Run, Jang-Mi – E20

Taeja’s grandfather strikes again!  By dangling the carrot of a a large money prize with the chance to become a permanent employee as well as the promise to grant a wish, he gives the two stubborn young’ins a reasons to reconcile.  With an external excuse, Taeja unabashedly return to be Jang-Mi’s little puppy with one caveat; now that he’s doing her a favor, she needs to accept some of his requests, too.  First one being that she calls him oppa.  Meanwhile, stubborn Taehee is set on a life without love if she cannot have Joonhyuk.  Not even the knowledge that her fiance is a cheater is enough to deter her resolve.


Mr. Jang and Joonhyuk tear into Taeja when he finally came home.   Mr. Jang instructs Taeja to apologize to Jang-Mi in the morning since she took responsibility for the mistake as his supervisor.


Taeja goes into his room and asks himself why he keeps messing up.


Meanwhile, at Jang-Mi’s place, she’s burning.  She falls into bed and her mom sends Jangsu out to buy medicine.  However, when Jangsu goes out, he meets Joonhyuk in the courtyard.  Joonhyuk hands Jangsu cold medicine, which he just bought.

Jang-Mi’s mom complains that this is all because of Taeja and stays up all night taking care of Jang-Mi’s fever.  When Jang-Mi finally wakes up, it’s already eleven.  Her mom tries to convince her to stay at home as Mr. Jang already approved of her sick day, but Jang-Mi refuses and gets ready for work.

It’s a good thing that Jang-Mi’s stubborn.  Taeja seems to have atoned for his careless mistake and is trying is best, but he’s still a little inefficient.  Jang-Mi arrives in time to see that Taeja took the order wrong again.  She apologizes in his place.

Even Chef Bon seems surprised that Jang-Mi came in when she has a fever. Jang-Mi smiles that the medicine has kicked in and she’s fine.


Taeja stalks into the locker room after Jang-Mi and yells at her in frustration about her idiocy.  He notes that she knew he was rich; why didn’t she let him just pay for the extra rice cakes?!

Jang-Mi snaps back that his attitude is wrong if he thinks that he can fix everything with money.  She knows that he would be able to afford the cost of the extra rice cakes that were mis-ordered.  However, those rice cakes were created by the hard effort of the chef and staff… they didn’t make those rice cakes just so he could pay for them and toss them.  Jang-Mi gives Taeja some good advice and notes that he should first apologize to all of the staff.

Then, before she leaves, she adds one more thing.  As we all know that she’s speaking from experience, it’s interesting that the writers would add it here…Jang-Mi tells Taeja that money can disappear in one day and he would have to fend for himself.  However, she adds that she doesn’t think he could fend for himself as he has no skills.


Taeja seems to have taken Jang-Mi’s words to heart.  He hides post-its all over the place with an apology and a drawing of himself holding his hands up in a time-out fashion.  Seeing how many notes there are, the staff seems to be won over.

Meanwhile, Taeja’s grandfather continues to scheme.  He announces a new menu competition.  The winner would get special treatment and a monetary prize.  However, there’s a catch, the contestants must compete in pairs.  Joonhyuk asks if this is because of Taeja and Taeja’s grandfather sighs in confirmation.


Then Taeja’s grandfather switches track to personal issues.  He comments that he heard Joonhyuk broke up with Taehee and think’s it’s a shame as he had secretly hoped they would get together.  He explains that it would be best for his company if Joonhyuk became part of the family…

Joonhyuk stiffly apologizes and Taeja’s grandfather innocently replies that it’s not Joonhyuk’s fault; one cannot control one’s heart.  However, the sly old fox adds that he’s worried that Taehee has declared that she wants to get engaged to the guy that she met on an arranged date…

Joonhyuk surprises us all by going to the roof and pondering whether or not he should call Taehee…Lucky for him our young trouble-making pup calls first for a drink.

Taeja’s there first drinking as he thinks about Jang-Mi’s accusation that he has no skills and no charisma.  Joonhyuk and arrives and asks if Taeja’s drinking because of Taehee.  Taeja asks Joonhyuk to speak to Taehee, but Joonhyuk doesn’t budge.  He explains that it would be best for Taehee if he doesn’t get involved.


When the two finish their bromance and walk out, they see Taehee’s date walk in with a girl.  She coos about his getting engaged and the guy answers that it’s just a family formality; the one he really loves is her.  They walk off to make out in the hallway.

Thank goodness that Taeja still has his senses about him.  He recognizes the guy and runs after to give the lying cheating arse a good punch.  However, before he can do much more damage, Joonhyuk pulls him away.  Yet, with an explanatory sentence from Taeja, Joonhyuk switches gears and pulls the cheating jerk’s arm behind him.


Afterwards Taehee and mom arrive, who immediately dismisses Joonhyuk.  The lying cheat lies to Taehee’s mom that he was here to break up with the girl.  The EVEN BIGGER IDIOT girl backs up the jerk’s story to Taeja’s utter disgust.

Taehee cuts in to yell at Taeja to stop.  Taeja’s mom takes this opportunity to confirm that the jerk’s parents do not know about the relationship.  He begs her to keep it secret as he was about to end the relationship anyways.

Taehee tells everyone that it’s fine and leaves with Taeja on her heels.  Taehee’s mom pauses to warn the guy to clean up his famale relationships before following.


Taeja’s mom arrives in the hallway just in time to hear Taehee tell Taeja to stop making a big deal out of it; she feels less guilty knowing that the guy has a girl…after all, Joonhyuk still lives in her heart.  She stalks off.

