Love & Secret – E61

The focus returns to the direct families as Mr. Chun’s characteristic Korean fatherhood gets slammed by the emotional needs of a young man, who finally bears his heart to his father.  In the Han family, Mrs. Han continues to struggle with her onset of dementia as she takes care of Tiffany.  However, the emotional stability is hard to achieve when she doesn’t have the support of her family.


And the gantlet is thrown between the two male leads.  Seung Woon clarifies to Philip that he’s going to let everyone know the truth, which puts Philip in a horrible mood.


Areum hangs up her personal call when Philip comes in and makes a snarky comment that she must have it difficult trying to hide her personal life from him.  Areum retorts back that her reason for being in his office – updating him on the K Fashion Project is over and she should return to the design team, which Philip refuses.


In the lobby, Soo Ah blows up on a security guard, who doesn’t recognize her and asks her to show identification.  Seung Woon watches this before commenting that she’s acting like she’s the CEO.  They throw some barbs before Soo Ah goes to pretend that she cares for Seung Woon in front of Mr. Chun.


It’s interesting to note that Mr. Chun smells the food and doesnt’ eat it.  I wonder if he suspects that Soo Ah will actually poison him.

At night, Soo Ah tucks Seungho into bed and reads his diary, in which he wishes that HeungMin’s mom is his mom and wonders if his mom is a stepmom…

Soo Ah also sees Mr. Chun drink his worries away alone.

In the morning, Mr. Chun tries to ask Secretary Jang what Seung Woon is planning, but our loyal Secretary Jung doesn’t sell out his friend.


Instead, Philip invites Mr. Chun to lunch. At lunch, Philip offers a new opportunity for Seung Woon.  Seung Woon can come back as the head/supervisor of the  Guangzhou Factory.  Mr. Chun promises to discuss it with Seung Woon.

Meanwhile, Seung Woon works hard in the warehouse until Mr. Chun calls him up.  Mr. Chun directs Seung Woon to go to Guangzhou and head the factory.  Seung Woon tells his father that he doesn’t want to go if it was Philip’s idea.  Mr. Chun yells at Seung Woon for creating this mess when Seung Woon refuses.


This triggers a mental/emotional breakdown from Seung Woon.  He starts crying and lets every thing out…How his father was not there for him when he was growing up… Wasn’t there emotionally or physically.  Seung Woon blames his father for making his mother sick and then forgetting about her.

Of course, we know that Mr. Chun actually cares about Seung Woon and is just reacting this way because he hates to see his son working in the warehouse.  However, in the face of his son crying and yelling at him, Mr. Chun tells Seung Woon that Seung Woon can leave and never return.

Seung Woon falls to lay on the untaped boxes when Areum walks by.  Areum tries to sneak away but Seung Woon stops her.  He asks her to come with him somewhere and takes her to his mother’s memorial.


At the memorial, he confesses that he promised to hate Mr. Chun after his mother passed away.  As a child, his father only seemed to treat his mother and him as a burden…He grew up as mommy’s boy but then his mother passed away…He confesses that he tried to do his best as his father grew older and weaker…But he just couldn’t do enough for his father.

Areum comforts Seung Woon that there are no parents that are disappointed in their children.  In return, Seung Woon tells Areum not to leave Tiffany ever…A mother is comforting even by just her presence.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Han writes in a journal about hoping to remember Tiffany even as her dementia progresses.  She closes her journal when Mr. Han comes in and tries to be understanding in case she is going through menopause.  Mrs. Han angrily retorts that it’s not menopause and leaves the room.


Mr. Han follows her out, but she doesn’t really want the support of Mr. Han, who doesn’t realize what she’s going through.  Instead, she goes to check on Jinwoo and asks if he has a girlfriend.  Probably half meaning well and half out of frustration, Jinwoo tells his mother that not only does he not have a girlfriend but that he thinks his mother is suffocating him with her interest.  He tells her that she needs to get a life outside of the family or she will find that it’s too late to focus on herself.

Unfortunately, we know that Mrs. Han is just trying to focus on her children while she can still remember them.  Mrs. Han’s acting is superb in this scene as she smiles, but the corners of her smile keep faltering and her eyes tear up…

Elsewhere, Seung Woon laughs to get pictures of Tiffany.  He comments to himself that she looks just like her mother and  texts back heartily that Tiffany is adorable.

At his place, Philip finds Tiffany’s hairpin and declares to himself that he won’t lose both Areum and Tiffany.


Of course in the morning, Areum and Seung Woon greet each other happily and discuss Tiffany.  Philip sees this and strikes out at Areum in his office.  He declares that he wants to see Tiffany again.  When Areum asks if he really wants to see Tiffany, Philip throws out that her lack of cooperation infringes upon his rights as a father.

Oh no…Mrs. Han visits Sunhwa and looks like she is about to confess to her sister…However, Sunhwa gets called away by a customer and Mrs. Han ends up meeting Philip.


When Philip arrives, Mrs. Han’s condition resurfaces.  She happily asks for Areum and wonders why Areum isn’t with Philip…Weren’t the two of them supposed to take Tiffany on a trip?


Sigh…I really hope that Philip ends up being a good and decent human being.  The drama has already painted enough of a background that we know that Philip isn’t the best father.  It’s just not the right time for him in his emotional maturity or his view of his professional trajectory.   However, I do believe that he truly cares for Tiffany and Areum in his own way.  He would probably do best with scheduled visitations with Tiffany and providing child support.  This would allow him to develop a deeper bond when his career stabilizes and Tiffany needs her father.

I knew it was coming, but it’s hard to see it happen.  The drama just gave Philip the emotional knife of all knives to the Han family.  Other than Mrs. Han, he is the only one that knows that something is wrong.  Likely, with the last two meetings, he probably has a good guess that she’s getting dementia.  If he chooses, he can use this knowledge that a woman developing dementia is supervising his daughter as a reason for Areum to lose custody… However, that would be devastating for Areum on several levels as well as her family…not to mention when Mrs. Han is lucid, she will be stricken with guilt.  I hope that he never decides to use that knife so that at the end of the series, we can have a truly “multicultural family” in the Han family…Areum with Seung Woon as legal parents and Philip being the other father… If Philip decides to use the emotional knife, throw Mrs. Han under the legal bus and rip Tiffany away from her family, I do not think I can forgive him.

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