Love & Secret – E72

Jinwoo comes to terms with his mother’s conditions and Seungwoon realizes that Areum is playing the noble idiot.


In this episode, Jinwoo barges into the room to demand why his mother is preparing him for his high school exams.  Mr. Han tries to quietly tell his son that his mother is sick and the medical student asks if his mother has dementia.

Mrs. Han comes in to ask why her son is annoyed at her.  Mr. Han quickly dismisses Jinwoo to speak with Mrs. Han alone.  Thinking that Jinwoo left because of her, Mrs. Han gets mad because she feels bad for her poor son, who is studying all night long and yells at her husband for taking away Jinwoo’s guitar.  Mr. Han indulges her, but then Mrs. Han suddenly goes mum.


Realizing that she changed, Mr. Han offers her medicine.  All of a sudden, Mrs. Han refuses to take the pills thinking that it’s poison.

In his room, Jinwoo sobs thinking about his mother until his father comes in.  At this point, Mr. Han asks Jinwoo to pretend that he doesn’t know in front of his mother and keep it a secret from Areum, whom he will tell when the time is right.  Tearfully, Jinwoo asks if his mother will get better and Mr. Han responds that they will all try their best.

The meeting is cut short when Areum comes home.  She seems to be the only happy and oblivious member of the family as she asks for her mother.  Mr. Han explains that Mrs. Han couldn’t sleep well and is still sleeping.  Not thinking too much into it, Areum quickly volunteers to prepare lunch.


In the Chun residence, Soo Ah helps Mr. Han get ready.  He tells Soo Ah that he got rid of all of Soo Ah’s cards and left a credit card with her mother.  He tells her to focus on the home for the time being.  Eavesdropping, Soo Ah’s mother wonders why her daughter is being so docile.

Seungwoon drops by to pick up his father and asks his father to wait in the car first.  He tells Soo Ah that he won’t forget anything.  When Soo Ah asks what she can do for Seungwoon to forgive her, he responds that he wants to hear everything that happened the night that his mother passed away and Soo Ah’s expression freezes.

After the two leave, Soo Ah’s mother asks her why she’s being so subservient to Mr. Chun.  In answer, Soo Ah pretends that she fought about Seungho’s studying abroad.  Being the practical mother, Soo Ah’s mother advises Soo Ah to give Seungho a sibling…that would calm Mr. Chun down and Soo Ah wouldn’t have to obsess about Seungho.

Meanwhile, Jiwoo finds Jinwoo studying at the library. When she offers lunch of organic food, Jinwoo sadly murmurs that his mother also loved organic food before deciding to leave early.  Left alone, Jiwoo wonders if something happened to Mrs. Han.


At Songcheol’s house, Songcheol starts beating Cheolgu with a broom to break up.  Yoojin has to run out to stop the mess.  It’s during this depression that Heungsu tries to sell a water filter to Cheolgu, who blows up on him.

Wondering how he could sell a filter so that he can contact his friend, Heungsu broods until Heung Min comes in to say that he’s hungry.  After Heungsu leaves to cook, Heung Min worries that his father cannot go off another hair-brained idea.


At the same time, Areum wonders about the hair pin that Seungwoon gave her.  She thinks for a couple minutes before trashing it.

Meeting Philip, she accompanies him into the dinner event.  Still in his revenge mode, Philip hears that she is nervous and leaves her to go network.


It’s during this time that Areum drops her jacket, to have Seungwoon pick it up for her.  She takes it and leaves with Philip watching.

During the dinner, Seungwoon watches Philip introduce Areum to other business men.  However, fortune is on Seungwoon’s side as Haowu’s CEO is also in attendance.  [DRAMAFEED – Haowu is the company that Seungwoon has been trying to woo over.]


Haowu’s CEO introduces Seungwoon to the dinner’s host.  The atmosphere gets awkward when the host asks why Seungwoon came alone and Philip puts an arm around Areum.

