Love & Secret – E66

We return to focus on the main plot as Mr. Chun falls under the investigation for corporate embezzlement.  Looks like Seungwoon and Areum need to grow up and fast as their parents no longer have the ability to protect them.


Areum heads straight for the bus.  She’s off to Attorney Suh’s mother’s funeral.  At the same time, Seungwoon completes a successful meeting with the potential business partner.


Areum arrives at the funeral and stands out the entrance and overhears that Attorney Suh hasn’t arrived yet.  Attorney Suh’s aunt is managing the funeral by herself.  Feeling bad, Areum takes over serving the guests.

Attorney Suh arrives but leaves when he gets called Attorney Suh.


At home, Mr. Han arrives and gets angry that Areum has left her mother in charge of watching Tiffany for so long.  Mrs. Han stops him from calling Areum and he tells her that he’s going to quit working the next day.  He will accompany her on her treatments from then on.

In the countryside, Seungwoon arrives to find that Attorney Suh had gone.  Areum and he continue to manage the guests and clean up as they wait for Attorney Suh.


In the city, Jinwoo arrives at the Korean barbecue place to find his uncle.  He’s there for an adorably awkward date with Jiwoo.  Over lunch, Jiwoo asks Jinwoo to speak more comfortably with her than with honorifics.

At the same time, Areum and Seungwoon wait for Attorney Suh in his mother’s courtyard.  [DRAMAFEED – It’s tradition that the direct family members stay at the deceased person’s memorial for the three days after death.]


The two discuss their parents as they wait for Attorney Suh.  Areum ends up talking about how she feels bad about her mother, who’s only lived for her children.  Seungwoon says the right things as he tells her that she can be a great daughter from now on.  She can find a nice man and live happily ever after.  He goes straight into informally asking her out/proposing?! He tells her that he will stay next to her and Tiffany and all she has to do is stay next to him.

As they wait, Areum falls asleep on Seungwoon’s shoulders.  The next morning, Areum washes the dishes for the next days meals.  Seungwoon quickly gets a bowl of hot water so that Areum doesn’t freeze her hands.


At this point Attorney Suh returns.  He tells the two that he cannot and will not testify in court about the switched contracts.  Without his testimony or Shuwei’s CEO’s testimony, Seungwoon would never be able to win this in court.

When Seungwoon asks, Attorney Suh responds that the way that he met Philip was through Yoon Yi.  He also warns Seungwoon that he should be back to protect the company as the next target is Mr. Chun.

At the board of director’s meeting, Philip sets the scene that there has been embezzlement of foreign funds.  There’s even evidence that funds has been deposited into Mr. Chun’s accounts.

Mr. Chun stands up in anger that he’s being framed.


At this point, Yoon Yi arrives to state in an emotionless voice that they found a box of cash in Mr. Chun’s vacation house.  Seungwoon arrives to see his father fall in shock.

Somewhere along the line, Yoon Yi’s conscience wakes up and she has to leave the board room.

Seungwoon accompanies his father home only to be followed by the police.  They are here to investigate the corporate embezzlement.  Seungwoon tries to stop them, but the police drag his father out.


There is a moment of measurement as Mr. Chun evenly looks upon Soo Ah and she stares emotionless back at him.  Yup, both of them know exactly who is behind this framing.


At home, Areum waits for Seungwoon’s call when her father comes in to tell her to quickly quit and take Tiffany off of her mother’s hands.  At this point, he returns to his wife who’s playing memory.  He agrees to play Go Stop with her since it’s good for dementia.


Meanwhile, Seungwoon paces in his room and ignores all calls, including one from “Kid’s Mom.”  We also see Soo Ah suffer from a little bit from guilt.  She reflects back on the day when she sees Mr. Chun give Seungwoon allowance.  He tells Seungwoon that he doesn’t have to think of Soo Ah as his mother…he would not have put Soo Ah on his family registry if Soo Ah hadn’t gotten pregnant.  Back in the present, Soo Ah clamps down her sobs and determines that she will never stop.


Wow, that was unexpected.  I had not expected Soo Ah’s backstory to make me actually empathize with her.  Well played writers!

The scene itself was less than a minute long, but I actually feel like I can understand why Soo Ah would go to such lengths to take Winner’s Group from the Chun’s now.  If she had fallen in love with Mr. Chun and had done her best to be a good mother to her stepson, it would tear her heart to hear her husband say he only added her to the family registry because she got pregnant.  I didn’t translate it literally, but Mr. Chun actually described her as “that kind of woman.”  That is not a phrase that one can say lightly or can be forgiven lightly.

In the end, the main plot issue becomes a mess that Mr. Chun created.  He got a woman, whom he did not love pregnant.  Then in trying to take responsibility, he married her but did not respect her, which his son realized.

On a final note, it was really nice to see Mrs. Han smiling with sincerity in this episode. >_<

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