Love & Secret – E67

The pressure increases as the baddies all of a sudden know exactly how to play their cards.  Soo Ah ascends to the throne of acting CEO of Winner’s Group in full doting, concerned mother facade.  Meanwhile, Yoon Yi runs straight to Areum to let her know exactly how she’s ruining Seungwoon’s life.


The next day we see Soo Ah happily leading a bunch of directors into Winner’s Group.  Secretary Jang quickly calls Seungwoon, who rushes into the board of directors meeting.  The subject of the meeting is confirming Soo Ah as the acting interim CEO as Mr. Chun has been arrested and Philip has resigned.


Seungwoon yells at Soo Ah to stop and step away from the head of the table.  When he rushes over, the security guards stop him.

Surprising everyone, Soo Ah yells at the guards to stop their disrespectful behavior.  She stresses that Seungwoon is Mr. Chun’s and her son, the owner of the company.  She re-establishes Seungwoon as the vice president and asks after Seungwoon like a caring mother.

Areum sees everyone leaving before finding her office empty.  She also receives a call from human resources, which lets her know that she was fired as of last night.

Areum meets with Jiwoo to let Jiwoo know that she was fired.  Jiwoo exclaims in surprise at all of the changes.  She tells Areum about how Soo Ah has been made the acting CEO and how Philip has left the company with his investment funds.

At the same time, Seungwoon wanders into his father’s office and remembers accusing his father for being the cause of his mother’s death – loneliness.  His father had began to answer that at the time the company needed him.


Philip’s call interrupts this reflection.  Storming into Philip’s office, Seungwoon hears Philip’s final challenge.  Philip explains that he knows that Mr. Chun has been framed; he has the original documents, which framed Mr. Chun.  Philip offers the usb if Seungwoon would kneel in front of him and apologize for taking his girl.

Glaring back, Seungwoon responds that he will free his father himself.

During this time, Yoon Yi conveniently hears everything from the office door.  She waits for Seungwoon at the end of the hall and gives him a warning; he should give in to Philip and get Mr. Chun out of jail.

Seungwoon responds that Yoon Yi needs to stop…is she so afraid of the truth?  He tells her that they were able to talk to Attorney Suh and asks if the embezzlement framing was also her.

Yoon Yi tries to blame him for the way she turned out.  Seungwoon isn’t even phased and reminds Yoon Yi that these are all her actions, not his.

In the hallway, Areum runs into Philip who tells her that they need to meet and discuss Tiffany’s custody issues.  Before walking off, he throws a last attempt of doubt.  He comments that he thought Seungwoon was so crazy about her, Seungwoon wouldn’t see any reason, but he did.  He walks off leaving Areum confused.


Areum heads back to pack up her things when Yoon Yi comes by to raise hell.  Throwing things off of Areum’s desk, she yells at Areum for messing up her life.  She rants that while Areum lived a comfortable life getting knocked up, she was studying her butt off through Seungwoon’s father’s sponsorship.  She adds that she was living a good life until Areum intruded and tells her to disappear from both her and Seungwoon’s life.  She warns that Seungwoon’s life will only get worse if Areum doesn’t leave.

When Areum asks what Yoon Yi is talking about, Yoon Yi tells her that Philip offered to give the evidence of Mr. Chun’s innocence to Seungwoon, who rejected it because of Areum.

An interlude occurs when Songcheol listens to Yoojin’s mix-tape.  Both Cheolgu and Songcheol praise Yoon Yi’s skill and Songcheol seems to still be suspicious.

Meanwhile, Jinwoo and Jiwoo comes out of a movie.  He gets a call from Cheolgu and tries to decline, but Jiwoo convinces him to go sing for Cheolgu.  Then we get a fun scene of Songcheol and Jinwoo singing together.


At the Han residence, Mr. Han tucks Mrs. Han into bed and reflects back on all of the times he didn’t realize how much his wife was suffering.  In tears, he kisses her hand, which wakes her up.  When she wakes up, he tells her to get dressed for their appointment.

Mr. Han asks the doctor for another exam.  At one point, the doctor asks to speak with Mr. Han alone, but Mrs. Han waits outside the door and eavesdrops.

The doctor reminds Mr. Han that the family’s role is most important to keep Mrs. Han feeling safe.  Nothing new should be introduced into her life.  In response, Mr. Han begs the doctor to heal Mrs. Han regardless of the cost.

At the same time, Areum walks out of the company with her stuff.


Meanwhile, Mr. Chun reflects on the suspicious events that lead up to this internment.  This reflection is interrupted by Seungwoon’s visit.  Seungwoon tears up as he cries that he will prove the truth and free his father.  Finding it difficult to see his son this way, Mr. Chun encourages Seungwoon and returns to his cell.

Soo Ah returns home and tells her son that Mr. Chun will be on an extended business trip.  She barks at her mother that she’s tired and hungry before entering into her room to laugh triumphantly.

When Mr. and Mrs. Han returns home, they find Areum in the living room.  She tells them that she quit her job.


Ignoring Seungwoon’s calls, Areum continues to brood about Yoon Yi’s words… I think I see noble idiot syndrome rearing its ugly head.

Unaware of anything, Seungwoon looks through his pictures of Areum.

At the end, Areum visits Philip and tells him that she has something to discuss.


This was a quieter episode compared to the other recent episodes.  No large revelations occurred.  Rather, life continued as the stuffing continued to fly at all sides from hitting the fan.

I actually felt that this episode was just as engrossing because the pressure visibly increased for our leads.  All of a sudden, the training wheels were off and Seungwoon now faced real consequences.  His father is in jail and his nemesis has taken out his investment, leaving Winner’s in a precarious situation.  To top it all off, his hated stepmother was acting the most caring woman and acting CEO.

At the same time, watching Seungwoon fall, Areum has to realize that she hasn’t really been helping Seungwoon. I don’t blame her as for ordinary people, it’s hard to prevent a plot to ruin another person’s life.  Yet, we can all agree that Areum is perfectly normal.  She grew up from being an incapable crybaby and has been surviving in her new role as a young mother dealing with child custody issues and the responsibilities of being a secretary/personal assistant to the CEO of a company.  While she has provided emotional support to Seungwoon, she hasn’t really done anything else.

In this state, she hears from Yoon Yi that everything bad happening to Seungwoon is because of her.  It’s easy for anyone to fall into the noble idiot syndrome.

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