Love & Secret – E71

Mr. Chun takes the high road and starts to clean up the mess that he created.  He decides to cover up Soo Ah’s scheme and asks Seungwoon to do the same.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Han’s dementia continues to worsen and become more obvious.


We begin the episode with Philip declaring that he will make Areum’s life miserable.

At the Chun residence, Mr. Chun broods in bed and Seungho cries for his mother.  He even declares that he will not eat until his mother returns.  Additionally, Soo Ah’s mother reams into Mr. Chun for being an apathetic husband when his wife has disappeared.


At this point Seungwoon rushes in with the news that they found Soo Ah because she used her credit card.  Soo Ah is in the middle of waking up with a hangover and no alcohol to cover up the  pain.  Mr. Chun pretends that nothing has happened and asks how the wife of the owner of Winner’s Group could be hiding and drinking away.


Finally, Soo Ah crumbles.  She falls to her knees and begs for forgiveness.  She explains that she was afraid that Mr. Chun would kick her out some day. Mr. Chun leaves and Soo Ah to Seungwoon as she cries that she didn’t mean to do it.

Seungwoon responds that if Soo Ah really cared for Seungho, she wouldn’t have framed his father.  Still on her knees, Soo Ah responds that she was going to get Mr. Chun out eventually…She also adds that she didn’t hate Seungwoon…She was just hurt that he always pushed her away even though she tried so hard and he is misunderstanding the circumstances behind his mother’s death.

Seungwoon and Mr. Chun bring Soo Ah home before leaving for work.  In the car, Mr. Chun tells his son that he wants to let it go; he loves Soo Ah and asks Seungwoon to do the same.


At the Chun residence, the group has breakfast together.  The atmosphere is cheery as the children comment on how well the parents are getting along.  Additionally, Areum announces to the family that she’s gotten back with Philip.  Jinwoo and Mr. Han seem uncomfortable at this news, but Mrs. Han seems ecstatic.

Mr. Han asks if Areum truly thought this through and Jinwoo decides to leave breakfast.  Mr. Chun is unable to say anything because Mrs. Han loves the news so much.


The kiddies get back together as Seungho asks Heungmin for help on what to make his mother feel better.Heung Min’s great idea is to buy his mother underwear.  Everyone watches in amusement as Seungho looks uncomfortable but Heung Min has no idea.

At Songcheol’s house, Yoojin starts seeing that she has to face the music.  Cheolgu starts asking why Yoojin doesn’t seem to show or have emotional changes… He also offers to go to the doctor with her.  Yoojin becomes noncommittal as Cheolgu expands on his plans.


Meanwhile, Songcheol calls Yoojin out to confront her about the letter.  Directly asked, Yoojin quickly confirms that Songcheol is her father.  She also tells Songcheol that her mother passed away.

Yoojin explains that her mother found out about her after Songcheol became a singer.  So she raised Yoojin alone.  Songcheol starts crying that he didn’t recognize her sooner and for her suffering.


Philip reads the news and gets his mood soured before calling Areum out for a new dress so that she can join him at a business dinner.  After dress shopping, the two grab lunch together.  Philip asks whether Areum has told her parents and whether Seungwoon hasn’t said anything making Areum feel uncomfortable.

At the same time, Secretary Jang reports that there was no record tying Philip to the embezzled funds.  Getting the records of the funds, Seungwoon finds out that the funds were transferred by Suzy Lee.  He instructs Secretary Jang into looking into Suzy Lee.

Secretary Jang reminds Seungwoon about the upcoming dinner and also gives Seungwoon a good luck charm.  [Secretary Jang is so cute!]


At home, Mr. Han practices simple memory exercises with Mrs. Han and gets interrupted by Jinwoo.  He asks if his mother is fine and his father waves it off.

Jinwoo goes to his sister and asks about his mother…The two worry about getting their mother some medical attention…


The conversation changes to Philip and Jinwoo quietly yells at his sister for letting go of a man, whom she actually loved.  He reminds her that love may change, but a person does not…Telling her that finding a good person is difficult, he tells her that he doesn’t understand her.

Feeling frustrated, Areum kicks Jinwoo out.  Meanwhile, Seungwoon broods about Areum.


In the morning, Mrs. Han happily wakes up Jinwoo with his uniform.  Putting things together, Jinwoo runs into his sisters room to find it empty.  About to cry, he storms into his father’s room and demands to know why his mother is asking him about high school.

Mr. Han quietly tells his son to be quiet as her mother is unwell.  Being a medical student, Jinwoo asks if his mother has dementia and his father confirms.  At this point, Mrs. Han happily interrupts to ask why they are talking about dementia.


I actually don’t know if I believe Soo Ah has turned a new leaf.  I can believe that there was some truth in her confession…However, has she given up? Who knows?  She does seem like the type that would say anything to save herself.

On the other hand, I was really proud of Mr. Chun for declaring to Seungwoon that he loves Soo Ah.  He did take a very young, smart, and pretty woman to be his second wife.  He then went off and allowed his son to disrespect such a woman even though that woman tried her best to become the older step son’s new mom.  If he didn’t realize that his new wife (in addition to his son and company) needed his attention, he needed to wake up from his fantasy.  After all, he married a wife, not a secretary/maid.

Overall, this episode was a slower one that set the stage for the conflicts to come in the next episode with Jinwoo finding out and the business dinner, which Seungwoon and Areum are both attending.

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