Love & Secret – 50

Seung Woon continues to gradually but consistently win us all over.  Why? This is a guy, who’s willing to think from the girl’s perspective and accept it; he declares that he’s going to stop fighting Tiffany for Areum’s heart. *Swoons*  Mr. Heart hands Philip his caboose back through a few choice words and an envelope and our two young antiheroes continue to prep their revenge.



Mr. Chun comes home drunk and brags that the directors are complimenting Seung Woon.  As Soo Ah turns away, he grabs her and looks her in the eye to thank her for everything that she’s done.  My guess is that he’s trying to kill her evil side with kindness.

Areum runs into Seung Woon at the elevator bay and nods.  However, after a charged moment, she leaves so that they don’t ride the same elevator up.


In his office, Seung Woon ponders about his current awkward relationship with Areum as Secretary Jang comes in.  He comments that Seung Woon looks serious and offers to be his confidante.  Seung Woon’s hackles rise in suspicion that his father is trying to set him up through Secretary Jang.  However, since it’s the bubbly Secreary Jang, Seung Woon confronts him in a light tone.  In response, Secretary Jang honestly takes offense that Seung Woon would believe that he sold Seung Woon out.  To ameliorate the situation and also get a sneak date with Areum, he asks Secretary Jang for a favor.


Secretary Jang goes to tell Areum that he managed to schedule a meeting for Areum to further the the launching of the children’s line.  Areum happily accepts.


We get a minute with Yoon Yi, who brings the Shuwei contract.  Noting that Seung Woon seems to be in a happy mood, she snarks whether Mr. Chun approved of Areum even though she has a kid.  Still atoning for how he must have hurt Yoon Yi emotionally, Seung Woon just asks to discuss the contract after he’s had a chance to review it.  Yoon Yi stalks out to stare at her special amulet – the usb with the stolen designs.

Philip arrives back at his Korean apartment and reviews the signed contract with Shuwei.  He calls up Jackie to arrange a meeting with Yoon Yi.


Yoon Yi in the meantime is filming a spy movie by herself.  She has worn a nondescript (BUT EXTREMELY STYLISH black puffy jacket <3_<3 Can someone buy that for me?) with glasses and a cap.  Looking either completely suspicious or like a celebrity undercover, she drops a package in the public lockers.  Afterwards, she calls someone on her cell phone and informs them that the drop has been made.

Ignorant of all this, Areum arrives at a fancy restaurant to find Seung Woon alone on the whole floor.  She nods in greeting but turns around.

To stop her from leaving, Seung Woon bursts out that he’s buying her dinner on the corporate card to thank her for the successful bid on the K Fashion Project.  He orders her to sit down and eat before leaving.


The food arrives, but Areum still feels awkward.  She tries to leave and Seung Woon starts to confess.  He tells her to wait; he’s going to change.  He will accept her feelings and back off.  He explains that after the incident with his dad and her rejection, he took the time to really thing about their relationship.  He comments that even with their first meeting, she was rude, pushy and spoiled.  Now he understands that she was doing all she can as an inexperienced and foolish mom to take care of her daughter in her own way.  He declares that he won’t fight with her child anymore and give up.


Areum still looks awkward and answers that his acting this way is also uncomfortable for her.  Seung Woon laughs that she can’t be touched already and pulls out a gift from under the table.  He’s prepared her first children’s clothes design and had it labeled as “Tiffany’s Mom.”  He smiles and tells her that it’s a placemarker until she gets her own brand and label.

As Areum finally smiles, Seung Woon barks at her to eat.

At the same time, Mr. Han ponders the situation about the money and the fraud at home.  Taking out his checkbook, he sighs.


In the livingroom, Mrs. Han watches Tiffany and complains that Mr. Han isn’t even coming out of the room.  He comes out at that minute to warn Mrs. Han not to tell Areum that they have accepted Philip’s money.

Just seconds after the warning, Areum comes home and Mr. Han walks back into his room.  Areum asks her mother if the atmosphere is so weird between her parents because of her.

One of our most human characters in this drama, Mrs. Han snaps at Areum in frustration and asks if she answers that it’s because of Areum, would she get back together with Philip?  Areum seems taken aback and calls out for her mom.  Her mom mutters that children and everything else is useless and stalks away.

Areum takes Tiffany into her room and shows Tiffany Seung Woon’s present with the words that she will become a great designer.


Songcheol Interlude!  Heungsu is looking at the classifieds in an attempt to get a job.  He confesses that he’s messed up so much that he promised Sunhwa that he would get a normal salaried job.  Heung Min sighs that this time was pretty significant screw-up.

Yoojin interrupts this by coming in with her letter.  She declares that she found it in the mailbox and gives it to Songcheol.  Songcheol reads it but laughs it off as a joke, pushing Yoojin to drink by herself in frustration.


Cheolgu comes to join her as he’s also having a bad day.  He complains that the cds that they shared with the entertainment companies weren’t even listened to.

