Love & Secret – E68

The noble idiot is born in this episode as Areum breaks up with Seungwoon to accompany Philip out of the country in return for evidence of Mr. Chun’s innocence.  Meanwhile, Yoon Yi’s dormant conscience starts to bug her as she realizes that only she is responsible for her decisions and fall.  In the background, everyone has to deal with Soo Ah as the new CEO.


Areum asks Philip to stop at this point.  She promises to break up with Seungwoon and even leave with Tiffany if Philip will stop and give Seungwoon the evidence of his father’s innocence.  Philip brings out the USB drive and drops it on the table.  He tells Areum that she can take it to Seungwoon, but will need to stay next to his side forever missing Seungwoon.


Areum picks up the drive and thanks Philip.  She even agrees to leave Korea with Philip before leaving.

Once at the bus stop, Areum calls Seungwoon to meet tomorrow.  Seungwoon asks about Tiffany and promises to call Areum the next day.

Sighing, Areum stares at the USB drive that she traded her happiness for.


At the same time, Yoon Yi downs a bottle of wine at home.  The alcohol and making a mess is not enough for her to forget Seungwoon’s words and she cries in frustration.


The next day, Soo Ah is in full Queen Bee mode.  When she realizes that one of the security guards is whispering as she walks by, she returns to throw his phone on the floor.  She makes the employee kneel before her until Seungwoon runs over to raise the employee back up.  Shouting that the other employees are watching, Seungwoon tells Soo Ah that they will discuss it in her office.

After making sure that the employee is standing, Seungwoon and Soo Ah have another scrimmage in her office.  Seungwoon tries to explain to Soo Ah angrily that they cannot embarrass employees whenever they feel like it. In response, Soo Ah orders that he prepare their strategy of protecting their market share in the Chinese market by Friday.

In his office, Seungwoon finds out that his father had canceled the security on their vacation home three months ago.  However, the money that was the center of the embezzlement controversy came from their Singapore branch, which rouses his suspicions as the bank partner of their Singapore branch is a private bank.

Philip informs Areum that he bought their tickets; they leave on March 14.


Afterwards, Areum meets up with Seungwoon at his office.  She brings her finalized samples and gives them to him.  She explains that she’s leaving with Tiffany and Philip; he’s Tiffany’s father after all.

Seungwoon yells at her to stop and even grabs her to stop her from walking out.  He asks her if she’s serious about her decision.  Areum looks him in the eyes and answers that she’s being sincere.  Sighing, Seungwoon lets her leave.

A happy interlude ensues with Heung Min singing and dancing for Tiffany.  Areum arrives in the middle of Heung Min dancing to Kangnam style.

Areum picks up Tiffany and lets her aunt know that she might leave with Tiffany for America.  Sunhwa carefully asks if Philip has mentioned anything about money and Areum asks if her aunt received any money as she hasn’t heard anything.

Sunhwa quickly backtracks and pretends to know anything.


At Songcheol’s, he wonders about Yoojin before coming out to see Heungsu and Heung Min eating ramen.  He confirms with Heung Min one more time that Heung Min didn’t write the letter to him from many episodes earlier.  Afterwards, he goes to check on Cheolgu and finds the room empty and messy.  At one point, he picks up the guitar and jumps back because it’s a picture of himself and his ex-love.

He walks out to run into Yoojin.  Songcheol stares at Yoojin before quietly walking into his own room.

In the morning, Areum tells her mother that she will take care of breakfast.  She hugs her mother and tells her that she recently thought about how much she appreciates her mother when she went to a funeral.  Her mom awkwardly goes back to her room and asks her husband if they could just get a small cottage in the country so that their children don’t have to find out.


Mr. Han calms her down and tells her that she can do it.  Instead, he convinces Mrs. Han to go out with him.  They happily wander around the markets and eat some cold buckwheat noodles.  As they leave, Mrs. Han realizes that she left her purse.  Calming her down, Mr. Han accompanies her as they retrace their steps.

Returning to the restaurant, Mr. Han leaves Mrs. Han in front of the register to check the bathroom.  However, when he returns, she’s no where to be found.


Mr. Han freaks out and starts looking for her in the streets.  Thankfully, Mrs. Han had just gone to use the men’s restrooms.  The restaurant calls Mr. Han, who returns quickly.

Soo Ah realizes that the title is not everything.  She gets bored and becomes angry that Yoon Yi hasn’t come to see her.  Unfortunately, Yoon Yi has taken the week off.

Even more unfortunate, Areum decides to call Yoon Yi about the USB drive?!


WHAT THE FUDGE?  Why is Areum giving the USB to Yoon Yi?  Doesn’t she realize that Yoon Yi and Philip worked together on everything? Minus ten points for Areum’s unending naivete.

On the flip side, I wonder if Yoon Yi is going to switch teams.  I have been dying to know how the good side would be able to fight back against the baddie trio…especially when it seems that the two leads have always survived on the coattails of their parents.  However, getting Yoon Yi to switch sides may help them and even out the playing field a bit.  Note, I don’t know how this transition could be smooth, but I will give the writers the benefit of the doubt.

As a last note…It sucked to see Mrs. Han’s dementia continue to develop.  I really think that they need to let the children know because the children have a right to know and can help.  I understand that she doesn’t want to show her weak side to her children.  Additionally, it will be difficult for the children to accept.  However, the faster they know, the more time that the children have to come to terms with the situation.  Also, it gives the children time to make their own memories and help out their mother.

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