Areum ends up having to go to the bathroom just as Seungwoon is leaving…When he tries to talk to her, she walks past without another word.  [DRAMAFEED – Wow, it’s been a while, but she looks really pretty with her makeup and hair this way!]


When Areum comes back, Seungwoon is picking things up from the floor.  Right at that moment, two waiters carry a large ice sculpture and run into a table full of glasses.  Seeing it all happen, Areum pushes Seungwoon over and falls on top of him, shielding him from the fall-out.

Seeing all this, Philip angrily takes Areum and leaves.  In the car ride, he tells her that she shouldn’t have shown her lingering feelings in front of him and Areum apologizes.

At his place, Seungwoon mutters to himself that Areum should have hidden her feelings better.


Next, we see Jinwoo watching over his mother sleep.  He stops by Areum’s room to ask if she has to go to the United States.  When Areum responds that she wants to leave Korea, Jinwoo asks her to stay for the parents.

Areum responds that her parents must want her to leave as well.  Jinwoo angrily tells her that if she leaves, he won’t see her again before leaving.

In the morning, Mr. Han meets with Philip and asks the same question about whether they have to leave Korea.  Philip confirms and Mr. Han backs off.


At the same time, Jinwoo sits next to his mother and wonders back on all of the times he thought that his mother was acting weirdly, which now make sense.  Tearing up, he caresses his mother’s cheek only to have her wake up to see his red eyes.

Mrs. Han asks why he’s crying and Jinwoo cries that he’s so sorry.  Mrs. Han responds that he shouldn’t be sorry.  She’s sorry, she must have said something weird.  Jinwoo just replies that she should have told him sooner and Mrs. Han smiles that he must know.

Crying, Jinwoo promises that he will fix her and Mrs. Han tells him that it’s all okay.

At Winner’s Group, Seungwoon and Mr. Chun worry about the state of their sales.  Carefully, Mr. Chun mentions that Areum seems to be meeting someone else and asks if Seungwoon is also seeing someone.  Calmly, Seungwoon asks for some more time to finish up with the company issues.


Sitting at his desk, Seungwoon looks at a design that Areum left behind and reflects on the last night’s incident.  Secretary Jang interrupts this serious reverie to exclaim that Suzy Lee is Philip’s ex-wife.  Seungwoon immediately calls Suzy to ask about Philip.  Hearing Philip’s name, Suzy proposes to meet in person as she’s in Korea.


This was another slower episode that followed the slice of life pace of the beginning of this drama.  In other words, this episode let the dust settle from the last episode.  After watching it, I just feel slightly bitter sweet.  I am actually glad that the writers are letting each member of the family find out about Mrs. Han’s condition separately.  This way, we can see how the revelation affects each person.  Jinwoo finding out was pretty emotional and they drafted it well.  Here I was eating my mini cupcake and I completely teared up during chewing when Jinwoo promised to save his mother and she just smiled in that knowing way that parents do…

Gah, the scene still makes me sad.

Another thing that I really liked about this episode was how Areum went from being a useless female lead to bending the normal stereotype.  Generally, in Korean dramas, the female lead is taken to a swanky party only to be saved by the male lead.  Here, I thought something similar would happen when Areum confessed that she felt uncomfortable in such a setting and was left alone by Philip.  However, it was refreshing to see Seungwoon being in danger of being awkwardly harmed by falling projectiles and Areum running to save him.  Sure, she didn’t grab his hand and lead him out.  Instead, she fell with him and buffered him from the falling wine glasses.  It was enough in my mind that she saved him from harm and individual embarrassment.  In a way, that short scene seemed to perfectly embody where many young people of our generation are.  There are no more prince charmings.  Rather, the muddling prince-to-bes and young queen-to-bes do their best to help each other out – even if it means just being able to push one another from direct harm’s way and suffering the resulting humiliation together 🙂  Well written and directed!

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