Love & Secret – E65

Mrs. Han finally gets some help in her unspeakable journey.  At the same time, although I didn’t realize it, Areum stops her wavering and decides to side with Seungwoon openly.  The trio of baddies also take the final steps to frame Mr. Chun.  Unlucky for evil mama duck, in her zest to see the end of her plot, she starts to make mistakes…


Areum walks into the office before pausing because she realizes that Philip is speaking with Attorney Suh.  She eavesdrops on the conversation to hear Philip make plans for a follow-up meeting and silently closes the door.


The scenes with both Philip and Seungwoon flash through her mind.  Turning, she heads over to tell Seungwoon, who thanks her for the information.


Later, Seungwoon arrives at a cafe only to be interrupted by Philip.  It turns out that everything was a plan.  Philip accuses Seungwoon of using Areum as a spy.  He also tells Seungwoon that to the rest of the world, he is Winner’s Group’s savior and eggs on Seungwoon to try to take Winner’s back.

Having suffered a resounding defeat, Seungwoon falls into bed and declines updating Areum.

The trio of baddies regroup.  Philip updates the others about Seungwoon looking around to find Attorney Suh and requests that they rush their plans.  Yoon Yi wonders if Mr. Chun will stand for the framing…  She also voices concerns that Mr. Chun will know that there are internal traitors.

Soo Ah overrules Yoon Yi’s concerns with the statement that she will handle Mr. Chun.

Sunhwa wonders into their room to find Heung Min applying a face mask to Heungsu.  The family laughs as Heungsu answers that this is all to help him make a living.  Heung Min also adds that his mother should not worry as his father doesn’t have to looks to have an affair, which  leads to an insulted Heungsu reminding Heung Min that they look alike.


The cheery atmosphere gets interrupted by a call from Mr. Han, who asks if everything is all right with the family.  After the call, Mr. Han has a drink as he tries to deny the clear hints that his wife is suffering from dementia.


At home, Areum tries to console her mother by telling Mrs. Han that she no longer has to worry.  Areum will find someone to love, who loves Tiffany as much as she does and live a happy life.  She also plans on quitting as soon as she finishes a project at work so that she can take care of Tiffany herself.

Mrs. Han asks if that person is Seungwoon.  When Areum tries to deny it, Mrs. Han continues that she approves of Seungwoon if that person will make Areum happy.  She also adds that if she says differently in the future, to ignore her…As her feelings change so frequently.

Mr. Chun broods at home when Soo Ah brings him his daily green choice.  The look Soo Ah gives hints that she has something else in mind.


Turns out that she added some sleeping medicine.  During the night, she speeds away to one of the family’s vacation homes with a  box of cash.   The drama provides the answer as Soo Ah’s speeding gets caught by the traffic cameras.  She also hides the box within the chimney but drops a small slip of paper.

In the morning, Mrs. Han carefully prepares soup per the notes that she wrote on her hand.  The soup turned out decently, but the family arrives to find that the rice hasn’t cooked.  Watching this all, Mr. Han tells the children to buy breakfast on the way and confronts his wife.


He asks his wife what the hospital said and Mrs. Han responds that it’s dementia.  Mr. Han starts tearing up and asks why she went through this all alone when they have been together for over thirty years.  Mrs. Han calmly tells him that there is no cure.

Surprisingly, Mr. Han turns into a blubbering mess as Mrs. Han calmly tells her husband that she wants to enter an extended care facility.  She adds that she doesn’t want her children to see her as she degenerates into a child…She has already found a facility.

Mr. Han just hugs her tightly as he cries that this will never happen.

At the Chun house,  Soo Ah has to wake Mr. Chun up because he cannot wake up from the sleeping medicine.

At Songcheol’s house, Cheolgu tells Yoojin that Songcheol is suspicious.  He tells Yoojin that Songcheol would kill him first and then her.  Yoojin gives Cheolgu her knitted sweater and tells Songcheol that their dating.  Afterwards, she ignores Cheolgu’s whines that no father would approve of him.  Instead she gives Cheolgu a cd that she mixed her father’s song with Jinwoo’s singing and tells him to get his life straight for the baby.


At Winner’s Group, Philip tells Areum that she can no longer touch his stuff or stay in the office when he’s on a call.  He tries to make her feel guilty that he wouldn’t have gone this far if Areum had just returned to him… He reminds her that he is the father of their child before she stomps out.

Outside the office, Areum sees Seungwoon struggling to move boxes.

Secretary Jang arrives to provide some news.  Attorney Suh’s mother has passed away.  As the only son, there is a high chance that he will return to Korea for the funeral.


Afterwards, Areum brings Seungwoon coffee and apologizes for making things difficult for Seungwoon.  Adorably, Seungwoon says all of the right things to make her feel better.  He tells her that she has a princess syndrome; she is not the only reason that Philip is doing all this.

More good news occurs as Seungwoon’s potential Chinese partner has arrived in Seoul and approved of the samples.  Areum volunteers to go and hold Attorney Suh until Seungwoon arrives and promises to stand by his side for everything.


FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY!  Mr. Han knows and tells Mrs. Han that he knows about her condition.  I actually cried when Mr. Han tries to support Mrs. Han by telling her that he knows, only to find himself a blubbering mess and Mrs. Han standing strongly.  Having watched Mrs. Han cry and sob through everything, I forgot how strong she could be.  It was a fragile strength that she showed, but strength nonetheless.  The man that she had supported throughout most of her life was standing in front of her and crying at the realization that the wife that he knows would change.  Even though he was articulating his intention of helping her and becoming her pillar of support, Mrs. Han didn’t fall apart. Instead, she maintained her dignity and expressed why she was acting the way she was and what her current goals were.  Though less than ten minutes, that scene just showed so much emotion, it was amazing.  It really outshone the main plot development of Soo Ah drugging Mr. Chun and hiding the money in the family house.

While I find myself watching this series for the main plot…One day, we will see Areum happily married to Seungwoon.  We will also find out the truth behind Seungwoon’s mother’s death.  However, somehow Mrs. Han’s plight has really taken up the role as strong subplot.

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