Reeling with frustration at the absurdity of the situation, Taeja turns to yell at his mother if this is what she wanted for Taehee.  For once, we see a little bit of uncertainty on Taehee’s mother’s face.

None of the guys seem comfortable after the issue.  Taeja goes to drink himself into a stupor at a bar.


Lucky for Taeja, he has a guardian angel in Minjoo, who was resting with a face mask. She pulls it off to reveal a full made-up face with eyeliner, cc-cream, and highlighter!  Hah!

She calls Taeja only to have someone else answer and tell her to pick up Taeja.  At this point, he’s so drunk that they get lost trying to find Mr. Jang’s place.

Fortunately, Jang-Mi is going home at the same time leads them home.  Before Jang-Mi leaves, Minjoo asks Jang-Mi to be nicer to Taeja, who is only working at the cafe temporarily and will soon be in a higher ranked position.  Jang-Mi just acknowledges Minjoo’s words before leaving.

It’s interesting to see Minjoo think to herself that she doesn’t understand Taehee, who wants to marry Joonhyuk and live in Mr. Jang’s place…I wonder if Minjoo would like Taeja if he wasn’t rich…


However, when Jang-Mi goes to wash up, Taeja’s present falls and she wonders if she’s being too harsh on the kid.

In the morning, Minjoo’s family eats breakfast together as Minjoo’s mother nags at everyone…First at Minjoo for not bringing Taeja to his mother’s house and then at Minjoo’s father for not going out to make more money.  Annoyed, Minjoo’s father gets up to grab his coat and leave in frustration.


Mincheol also follows his father and gives him some allowance money now that he opened up his own hospital.  It’s nice to see Mincheol’s father get some credit for raising the kids.


At the cafe, Mr. Jang introduces the competition to Jang-Mi and Taeja.  However, both deny interest in competing.

Mr. Jang sighs and notes that the winner would become a permanent employee.  He encourages Jang-Mi to reconsider.

With the chance of becoming a permanent employee, Jang-Mi has an incentive to win Taeja over.  She goes to ask him to just lend her his name…However, Taeja refuses.

We see Jang-Mi’s mother growing …or attempting to grow in this episode.  She applies for a job as a florist and gets the job.  Yet, when she freaks out about an earthworm in the dirt, she gets fired.

As Taeja leaves, Jang-Mi follows to hand Taeja a bag of her rice cakes.  She asks him to just try it once.


Next thing we know, Taeja has given them to his grandfather.  Like a pleased kid, he buzzingly waits for his grandfather’s opinion.  When his grandfather agrees that it’s tasty and comments that filling the rice cake with ice cream would appeal to the younger crowd, Taeja tries to wheedle his grandfather in changing the rules of the competition to allow for solo entries.  His grandfather replies that the rules of the competition are set and he can’t just change the rules for his personal reasons.

Taeja pouts that then Jang-Mi cannot enter the competition and his grandfather sweetens the deal if Taeja helps Jang-Mi.  Taeja’s grandfather promises to grant one of Taeja’s wishes, whatever it may be.

Before Taeja leaves, he stops by his mother’s room to tell her that a guy like the lying cheat will always cheat on Taehee.  Taeja’s mom relents that she’s also thinking about the engagement again.

Taeja comes back to the cafe, where Jang-Mi asks if he had a chance to try her rice cakes.  He asks her why she’s so set on winning the competition.

Jang-Mi responds that she wants to give the winning menu to her father…Her father never saw her mature self. Taeja looks moved by either the mention of her father or her sincerity.  He agrees to be her partner if she calls him “Oppa.”

At first, Jang-Mi refuses but we all know her desire to be a permanent employee will win out.  She ends up holding back for only a couple of minutes before she has to say “oppa” and not even “o-ppa.” ^^ [Dramafeed Note – Taeja makes her repeat it because at first, she says the syllables too far apart.]


The first thing they do as a team is to go to the outdoor/traditional markets to see how the older experts on rice-cakes make their rice cakes and buy ingredients.


Jang-Mi works into the night trying to create new recipes and Taeja adorably stays up with her…even if he doesn’t help. HAH!

Minjoo’s mother has not given up! She invites Taeja’s mother to visit the Chagall exhibit, because she obtained tickets.

They end up meeting at Taeja’s cafe for a snack before the exhibit.  Right away, Jang-Mi and Mincheol’s mother recognize each other.  Quickly, Jang-Mi hands over the tray to Taeja to collect herself in the bathroom.


Mincheol’s mother follows Jang-Mi into the bathroom to demand that Jang-Mi quits immediately.


Gee, I love this drama for being such a fluff piece.  It’s so cliche and hackneyed, but it plays the cliche elements well.  Because lets face it.  At the end of a long day dealing with reality, sometimes you just want to watch a drama and float into fairytale world.  Why? Because you know that in fairy dramaworld, things happen to the main character, but good always wins out.  There’s this feeling of satisfaction that you feel each time good triumphs and the underdog overcomes whatever obstacle is in his/her course.

In that sense, I can proudly confess that dramas are my trampolines.  I can get the rush of excitement or emotional catharsis through the obstacles facing the main character.  However, I know that in the end, I don’t have to worry, because the main character will get through this and come out on top 😉 Low chance of emotional harm in the long run.  That’s why I don’t mind that this drama is a daily fluff piece. 😀

On the side, UGH, Mincheol’s mom is BACK.


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