Love & Secret – E63

Sometimes, it’s the hardest thing to recognize when the closest people to us need help.  At time, it is too late when one realizes and tries to fix the mistake.  Mr. Han begins to realize that something is amiss and tries to fix the relationship with Mrs. Han.  However, she’s already set on the idea of registering herself with a care facility away from her family.  In the larger plot, Philip continues to treat Tiffany as an obligation hurting Areum’s pride as Tiffany’s mother.



Mr. Han is completely shocked.  He asks why his wife is asking for a divorce all of a sudden.  Mrs. Han responds that she’s just tired of everything.  Mr. Han tries to ignore the situation and answers that he understands that she’s frustrated and tired.  However, Mrs. Han is not willing to back down.  She tells Mr. Han that he can tell the children as he wants…She plans on embarking on a long trip.  She hopes that he will prepare the documents and give her spousal support.


Mr. Han snaps that she needs to stop saying ridiculous things.  In response, Mrs. Han goes into her room to look at the pictures that she took that day.


Meanwhile, Seungwoon gets his dinner ready – microwaved rice and kimchi.  As he eats, he looks at the news and ignores Philip’s profile.  He then stumbles upon an article thanking Winner’s for the charitable donation of free clothes to the single mother’s community.  Feeling encouraged, he calls his potential partner and asks if he wants to see any more designs.

At the Chun residence, Mr. Han looks at a calendar on which he has noted that it’s Seungwoon’s birthday.  He goes down to find that Soo Ah has cooked seaweed soup, which is the traditional birthday meal for Seungwoon and grumps that Seungwoon doesn’t deserve it.  Of course, Soo Ah isn’t convinced, she grumbles that Mr. Chun only acts this way in front of her.

In the office, Philip asks Areum to bring Tiffany out on the weekend.  He explains that he wants to buy her some stuff.  Areum snaps that they should settle the child custody issue and Philip replies that he’s busy.  However, he does ask if there is anything going on with her mother.  Of course, Areum doesn’t know of anything.


Secretary Jang brings seaweed soup for Seungwoon and asks him to take it as Mr. Chun is sick and probably requested it from Soo Ah.  Reluctantly, Seungwoon takes it and calls Areum out for lunch.  They share the lunch, while discussing their side project.

Seungwoon jokes around and asks in a sultry voice if Areum is busy at night.  Areum seems taken aback when Seungwoon laughs that he means she should come over and work on the new samples.

Yoon Yi continues to work, when memories of Seung Woon’s last words intrude upon her concentration.  She gets up to leave and runs into Philip.  She invites him for a glass of wine.


Over wine, she asks what Philip’s end game is.  Philip responds that he’s going to drive the company into the ground and make Seungwoon regret ever touching something that was his.  He notes Yoon Yi’s measured reaction and surmises that she must still have feelings for Seungwoon.

Smiling, Philip mentions that he understands that it is difficult to turn one’s back away from a lover.  Instead, he asks her when their relationship started.  Yoon Yi confesses that the relationship never started…it was always a one-sided thing.

Ever the adept conversationalist and strategist, Philip innocently asks what would cause a mother to lose her child custody rights.  Yoon Yi answers that if the mother causes the child to be in danger or get harmed, a mother might lose her rights and asks if anything happened to Tiffany.  At this point, Philip hides his cards and smiles that he was just curious.

Adorably, Seungwoon practices reading children’s books for Tiffany until Areum arrives.  When Areum arrives, she asks Seungwoon to clean Tiffany’s toy during which Areum prepares cake and candles for Seungwoon.


Areum gets ready to start working as Seungwoon watches Tiffany.  At this point adorable Secretary Jang arrives with soju to celebrate Seungwoon’s birthday.  Secretary Jang prepares for a drink when Tiffany starts making noises.  Of course Seungwoon pretends to hear nothing and Secretary Jang jumps to the most reasonable conclusion – he has shamanic powers and there is a baby ghost haunting Seungwoon’s studio!  Pretending to be the understanding employer, Seungwoon tells Secretary Jang to leave first since he’s the only one that hears the noises.


Another interlude as Jinwoo and Jiwoo study…well Jiwoo studies Jinwoo’s face.

At the same time, Mrr. Han visits Songcheol’s bar to talk about Mrs. Han’s latest request for a divorce.  Songcheol encourages Mr. Han to throw away his pride and indulge Mrs. Han…to show that he understands her and she would change her mind.


Mrs. Han smiles that he doesn’t need to do this; her mind won’t change.  Instead, she goes to a facility to sign up for care…

Sweet Heung Min gives Sunhwa a massage until Mrs. Han arrives.  Mrs. Han happily checks in on Sunhwa’s health.  The two have a nice heart to heart talk as Sunhwa confesses that she was so jealous of Mrs. Han…The talk turns into old memories.


Meanwhile, Areum looks at some children’s things until Philip rushes her.  When Philip leaves for the bathroom, Soo Ah runs over to advise that Areum should hold on to Philip – a child is happiest with her biological father.  Philip returns and the awkward conversation stops.


When they get to the car, Areum gets in first as Philip answers a call.  In the back seat, Areum finds and begins to read the signed Shuwei contract until Philip angrily snatches it from her.



I don’t understand Philip.  He seems to really only see Tiffany as a means to an end.  Either Tiffany is a means to getting revenge on Areum or Tiffany is a way to keep Areum in a loveless relationship.  I thought that maybe Philip was maturing when he suggested that they go shopping for Tiffany’s things, but he continues to disappoint when they go shopping only for him to thoughtlessly pick out products and rush Areum.  Understandably, working in a high stress and fast paced business environment may be difficult.  However, I don’t believe that it is impossible to prioritize one’s family if one truly believes that such prioritization is important.  Of course, social commentary on our use-less new badge of “business” has another time and place.

Mrs. Han’s subarc continues through this episode and it really hit me when I watched her discuss registering herself into facilitated care… I cannot even imagine would one would think about as one talks to such a facility to make arrangements for the future, in which one wouldn’t be able to care for oneself anymore.  With the growing population of elderly people and the growth of dementia issues…it’s really weird that there isn’t more of a public focus on the issues facing our elderly population… The whole arc just leaves me frustrated and bittersweet… I just really wish that somehow, Mrs. Han would be cured.

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