Love & Secret – E60

The tables have turned and the characters struggle to launch their defense as Philip continues to entrench himself, while cutting Seung Woon’s influence.  At the same time, Areum is reminded why her intuition warned her that Philip wouldn’t be the best father for Tiffany.


The episode starts with Philip interrupting Areum as she calls Seung Woon.  He asks if she was hiding when he stopped by earlier and Areum storms out with the excuse that she was in the bathroom.



However, no matter how many times she tries to call Seung Woon, he doesn’t pick up.  So she goes to his apartment.

Seung Woon comes out looking like a not-hot mess – dark circles and sore muscles and all.  She shows him the picture she took of the email between Attorney Suh and Philip.

They agree that the fact that Attorney Suh and Philip are in contact are not enough to prove that Attorney Suh changed the contract after execution.  However Seung Woon asks for a copy of the picture.


Afterwards,  Areum offers to make porridge and Seung Woon asks for ramen instead.  She makes him ramen and helps him put on a hot-cold pad.  They share a moment before Areum decides to leave.  Before she goes, Seung Woon tells her that his backup plan is going along – the other side wants to see her designs.


At the Han house, Mr. Han gets mad that Mrs. Han forgot to water the plants.  She asks if he can only see the wilting plants and not her.  Mr. Han responds that she’s talking back about everything and she replies that it must be time for her to die.

Areum stops by her mom’s room to tell her that she’s going to Philip.  Mrs. Han tersely tells Areum to remember that no matter what Philip is Tiffany’s father.  Areum asks if something’s wrong but Mrs. Han doesn’t answer.


At Philip’s, Areum hands over Tiffany who starts crying.  Areum offers to hold Tiffany but Philip refuses until he gets a work call.  However, Tiffany is angry and continue to cry so Philip ends up yelling  at Areum to shut Tiffany up.

After the call, he complains to  Areum about how much he’s lost because of his giving up the divorce proceedings and the money that went into Areum’s family.  Areum asks what he’s talking about and he tells her it’s nothing, she can leave.

Afterwards, Seung Woon continues working on his side project.

Heungsu works hard at the bbq place.  A group of girls come and complain that the good looking server is gone and decide to leave.  At this point, Heungsu gets mad and lectures them for being shallow and judging people by their appearances.  It’s at this moment that the owner walks by with the young girls huffily leaving.  He tells Heungsu not to behave in such a manner to the customers.


Seungho’s grandmother brings abalone for Cheolgu.  She’s brought extra for Songcheol to bring home.  The lesson continues as Seungho’s grandmother is tasked to read her poem.  Unfortunately, while Seungho’s grandmother is sincere about reading her poem, Songcheol can’t help laughing on the side.

When Seungho’s grandmother comes home, Soo Ah asks her where all the abalone disappeared.  Seungho’s grandmother answers that she ate it all and Soo Ah chatises her for not leaving any for Mr. Chun.  Having enough, Seungho’s grandmother angrily lectures her daughter that she needs to be nice to her as well as her husband.


The next day, Areum takes Tiffany to Seung Woon’s place to work on preparing the samples for Seung Woon’s side project.  Happy about their developing relationship, Seung Woon comes over to pick up Areum and Tiffany and bring them to his place.

While Areum sews up their samples, Seung Woon happily plays with Tiffany.  It’s adorable – too bad Seung Woon wasn’t like this with his own little brother.


At the same time, Yoon Yi meets with the head of the audit department. She mentions that she’s friends with the prosecutor investigating his son’s case.  However, she informs him that she needs a favor in return.

Afterwards, she debriefs with Soo Ah.  The accounting department head told her he’d think about it.  Soo Ah tells her to keep an eye on the guy so that he doesn’t turn on her.  Soo Ah also asks about Seung Woon and comments that she’s got to drop by to see Seung Woon suffering in the warehouse.  This comment rubs Yoon Yi the wrong way and she leaves first, thinking to herself Seung Woon started this…she can’t stop now.


The next day, Seung Woon works heartily in the warehouse.  He ends up getting tasked to carry a box into the main building and sees all of the directors and his father.  He tries to hide his face and walk by quickly, but Philip calls him out to directly humiliate him…Poor kid.

Once he gets back to the warehouse, Seung Woon muses about his declaration to his father that he will make things right…

Then Philip meets with Yoon Yi, who tells him that she’s contacted the accounting head.  She then asks if Philip wants to take Tiffany or expects Areum to return to him if he gets Tiffany.  Philip answers that it is probably both.  Yoon Yi informs him not to talk about custody… First, he needs to find reasons that Areum should lose her custody.


A short confrontation occurs at the elevator bay.  Seung Woon asks if Philip knows Attorney Suh.  Philip answers nonchalantly that he knows Attorney Suh was in charge of the relationship with Shuwei.  Seung Woon throws his own challenge by declaring that he will find out what exactly Philip did.



This was more of a supporting episode that sets the scene for the confrontation as our main characters launch their own defensive attach.   Seung Woon finally gets some proof that Philip is involved, but he doesn’t have substantive proof to make his case… I am excited to see how the writer organically creates an opportunity for Seung Woon to change the scene and power balance without some dramaland coincidence helping out.

On the other side, I was disappointed by Philip’s lack of maturity when he couldn’t handle Tiffany crying.  Doesn’t he realize that if he wins custody, he’s going to have a crying baby on his hands 24/7?!

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