Love & Secret – E58

Areum survives her emergency situation due to some quick thinking by Seung Woon.  Our girl also shows that she’s not entirely hopeless as she gets a confession out of Yoon Yi.  Meanwhile, Philip doesn’t seem satisfied with Seung Woon working under him – he gets the directors to demote Seung Woon.


Areum continues to pound at the storage door to no avail as no one is out there.

At the same time, Seung Woon wonders why Areum hasn’t answered yet…

Suffering from hypothermia, Areum eventually faints.

In the morning, Jinwoo finds out that Areum never came home.


When Seung Woon comes in to report to Philip, the first thing that Philip asks if Seung Woon knows where Areum is.  Once Seung Woon realizes that Areum never came to work, he runs straight to the storage room and breaks the door in.

Philip tries to call Areum again to no avail.  Yoon Yi drops by without a care in the world to ask if Areum came in to work and whether Philip would want to join her for lunch.


Areum comes to within the hospital and Seung Woon gets angry that someone must have locked Areum in.  The doctor interrupts to tell Areum that she’s fine; however, she should be careful as she has low blood pressure.

Areum calls home to let her parents know that she’s fine; she stayed late for work.  Her mom wonders if Areum stayed the night with Seung Woon but decides against it.  Mrs. Han forgets about Tiffany, when she’s holding Tiffany on her back…Thankfully, Tiffany giggles and Mrs. Han remembers that she’s holding Tiffany on her back.


At work, Philip asks if anything happened since Areum came in so late.  Areum replies that something came up and Philip lets Areum go.  He asks Areum to bring Tiffany over and Areum refuses on the grounds that Tiffany is sick.  As a result, Philip threatens the whole custody issue.

Afterwards, Philip meets with Yoon Yi where she asks about Seung Woon and Philip tells her that he’s working on it.  He then asks about the custody issue.  Yoon Yi smiles that there are always ways for Philip to bring the baby home.

Areum wonders about the fact that the executed contract was missing a liquidation clause and waivers about looking through Philip’s documents…  In the end, she decides against it.


In the elevator, Areum gets an epiphany about leaving her phone in the bathroom.  She pushes the emergency button to stop the elevator.  Yoon Yi freaks out and Areum asks if Yoon Yi is afraid because she’s trapped.  Yoon Yi screams at Areum for accusing her and blurts out that she’s not responsible for the storage room.

Wordlessly, Areum lets Yoon Yi off.

Secretary Jang reports to Seung Woon about Attorney Suh.  Before Attorney Suh left, he had dinner with Yoon Yi.


Seung Woon immediately goes to ask if Yoon Yi was close with Attorney Suh as they had dinner right before he left.  He asks if Attorney Suh didn’t mention anything.  Yoon Yi denies everything.

Seung Woon asks if Yoon Yi was able to see the contract and she denies it.  She explains that it wasn’t part of her responsibility and Seung Woon responds that he will find out the truth so she doesn’t have to worry.

At the same time, Songcheol and group are having lunch.  Songcheol talks about a dream that he had, in which he was riding around in a goblin.  The others comment that it’s like a taemong.  [DRAMAFEED – In Korea, the urban myth is that when someone close to you becomes pregnant, one of the relatives will have a weird dream foretelling the birth.]

Yoojin immediately pretends to gag so that she can make Cheolgu think that she’s pregnant.  She giggles in the bathroom that she’s going to grab Cheolgu’s ankle.


Areum meets with her lawyer, who tells her that Areum has the advantage as the mother.  However, she warns Areum to not keep Philip away from Tiffany as that may be an issue that he can raise during the custody battle later.


Mrs. Han reads about an article about a woman, who takes care about her own mother, who suffers from dementia.  Then she remembers Tiffany and runs to the kitchen right in time to see the lid fall off the boiling pot and fly at Tiffany.  She picks up Tiffany immediately.

At Heungsu’s work, he seems to be in his groove cooking the meet for the customers.  He’s actually an expert about grilling meat and the customers seem to appreciate his expertise.  Meanwhile, Sunhwa also works hard at making pickles.

Jinwoo and Jiwoo have a drink at Songcheol’s place.  Songcheol asks if Jiwoo is Jinwoo’s girlfriend and he immediately explains that Jiwoo is his sister’s friend.  Jiwoo tries to get Jinwoo to sing for her when Jinwoo has to run out because Mr. Han had stopped by.

Mr. Han talks to Songcheol about how Mr. Han feels like Mrs. Han is growing farther away.


Over dinner, Soo Ah yells at Seungho for only getting 8th place in English class. She tells Seungho that he’s  going to study abroad next semester.  When Seungho tries to say that he doesn’t want to go abroad, Soo Ah yells at him for being weak.  She declares to her mother that she will raise Seungho to be the best.


Philip watches Seung Woon speak with Areum on friendly terms after work.  Furious, he calls a special meeting of the board of directors.  The subject – taking away the Vice President position from Seung Woon.


I am so glad that the whole Yoojin arc only gets five minutes.  It first disturbs me that she knows Cheolgu is her father’s friend and she still has this massive crush on him…Second, it is weird that Yoojin has a crush on him only because they slept together.  Third, it’s incredibly sad that she doesn’t care that there’s no love.  She just wants this old good-for-nothing to take responsibility over her.  There’s just too many things wrong with this couple.

On another note, it was nice to see the “mean” side of Areum.  I love how she just kind of flipped and without really worrying/thinking it through, immediately pressed the emergency stop button on the elevator.  It was also well played how she just quietly let Yoon Yi leave.  Something about how calm she was about the truth made it seem like the girl can dish out some serious revenge.  I am actually looking forward to seeing Areum on the offense.  We’ve had enough of nice Pollyanna/Candy.  We need some offensive maneuvers here!


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