Love & Secret – E69

Hello action!  This episode was packed full of action as pieces plummet into place.  Seungwoon finds evidence of Soo Ah framing Mr. Chun and confronts her.  Not one to back down, the two end up on a harrowing ride to the police station.  Meanwhile, Philip indulges in revenge against Areum, who had the audacity to chose another man over him.


Areum begins the meeting by apologizing to Yoon Yi again for breaking Yoon Yi’s heart.  She notes that she understands that Yoon Yi might not want to hear the apology or accept it, but she explains that she hoped it might help a little.


Yoon Yi responds that she doesn’t care about Areum’s apology.  Surprisingly mature, Areum continues on that it’s fine.  She hands over the USB drive and explains that Philip gave it to her.  Asking that Yoon Yi deliver it to Seungwoon without mentioning Areum, she  explains that she’s leaving with Philip.

YoonYi laughs that Areum is ending this relationship so easily.


At home, Areum throws away Seungwoon’s gift to Tiffany.  In the washroom, Mrs. Han mistakenly puts rice into the washer instead of laundry detergent.

At work, Secretary Jang reports to Seungwoon that Shuwei hasn’t replied with anything.

Meanwhile, the traitor director asks Soo Ah why she reinstated Seungwoon.  Soo Ah responds that she knows that Mr. Chun will not be in jail forever.  She plans to make it so that Seungwoon can no longer work at the company.


However, Seungwoon is also hard at work.  He confronts the head of the accounting department for setting up his father.  He begins carefully by explaining that he knows that Yoon Yi had the department head set up his father and asks for the details.  Thankfully, the accounting department’s head has a conscience and quickly apologizes.


Afterwards, Seungwoon meets up with Yoon Yi.  She hands over the usb and lies that she made a copy of all of the documents behind Philip’s back.  She also explains that she did set up Mr. Chun, even if it was Philip’s plan.  She explains that she wanted to hurt Seungwoon, but she wasn’t so happy to see Winner’s Group crash…She adds that she plans to resign that day and wanted to give Seungwoon a parting gift.

At the Han residence, Areum picks up the laundry to find rice all over the clothes.  Running into her parents going to the hospital, she asks if her mother ran the machine.  When Mrs. Han seems to shocked, Mr. Han pretends that it was his fault.


After this, Areum calls Philip to see if he has time.  He answers that he’s busy but agrees to have Areum stop by when she explains that she wanted to bring Tiffany over.  When Areum brings Tiffany over, Philip ignores the two and continues to work through Areum’s suggestions of getting something to eat.  Soon he gets a call and agrees to go out and eat with the caller.

Gritting her teeth, Areum smiles through this and agrees to take Tiffany home.


The scene changes to the hospital, where Mr. Han waits as Mrs. Han attends a therapy class for her dementia.  The doctor goes through exercises to have the women laugh and then interact with each other happily.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Han’s partner loses it and attacks Mrs. Han before peeing while standing up.

Running out, Mrs. Han ends up sobbing to her husband that she doesn’t have dementia.

Meanwhile, Heung Su meets a friend at his work place.  But the way he seems so enthusiastic about her seems to imply that Heung Su had a crush on this lady.  In the middle of small talk, Heung Su finds out that the lady had a divorce.  In the middle, she gets a call from the friend, who she was supposed to meet and runs out dropping a pamphlet about washing machines.


At night, Mrs. Han sneaks out of bed to write in her journal about how she messed up and really hope that her children do not have to cry because of her.

In her room, Areum isn’t really focusing on her mother’s mistake as she tears up at the cold shoulder that Philip gave her…

Soo Ah happily and confidently walks to work only to hear that Yoon Yi has resigned.  When Soo Ah calls, Yoon Yi even ignores her call.


Immediately, Soo Ah runs to Seungwoon’s room to rummage through Seungwoon’s documents.  Always on Seungwoon’s side, Secretary Jang interrupts Soo Ah’s search.

At the same time, Seungwoon drops by to see his father, who tells his son not to think too badly of Soo Ah.  If she hadn’t considered him family, she wouldn’t have reinstated him as the vice president.  Seungwoon heads over to the family house next.

Kid has his head straight on his shoulders.  Reviewing the place, he finds the piece of paper on the ground near the fireplace.  He also notices the traffic camera on the road to the family house and goes straight to the police.

Calling in a family friend’s favor, he gets the detective to send her a short video clip of Soo Ah driving past the camera.


Returning home, Seungwoon confronts Soo Ah with the usb with the documents that prove Mr. Chun’s innocence.  When she continues to deny it, he pulls out the paper that he picked up and mentions the traffic video footage.

Soo Ah responds that someone must be framing her.  They decide to go to the police together.  When Soo Ah tries to get in a different car, Seungwoon refuses.  They get into the same car, but Soo Ah starts showing her nerves as she turns on the radio…

Seungwoon notices that Soo Ah seems abnormally nervous, but before he knows it, Soo Ah runs a red light and heads straight into traffic.


This episode was a quick watch with several plot lines moving forward.  However, it did seem a little clunky that Seungwoon all of a sudden became so good at life.  Sure, he got a little help through the usb from Yoon Yi (Areum).  Yet, how is it that he not only finds the paper on the living room floor, spots the traffic camera, and gets a clear footage of Soo Ah driving her car on that road that night?  It was like Lady Luck had fallen for him and was giving him all of his wishes in one day.

Since it is a daily drama, I’m not going to complain too much as I do appreciate that the plot is moving along.

On a second note, I was completely surprised by Soo Ah’s random suicide tactic toward the end.  I didn’t expect her to fall so easily and so crazily.  Her character is one that could have had so much depth as the evil character that we all hate so much.  With her falling so easily in this episode, it feels like rather than a drama evil character, she was more of a scarecrow.

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