Run, Jang-Mi -E23

Jang-Mi and Taeja return to real life, but Taeja is back to being the best employee, if that is what it takes for Jang-Mi to rest at the cafe.  Meanwhile, Minjoo comes closer to letting out the inner witch as she starts to realize that her territory is not as secure as she thought.


Hearing Taeja talk in his sleep about stopping his father, Jang-Mi wakes him up.  Feeling sorry for him, she hugs him close and reassures him that it was just a nightmare.


While awake, Taeja doesn’t seem calmer and Jang-Mi asks if he has medicine. Taeja tells her that if he eats seafood ramen, he might be able to sleep again. She lays him down and tells him that she’s going to the bathroom.


First, Jang-Mi checks with the grandma whether she has any seafood ramen. Unfortunately, the grandma doesn’t have any ramen, but there is a small mart around a 20 minutes walk away.

Jang-Mi heads over to the mart and wakes up the owner, who berates Jang-Mi for coming when the store is closed.  Apologizing, Jang-Mi buys some seafood ramen and heads back. Of course, she slips on the path and sprains her ankle.


When she arrives, she gives Taeja the ramen and tells him that the grandma had some ramen.

Jang-Mi carefully asks what nightmare Taeja is having… She remembers how he talked to her about nightmares when she was going through the difficult time with her baby.

Taeja explains that he dreams about the night when his father died.  He sees the scene and always wants to save his father, but he can’t… He wasn’t able to fall asleep after except when Joonhyuk made him seafood ramen.

Meanwhile, Minjoo stays up the night worrying.

In the morning, Taeja wakes up first and covers Jang-Mi with the blanket before going out.  He meets up with the grandma and thanks her for the ramen.

The grandma explains that their family doesn’t eat ramen and surmises that Jang-Mi must have gone to the store.


When Taeja comes back to the room, Jang-Mi wakes up.  She winces when she tries to leave to wash up and Taeja stops her. He sits her down and brings ice  to deal with the swollen ankle, asking if she slipped on her way to the store to buy ramen.

Till this moment, Minjoo valiantly tries to reach Taeja before grabbing her coat to stake it out near Taeja’s place.  Mincheol’s mother and Mincheol also complain that it’s irritating that Jang-Mi is so close to Taeja.  They end up stopping their conversation as soon as Mincheol’s father comes out and he complains that he’s a pariah in his own family.


Meanwhile, Taeja gets tired of letting Jang-Mi lean on him and gets her to ride on his back.


At Taeja’s place in Seoul, Minjoo waits until she sees the two walk over, with Jang-Mi leaning on Taeja.  As soon as Taeja sees Minjoo, he lets go of Jang-Mi. [DRAMAFEED- was it freezing? Why is Minjoo’s hand so red?]

Jang-Mi quickly offers to leave first and lets the two have time together.  When she arrives home, her mom is all a flutter about her daughter’s swollen ankle and blames it on Taeja.


Mrs. Baek goes to the Jang’s residence for some medicine and Joonhyuk comes over to help with acupuncture. Mrs. Baek fawns over Joonhyuk, who explains that he learned the therapy in New York.


Meanwhile, Minjoo is shocked that Taeja and Jang-Mi slept in the same room.  She complains that Jang-Mi  is weird and Taeja asks why Minjoo is so upset.  She complains that it’s because Jang-Mi makes Taeja suffer all the time.

After lunch, Taeja stops by with some medicine for Jang-Mi’s ankle.  Mrs. Baek yells at him for letting Jang-Mi get hurt and tells him to be more careful in the future.


Right after he gets yelled at by Mrs. Baek, Jangsu comes by and asks to see Taeja’s room.  Jangsu oggles Taeja’s clothes and Taeja lets him borrow his jackets and watches.  However, he notes that he can’t lend Jangsu his current bracelet, which he got as a present.

Jangsu asks if his girlfriend gave it to him and Taeja denies it.

Minjoo comes home in a rage that Jang-Mi slept with Taeja.  Minjoo’s mother also asks if they slept together.  Minjoo sighs out of frustration that she doesn’t know the details, but Taeja is not the type to sleep around.

Mincheol’s mom explains that she thinks the girl looks like the loose type and Minjoo gets worried.


In the morning, Taeja sits Jang-Mi down and tells her not to get up.  He also tells the Chef to only give Jang-Mi work that she can do while sitting down.

The Chef asks if the two are an item and both respond angrily.


At home, Jangsu tells his mother to buy some meat now that it’s payday; and specifies that she should invite Taeja.  However, when Jangsu arrives at work, the office is gone.


During the day, Mr. Jang calls Jang-Mi and Taeja runs out to remind him that Jang-Mi should stay sitting for the day.  It’s adorable because his grandfather is there for his lunchbox and seems ecstatic that his grandson has matured enough to work.

On her way to get meat, Jang-Mi’s mother sees that the place is hiring employees and signs up to wash the grills.

At Mincheol’s hospital, Minjoo’s mother meets Taeja’s mother “coincidentally” again.  Minjoo’s mother overhears Taeja’s mother talk to the matchmaker about Taehee and Taeja.


Afterwards, she yells at Minjoo to rush the process.  Out of frustration, he even tells her daughter to get drunk and just sleep with Taeja.

After the meeting, Minjoo’s mom hires a private investigator to follow Taeja around.


At Jang-Mi’s the group waits for Jangsu, who never shows.  They end up eating the meat first. Hilariously, Jang-Mi’s mother gives preferential treatment to Joonhyuk and gives Taeja subtle hints to eat less. 😀


After everyone has eaten, Jangsu comes home drunk.  He apologizes to his mom and sister for being such an idiot and starts crying at his uselessness.

Of course the fraud is friends with Mincheol.  The fraud ends up having a drink with Mincheol, where he brags about his business.

The next morning, Minjoo tries to suck up with Taeja’s mother again.  She takes Taeja’s mother to a cafe where people can learn to paint on china.  Minjoo also promises to help get Taehee to break up with Joonhyuk.

Next, Minjoo grabs a bite with Taehee.  Taehee orders quesadillas that Taeja loves, so Minjoo orders some as takeout for Taeja.


Of course, Taeja is helping Jang-Mi put stuff on a shelf right as Minjoo arrives at the cafe.  So she ends up walking in on a scene where Taeja is essentially hugging Jang-Mi.  Not one to mince words, Minjoo goes straight to Jang-Mi and throws her to the ground.  LOOK AT THAT FACE, THE WITCH HAS BEEN AWAKENED!


Oh dear! Now, it’s not just Minjoo’s radar that’s beeping…She has actually seen Taeja physically help Jang-Mi and …hug her?!  I can’t imagine what will come next.

I love how Minjoo is actually pretty straightforward. Instead of planning or manipulating people, which I’m sure she will when she goes home…She doesn’t think twice and goes straight to push Jang-Mi to the ground.  In a way, I feel like most girls can relate.  After all, it takes a special type of person to see a scene like that and control oneself so that they can fight behind the scenes.  I don’t doubt that Minjoo will do all of the backstabbing and manipulation that it takes to get Taeja back…However, she also gets the satisfaction of pushing Jang-Mi physically away from Taeja! HAHAHAHA

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