father walks out for lunch at this time and spots Soo Ah.  Not being a naive cub, he realizes that she’s planning something.


Philip also begins to move.  His secretary reports to him that the partnership between Winner’s Group and Huey hasn’t closed.  Rather, it’s still in the process of closing.  Seeing an opportunity to sabotage his rival, Philip instructs his secretary to schedule a meeting with the head of Huey.


Areum goes to meet with Philip now that he’s sober.  He apologizes for calling her drunk and she accepts.

Philip’s main reason for wanting to meet her is to tell her that he gave up everything and the divorce is finalized.  [DRAMAFEED – Now, he’s just plainly lying?]

Poor Philip doesn’t realize that he’s going to make a verbal mistake as he explains that he didn’t realize that feelings were so important.  Areum angrily responds that feelings, emotions, and love is most important to her.  She tells him to just let her go.

In return, Philip tries to play the sympathy card.  He explains that he had a hard childhood and was lonely in a foreign country…He learned warmth because of her.

However, Areum doesn’t budge.  She tells him that she’s moved on and she hopes that he succeeds so that he can be a dad that Tiffany would be proud of.

Not the most patient, Philip turns 180 degrees again.  He tells her that he was willing to protect her until she declared everything on her SNS.  He adds that he’s not going to let her go to Philip and leaves.


Yoon Yi gets a couple minutes as someone responded to her post.  She replies back with the designs attached.

Soo Ah continues to cultivate her Yoon Yi card.  After Mr. Chun leaves for a business dinner, she calls Yoon Yi out to let her know that Mr. Chun hit Seung Woon.

Yoon Yi has changed.  She tells Soo Ah that she’s not even sure if his father’s disapproval would discourage Seung Woon…after all, he’s stuck with Areum even when he found out that she has a kid.  After taking a shot, she gets up to sing away her frustration.

Soo Ah to the rescue!  Since none of her plans are panning out with the younger group, Soo Ah decides to call in Mrs. Han.


Areum gets called to a meeting with her mom and Soo Ah at the cafe.  Soo Ah tells Mrs. Han that she called out Areum as Mrs. Han wouldn’t believe her the last time; she wants Mrs. Han to hear from her daughter’s own mouth.  Areum asks to speak with Soo Ah privately, but Soo Ah refuses.  She asks Mrs. Han to think about the situation in her shoes; she even asks what Mrs. Han would do if her son wanted to marry a single mother.  Having said everything that she wanted, she leaves.

After Soo Ah leaves, Mrs. Han starts hitting Areum about the mess that she made.  Areum tries to reason with her mother and tells her that she never officially dated Seung Woon; however, she no longer has any feelings for Philip.  In response, her mother tells Areum that she’s gone crazy; a person’s heart is a fickle thing and feelings change.  Mrs. Han advises her daughter to go back to Philip and leaves.


However, the news continues to get out as the police call the Han residence.  Mr. Han picks up and explains that he’s the husband.  The police officer responds that he’s calling to get more information on the incident report regarding the real estate fraud, which completely shocks Mr. Han.  He gets the call back number.

Just at that moment, Mrs. Han arrives and Mr. Han confronts her.  Stuttering, Mrs. Han explains how she borrowed from Soo Ah to help Sunhwa.  Then she pulled a reverse mortgage to pay back Soo Ah.  She explains that she wanted make the amount that she had to pay Soo Ah back and invested in the real estate program…However, when she realized that she had invested in a fraud, she was able to pay back the bank due to Philip paying the bank back.

Mr. Han incredulously how he could take $150,000 from Philip.  Mrs. Han yells back that Mr. Han would have done thing to help her even if she had asked.  About to cry, he even adds that all he does is judge her; he doesn’t even think about whether half of that money was her money to do as she wished!  With that she leaves to go sit out in the park and think.


Seungho and Heung Min have their own serious conversation over pizza.  Seungho sighs that his mom is trying to send him to study abroad and Heung Min daydreams about what he thinks it’s like to be in Seungho’s place.


Jinwoo meets Jiwoo at the movie theater only to get their date crashed by Bongman.  He joins their movie date and invites himself to dinner as well.

Dinner at the Han house is quiet as well.  Mr. and Mrs. Han barely talk.  After Mrs. Han gets up first, Mr. Han does ask how Philip is doing only to get a concise reply that he’s doing fine.  He also excuses himself for having lack of an appetite and gets up.


Speaking of the devil, Philip is doing great – sabotaging Seung Woon.  Hell hath no fury like a man scorned…

He flew to China just to meet the CEO of Huey.  He offers a new partnership for Huey with the fashion company that he’s investing in and explains that once the partnership is completed, he would also invest in the resulting joint projects.  The CEO worries that he doesn’t want to breach the contract that he already made with Winner’s and explains that there’s a liquidation penalty.  A small liquidation penalty is nothing to a scorned man, who offers to pay the penalty on behalf of Huey if Huey partners with Philip.  They end up shaking hands.


So everything that I complained about Yoon Yi’s character failing to accomplish in this drama is being picked up by Philip’s character.  When he wasn’t able to stop Areum with Tiffany or paying off Areum’s mother, he has gone the typical path of blackmail and revenge.  After all, if you can’t have them willingly, why not through blackmail?

Although, I don’t think that his character did the right thing, on the view of dramatic conflict, I am satisfied.  I can see him threatening Areum that he would ruin Winner’s Group unless Areum comes back to him…This would make for a more believable noble idiot situation, which would also force Seung Woon to step it up and graduate from the baby cub into a man who can protect his father’s company.

There was less progress on the other issues as this seems to be more of an episode that sets the stage.  I am curious as to see how Mr. Han will react to the new information that their family is indebted to Philip.  Will he make Areum return to the man, whom she doesn’t love to save the family pride? Or will he find another way to resolve the situation?

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