Love & Secret – E57

Mr. Chun begins to step up his defense, which encourages Soo Ah to strengthen her own offense.  Mrs. Han’s timidly reaches out to her husband for support, but gets turned away by a man, who doesn’t realize that his wife is asking for help.  At the same time, Yoon Yi continues to act erratically.


Seung Woon updates his father on the new information that makes it clear that Philip entered their company with an ulterior motive… Shuwei got a large investment from Philip after breaching the contract with Winners…Seung Woon explains that he suspects that Attorney Suh was also involved as Attorney Suh redrafted the contract to leave out the liquidation penalty clause before disappearing.


Mr. Chun notes that Seung Woon is responsible for this mess – Philip came into this company because of Areum.  He adds that there’s nothing they can do over spilled milk and should move on.


On his way back to his office, Seung Woon meets Areum, who asks for all of the copied clothes that they took off the market.  Seung Woon responds that he bought those clothes out of his own money so she can have them if she wants.

Back in the office, Secretary Jang informs Seung Woon that Attorney Suh’s plane ticket landed in LA.  Seung Woon tasks Secretary Jang to finding Attorney Suh and his family, which had disappeared.


Philip returns to work seething about the fact that Areum was willing to kneel to him for Seung Woon.  He calls three of the directors and comments that there are a lot of management problems; Seung Woon hasn’t taken responsibility for the problematic failure to enter the Chinese market.  He also adds that this is a problem with the Korean corporate culture; Seung Woon doesn’t deserve 10% of the company.  When Areum arrives at the office, Philip cuts the meeting short.


She gives him her update on the Chinese orphanage donation and answers that the idea was Seung Woon’s.  Philip continues to fan the fires of Areum’s ire as he challenges her to openly confess her feelings for Seung Woon and protect him in the open if she has the guts to kneel for him.  Areum spits back that if he keeps pushing her into a corner, she will end up retaliating.

Philip’s last words are a veiled warning as he mentions that she needs to figure out Tiffany’s custody before going to Seung Woon in the open.  Immediately, Areum goes to the stairs to call her lawyer to ask for him to figure out her situation faster…


When Areum returns to her desk, she finds a post-it from Philip.  He asks her to pick up a report from Yoon Yi.  However, Yoon Yi is not at her desk and her secretary ends up giving Areum the report with a profile that was already on Yoon Yi’s desk.

Except, the profile is of the guy who bought Areum’s designs on the black market.  Areum runs back to Yoon Yi’s office to confront her.


Yoon Yi accuses Areum of snooping in her office.  Areum responds that Yoon Yi didn’t even try to deny that this report was from her office.  She wonders how someone who knows the law so much would break it so easily.  She continues that she understands why Yoon Yi would hate her.  However, she didn’t do anything on purpose to hurt Yoon Yi.  She states that with this, she will assume that the debt that they have to each other is paid off and leaves.


At the Chun residence, Mr. Chun, Soo Ah and Seung Woon have a glass of wine.  Soo Ah offers a family outing and Seung Woon notes that he would rather have date with Soo Ah to her father’s memorial.  Soo Ah accepts this with a smile, noting that she wanted to visit Mrs. Chun’s memorial.

Mr. Chun changes the topic and tells Soo Ah that he approves of sending Seungho to study abroad.  However, he notes that Soo Ah should go as well…They can’t let Seungho go alone.  Soo Ah perceives that something is up and Seung Woon also notes the weird undercurrent.


At home, Mrs. Han feeds Tiffany before writing down the notes of when she fed Tiffany on her hand.  Areum arrives and thansk her mother for helping out with Tiffany; she offers to make dinner.

Her head filled with her worries about her dementia, Mrs. Han refuses Areum’s offer.

Afterwards, at dinner, Areum asks for the address of the single women’s group at the multi-cultural family foundation that her father is working with.  She explains that she wants to meet with the group, but doesn’t have time yet.  Areum adds that she wants to send some clothes from her company first and her father promises to get her the address.

Areum also asks about her mother, who hadn’t joined them for dinner.  No one seems to know if anything is going on with her mother.


At night, her mother muses out loud to her husband.  She comments that she saw a show about a husband, who gave up work to take care of his wife, who had dementia.  She asks what her husband would do.  Not picking up on the weirdness of the whole question, Mr. Han answers that dementia is a hard disease for the family and everyone…it’s best if the person, who suffers from dementia gets professional help.  [DRAMAFEED – ON NO! Mrs. Han’s heart!]

Mrs. Han sneaks out to drink by herself at her feeling of loneliness.

The next morning, Seung Woon asks her father if something is going on between Soo Ah and his father.  His father answers that he suspects something between Soo Ah and one of the directors.  He tells Seung Woon to focus on Philip; he will deal with the directors.