Yoojin complains that she doesn’t want to live and Cheolgu comments that she’s being pretty dramatic.  Yoojin decides to let iff her chest, by telling everything to Cheolgu.  She was raised by a single mother, who died last year; she found her biological father, who doesn’t recognize her.  Cheolgu tells her that she deserves better than that and  declares that he can be her father!  Yoojin looks touched by this declaration and stares at Cheolgu…Confusing emotional gratitude with …something…else?… Yoojin grabs Cheolgu’s face and asks, “Do you want to cross the line with me?”


Seungho’s grandmother practices writing in Songcheol’s bar.  He compliments her writing and declares that within a few classes, she won’t need any more teaching.  Quickly, Seungho’s grandmother erases her current writing to mess up the spelling as Songcheol goes to help other customers.  When he returns, he looks at the paper in surprise that the spelling as changed.  Realizing what probably happened, he invites Seungho’s grandmother to come as many times as she needs to practice her writing.


Meanwhile, Cheolgu wakes up … in the same room and under the same blanket as Yoojin!  He quickly checks under the blanket and sighs in relief that he’s wearing his clothes.  However, Yoojin’s bra is on his shoulder!

Yoojin also wakes up and exclaims in surprise to see Cheolgu still there.  She kicks him out, while keeping the bra and tries to remember what happened the night before…If Yoojin’s memories are correct, she kissed him and they fell on to the sleeping mat together! OH NO! >___< He’s BASICALLY YOUR UNCLE….THIS IS WEIRD.


Areum hands over her current project report to Seung Woon and gets up to leave.  Taking any opportunity can to interact with Areum, Seung Woon stops her to pick out a piece string from Areum’s hair.  He nags her to take care of her appearance even if she’s a mother.  Areum smiles awkwardly and leaves…However, she bursts out into a big smile when she walks along the hallway.

We can’t forget Philip, who’s hard at work in the background.  He’s fishing for investors into Shuwei.  At the end of one of these calls, Mr. Han calls Philip to meet.

After Mr. Han leaves, Mrs. Han invites Jinwoo to eat lunch.  She can’t even remember that they ate 30 minutes ago.  Jinwoo calms her down that she must be stressed.


At a cafe, Mr. Han asks if Philip has cut all ties with Areum.  Phiip replies that Areum has cut the relationship unilaterally and his feeligns are still the same.

Mr. Han interrupts Philip to tell him that he’s heard enough.  He hands over an envelope and tells Philip that he heard about the money transfer.  He notes that while he’s not accusing Philip of ulterior motives, it was a faux pas to transfer such a large amount of money without even discussing it with Areum first.

Philip asks if Mr. Han is going to let Areum bring home another man to be Tiffany’s father.

Mr. Han just coolly replies that if he has any questions about Tiffany’s custody, he can ask Areum.  Otherwise, Philip can leave Areum alone. [DRAMAFEED – GO MR. HAN! <3<3<3  This is the Korean dad way of saying f* you Philip, all without having to raise a pinky in violence! v^o^v]

Meanwhile, Yoon Yi gets a call from her customer.  He’s picked up the USB and left her the money in exchange.  She instructs him to keep the money, but hold on to the design until she gives the approval to use it.


Next Yoon Yi gets a call and goes to meet Philip…OMG, are the baddies partnering up?! Will our Yoon Yi show us that getting a self-made lawyer has enough brains to actually be an obstacle to Areum?! >_<


For a slice of life drama, this episode seemed to pick up speed without me even realizing it.  Before I knew it, the episode was over and it was through showing me several believable plot lines 🙂

First off,  I must say I was giddy when Seung Woon declared that he’s going to back off for Tiffany.  It’s romantic in such a sweet way for Seung Woon to declare that.  Why? Because, he doesn’t want to back off for Philip, but he’s willign to back off if that’s what Areum wants.  Talk about a sweetie that can support this generation’s individualistic woman!

Next, Mr. Han!  Oh man, Mr. Han has developed so much from the beginning when he was hiding Tiffany with his aunt.  I loved how he thought about it…This would be the second time that he has to give up his dream.  We already know that he gave up half of his retirement fund in an anonymous donation….What he has left was supposed to go into starting his social entrepreneurial company.  However, Mr. Han decided to choose giving Areum her pride back over his own dream.  TT_TT  Man, this drama needs to give Mr. Han a break.  Something should work for him as all he’s being doing is giving…Sigh…

Finally, The Yoonip team has arrived…or has it? I really hope that they’re both blunt with each other and decide to team up with the mutual goal of keeping their respective obsessions to themselves.  I think the two can do a lot of damage and will provide an external catalyst to push our two lovebirds together.  Right now, the two are happy with the small moments they have with each other – as unofficial lovers.  Breaking that peace by forcing either one to be with someone that they don’t love may be what’s necessary for the two lovebirds to realize that they need to fight for their love.

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