Love & Secret – E62

The drama continues to focus on the emotional family issues and manages to paint an entertaining story, while lightly touching on deeper issues that may have left scars in many families within the backdrop of the main plot.  In the main plot, Philip continues to drive his revenge against Seung Woon’s company and the axis of evil plot to frame Mr. Chun.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Han makes a difficult choice.


The episode starts with Mrs. Han asking about Areum.  Philip picks up that something is wrong since he hasn’t been speaking with Areum for weeks.  When Mrs. Han offers to call Areum to ask why she is running late, Philip tells her that it’s not necessary.  Instead, Philip offers to watch Tiffany as Mrs. Han runs her errands.


After going grocery shopping, Mrs. Han happily arrives at home only to realize that Tiffany is missing.  She starts to freak out as she mentally retraces her steps and begins to call everyone whom she met that day.

Meanwhile, Philip stands brooding at the foot of his bed watching Tiffany.  He ignores Mrs. Han’s call and ends up having to call his secretary come over to change Tiffany’s diaper.  When he starts to really think about Mrs. Han’s weird behavior, Mrs. Han arrives looking for Tiffany.


Mrs. Han starts to ask when she left Tiffany in Philip’s care but stops…Instead, she asks about the money/check that he gave to Sunhwa, which was stolen.  Philip smiles that he was able to stop the payment of the check when he heard that it was stolen.

Afterwards, Areum runs out to look for Tiffany and her mother, only to run into Philip dropping the two off in front of her house.  She demands to know how Philip could see Tiffany without asking her first.

Of course, Philip is not apologetic.  He reminds her that he’s Tiffany’s father before Areum stalks off.


At home, Mr. Han and Areum chastise Mrs. Han for taking Tiffany to see Philip.  Even Jinwoo shows some frustration toward Mrs. Han, which causes her to retreat to her room.  Mr. Han follows Mrs. Han into the room to ask her why she’s being so emotional recently.


In response, Mrs. Han starts sobbing that she can’t articulate it…but, she can’t control her own emotions either.  Instead of seeing this as a cry for help, Mr. Han leaves the room in frustration.


The next morning, Mr. Chun ignores his son at work and the two male leads get a chance to exchange choice words before Areum arrives with a handpacked lunch.  Seung Woon eats it happily even though it doesn’t taste as good as it looks.

The drama shows us another hint as Mr. Chun begins to suffer from intense migraines.  On his way to the board meeting, he even stumbles.  All throughout the board meeting, Mr. Chun shows discomfort and sweats…

The board meeting cannot help.  Philip proposes  a large corporate restructuring that includes massive layoffs.   Mr. Chun tries to argue that the short term loss and high costs of investments would be cause for further deliberation.  However, Philip plows through with the proposal of a 30% layoffs without any push back from any of the other directors.


Immediately after, one of the directors goes to inform Seung Woon in the safety of the emergency stairs.  Seung Woon exclaims in surprise as such a large layoff would trigger the wrath of the union.


Seung Woon charges into Philip’s room to ask how he could make such a heartless decision of laying off 30% of the workforce without considering other options.  He notes that many of the workers live paycheck to paycheck.  Yet, this doesn’t ruffle Philip’s feathers, who smirks in response.  Seung Woon notes that he won’t forget this and leaves.

On his way out, Seung Woon sees Yoon Yi.  The conversation is amicable, but Yoon Yi has a chip on her shoulder.  She asks if Seung Woon doesn’t resent the girl, who caused this situation and Seung Woon replies that he doesn’t blame anyone.  In response, Yoon Yi comments that he must not have suffered enough and begins to walk off.

Seung Woon stops her to add that he is sorry for dumping her… however, he does hope that their 15 year friendship would survive, which seems to affect her.


The baddies have a debriefing dinner.  Philip instructs Yoon Yi to deposit some of the foreign funds into Mr. Chun’s personal accounts…one of his dormant accounts.  This way, they can frame Mr. Chun for embezzlement.  Soo Ah smiles and agrees to provide the dormant account that Mr. Chun doesn’t monitor.


As soon as she arrives home, Soo Ah sorts through Mr. Chun’s stuff to find his account books and personal seals.  [DRAMAFEED – Koreans still use personal seals.  Each individual has to register his official seal with the local government office.  Important financial or legal documents must be stamped by such seals to have effect.  For example, as recently as 2008, the Korean Supreme Court held that a handwritten and signed will without a personal seal was invalid.]

Soo Ah manages to hide the seal and account books in her bag when her own mother comes in to borrow some clothes.  At Soo Ah’s curt words, her mother leaves in a huff.

A comedic interlude occurs when Yoojin knits with Songcheol in the living room.  At one point, Songcheol notices that Yoojin has a birthmark on foot.  He then has suspicions that she’s his daughter as he also has a birthmark on his foot and flees into Cheolgu’s room to discuss his worry.  Of course, Cheolgu convinces Songcheol that he’s mistaken and Songcheol believes it.


At home, Mrs. Han asks Jinwoo on a train trip.  Finding it annoying, Jinwoo first refuses.  However, like a good son, he comes out and agrees to a morning train trip.  Mrs. Han has prepared kimbap and boiled eggs!  She is completely excited.  She spends the trip discussing past memories happily.

At one point, Mrs. Han happily recounts the time that Jinwoo cried for his mother.  Embarrassed, Jinwoo asks her to forget such events.  Looking hurt, she asks why she would forget such memories.  Instead, she asks Jinwoo to take a lot of pictures with her on this trip… [DRAMAFEED – Ah…this breaks my heart.]

Meanwhile, Areum asks her father to take care of her mother.  He agrees and thinks about Mrs. Han over dinner…


When Mrs. Han arrives, she asks Mr. Han to sit down as she has something to say…Smiling, she asks for a divorce.


Not sure what I can really say about this episode.  It was pretty strong over all.  It keeps me entertained as I wonder how far the baddie trio will get before the good guys can stop them.  Seungwoon’s life is about to be thrown into another emotional spiral when his father is framed for embezzlement and will likely have a medical condition – heart attack?  Will Seungwoon be able to pick up the pieces and save his father and company?  I’m not sure, he hasn’t really shown us yet that he’s a match for Philip.

On the family issues side…This was truly an emotional one.  I am glad that they didn’t dwell  on what could have been a completely depressing scene.  Rather, it was quiet and heavy, but not over the top… Just slightly bitter sweet as we watch Mrs. Han make some last memories with Jinwoo and leave physical evidence of her love…

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