Love & Secret – E52

And the stuffing flies from the fan as Winner’s Group finds out that Areum’s new children’s line designs are being sold in the cheaper street markets at the same time that they began being sold in the malls.  Yoon Yi shows her metal as the Company is led to believe that Areum sold her design to the market in revenge.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Han realizes that Areum and Seung Woon are still seeing each other and decides to step in…


Areum gets a call that her designs are being sold on the market and turns the cab toward Dongdaemoon right away.


At the same time, Mr. Chun finds out and calls in Seung Woon.


Areum goes from stall to stall asking the sellers where they got the design from.  However, no one wants to tell her and Areum gets called back into the company.


Mr. Han meets his friend at a cafe to tell the friend that he won’t be starting his company for a while.  The friend expresses his regret and asks Mr. Han to help with a foundation that aims to help Korea’s new cultural families.  [DRAMAFEED – In Korea, the term “Da Munhwa Family” refers to families that do not fit the traditional family stereotype.  For example, multicultural families, single moms, larger families with boomerang children that came back home…etc.]


Meanwhile, Mrs. Han tries to take money our of her children’s accounts only to be denied.  As she gets up to leave, she sees Soo Ah and gets into a mood.  She thinks about Areum’s confession that she cannot help like Seung Woon and declares that even if she were to approve of Seung Woon, she wouldn’t let Areum become the daughter in law of someone like Soo Ah.


Yoon Yi steps up to the plate as Areum’s rival.  She sits in a private meeting with Mr. Chun as she confirms that the security cameras were stopped for ten minutes during the incident and the technology department has found evidence that Areum copied the designs to a usb drive.  Yoon Yi also confirms that there could be no other path for the leak and explains that with the proof, they can charge Areum under civil law for leaking confidential files.


Areum comes in to answer Mr. Chun and he accuses her of stealing the design and selling it.  Areum denies it, but Yoon Yi fans the flame as she tells Areum to confess now rather than later.  In response, Areum declares her innocence and cries that she will fix this.


Then Areum and Seung Woon go to the markets to confiscate all of the illegal designs.  At one stall, the seller explains that the clothes came from the same factory.  Therefore, if they want more clothes, they can get some from the back.  Areum and Seung Woon automatically ask for the factory information, which the seller refuses to give.


At Sunhwa’s cafe, we see that Heungsu is trying to get employed and failing.  Seungho and his grandmother come by and we get some comedic relief.  Heungmin asks to visit Seungho’s house and the grandmother invites him over right away.  She even adds that they have a lot of rooms so he can live with them, which seems to excite Heung Min.


At Soncheol’s house, Yoojin prepares a side dish happily in the living room.  Meanwhile, Cheolgu hides out in his room.  When Yoojin asks him to come out for lunch, Cheolgu invites her to a cafe to talk…

Yoojin gets all dressed up to meet Cheolgu.  Cheolgu starts off that they were both really drunk.  He notes that they were both so drunk that it was a mutual mistake and they should move on.

Yoojin cries that Cheolgu was her first and she’s going to tell her father.  Cheolgu asks who her father is and Yoojin confesses that it is Songcheol.  Cheolgu doesn’t believe it until Yoojin shows him the picture of her mom and Songcheol.

Randomly, Jinwoo quits his part time job.


Seung Woon drops of Areum at home.  He tells her to hold her chin up and not to worry.  They have told the factory to stop and the factory will stop printing the illegal copies.  Additionally, things like this always happen.  He tells her to cheer up as he believes her; a mother wouldn’t do something so irresponsible.

As Seung Woon pats Areum on the shoulder, Areum’s mom comes back home and sees the whole exchange.

Areum gets home only to be yelled at by her mother for staying out so late.  She mutters to herself that she can’t just leave it alone.

Mr. Han goes in to tell Mrs. Han that she shouldn’t be so hard on Areum.  In response, Mrs. Han yells back that he doesn’t know anything.


At Philip’s place, he’s still moving.  He prepared a contract that Shuwei cannot refuse; they will have to break their contract with Winners and join with Philip.  He explains to Jackie that he also prepared it so that other investors will not help Winner’s Group after their partnership with Shuwei falls apart.  He adds that he’s going to partner with Winner’s group to complete his revenge.

Meanwhile, Yoon Yi tells everything to Soo Ah.  However, when Mr. Chun comes home, he doesn’t tell her anything even when she asks.  The lines are clearly drawn!

In the morning, Areum waits at the factory doors for the president of the company.  She asks him to tell her where he got the designs, but he refuses.  She emphasizes that she knows that it wasn’t his fault; she just wants to know who leaked the design.


Seung Woon, Areum and Mr. Chun hold a meeting to discuss their next steps.  Mr. Chun notes that they’re going to keep everything covered and secret from the board of directors.  However, Yoon Yi voices her concern that if Areum did this out of a sense of revenge, they can no longer trust her.

Seung Woon grits his teeth to note that responsibility should be meted out after they know who was actually at fault.  While the two youngsters glare at each other other, Mr. Chun interrupts.  He notes that Yoon Yi has a point and Seung Woon needs to fire Areum.

Meanwhile, Areum waits all day outside the factory.  When the president of the factory comes out, she stops him.  She explains that she is not a famous designer and she designed the clothes thinking about her daughter…she cannot stand being accused of selling the designs that she made for her daughter.  This seems to move him as he tells her that she cannot let the other side know that he was the one who spilled.


At the company, Seung Woon paces back and forth worrying about Areum.  Secretary Jang interrupts to let him know that Areum’s mom is here to see him.


Well, this was something.  I felt like Yoon Yi’s character took the lead between the partnership of evil as Philip quietly plotted in the background.  Her attempt to get Areum permanently fired, from a plot perspective, is a decent offensive move.  Of course, I feel like the execution was extremely spotty.  How is it that the in house counsel has the ability to stop the security cameras for ten minutes as she steals the designs from Areum’s computer?  Additionally, her use of the company email server just seems idiotic.  It’s like this girl doesn’t know how to do anything…  My final opinion is MEH.  She succeeded in making Areum’s life hell, however, it changes nothing in the Areum x Seung Woon dynamics.

I guess I’m looking forward to see how Philip begins his own revenge.  That may be more of an emotional arc.

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