Next, Seung Woon and Areum exchange morning greetings happily.


In an interlude, Heung Min daydreams about his being the long-lost-child of MR. Chun.  When his parents bring lunch, Heung Min comments that he will skip lunch as his mind is filled with thoughts that he shouldn’t have.

Sunhwa automatically assumes that Heung Min is going through adolescence and tells Heungsu to give Heung Min the sex talk.  Heungsu goes to Cheolgu for help and Cheolgu gives Heungsu a magazine with scantily clad women.

Heungsu shows the magazine to Heung Min, who freaks out that he’s disappointed in his father and runs out.

Songcheol reads Seungho’s mother’s journal, which is full of complaints about her daughter.  Songcheol gives Seungho’s grandmother a book of poems that other older women, who learned Korean late wrote.  He encourages her to try writing poems.


At the same time, Mr. Chun mentions that he wants to give up a part of Soo Ah’s and Seungho’s company stock due to the pressure from the directors.  Soo Ah agrees to this with a smile, but goes straight to call Yoon Yi, who’s worried about the conversation with Areum.

Soo Ah yells at Yoon Yi to quickly move on the account books as Yoon Yi hasn’t done anything yet.  When Yoon Yi seems to be less enthusiastic with tampering with the accounting books, Soo Ah reprimands Yoon Yi that Seung Woon’s family deserves this for what they did to her.


Afterwards, Yoon Yi watches Areum leave the bathroom.  The girl, who’s become more carefree leaves her cell phone in the bathroom.  Yoon Yi sees Seung Woon sending loving messages to Areum about not staying too late in the storage room and taking a cab back home.


Meanwhile, Areum turns on some music and gets to work in the storage room.  Of course, Yoon Yi comes down to see Areum in the room.  She closes the door and locks it…Throwing the keys and Areum’s cell phone away, Yoon Yi leaves.

After working for a while, Areum realizes that she doesn’t have her cell phone.  Wondering if she left it in the office, Areum realizes that she’s locked in and starts freaking out.

At the same time, Seung Woon wonder why Areum isn’t responding to his texts…


Apparently, the heater only works in the larger part of the building and not the storage room…or the heater is set to turn off at a specific time.  Areum tries to warm herself up with all of the clothes in the storage room, but appears to fall to the ground due to the cold.


WELL HELLO MAKJANG! (Makjang = Korean word for crazy drama antics that generally do not occur in real life…the sole purpose to to increase dramatic pressure.)

I understand that the writer seems to have issues with Yoon Yi’s character.  It’s almost as if the writer doesn’t want an antihero, but rather someone, who is pushed by the circumstances to turn bad.  In this case, the series is unfortunately failing badly.

First, let me state that I love this drama.  However, I am continuously disappointed in Yoon Yi’s character.  We know and understand the roles of Soo Ah and Philip.  Both have grown into their characters quite well.  Soo Ah is the crazy and greedy woman, who will do anything to protect and increase her son’s position.  Philip is the flawed man, who wants to possess his first love, or something that he symbolizes as love.

Meanwhile, we have Yoon Yi.  First, it appears that Yoon Yi was working really hard to take the high road and not fight Areum other than by verbal threats.  Then we see her trying to manipulate Areum, which seems to work.  However, Yoon Yi starts to fade after the whole failed engagement.  Her character has no idea what she’s doing other than random erratic events such as selling Areum’s designs or, now, randomly locking Areum into the storage room.

The thing that the writer fails to do is give the viewer context for Yoon Yi’s decisions.  Sure, we see her getting angry by reading the text messages from Seung Woon.  However, the empathy hasn’t been established.  What happened to Yoon Yi’s irresponsible mother, who disappeared?  Is Yoon Yi doing this because of revenge against Areum or Seung Woon or because she wants to control Philip?

The writer needs to give more time to Yoon Yi, if they want to flesh out her character.  Right now,  I don’t see her purpose other than being the equivalent of Secretary Jang to Soo Ah.

On the otherside, I do like the general pace of the story developing with Seung Woon and Areum.  The writer has done a great job in placing the blocks down for when Areum finally decides to want revenge or openly act in the company.  We also see why she isn’t moving so openly, which is that she doesn’t want things to affect Seung Woon and Tiffany’s custody issues… Good job there!

On a side note, Mrs. Han issue highlights a large social issue in Korea and I am glad it’s getting more attention.  Dementia is prevalent in Korea and with the aging population, will become more of an issue.  Some news articles have even predicted that this will be an “epidemic.”  If I can hope for something incredible from the drama, I would love it if they could research the issues and provide some examples through this fictional series about how families can handle the illness better.


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