Love & Secret – E74

Life goes on as Areum deals with her mother’s deteriorating condition and Soo Ah resigns herself to the normal life of average people


Finally realizing what her mother has been going through, Areum also begins to reflect on herself.  She checks on her mother, but quietly leaves.  In the morning, she gets ups early to prepare breakfast.


Mrs. Han interrupts to compliment her daughter that she’s ready to get married now.  Mrs. Han tries to help her daughter prepare the food, but her hands don’t seem to work the way she want them to.  Seeing her mom’s hands shake, Areum smiles and tells her mom that she will take care of breakfast.

Crying, Areum asks her mom if she should stay in Korea instead of going abroad.  She even ends up asking her mom if she doesn’t hating her.  Of course her mom doesn’t know why her daughter is asking this and just responds that she is happy that her daughter has grown up so well.

Mr. Han comes out and Areum tells her mom to go in as she will take care of breakfast.  When Mrs. Han leaves the kitchen, Areum also asks her father to accompany them to the hospital.

On the ride to the hospital, it is clear that Mrs. Han’s condition is worsening.  She happily muses that it’s been a while since the family has gone on an outing together and wonders where they are going.


Once at the hospital, it gets even more clear.  Mrs. Han actually seems happy with the therapy class as Mr. Han and Areum watch silently from outside.  At one point, the ladies line up in a train formation and the doctors ask where they should go…Mrs. Han responds that she wants to go to the United States, where her daughter is studying…

Seungwoon gives his report to a proud daddy.  Of course, Mr. Chun warns him not to trigger Philip again.

Feelings make it easy to manipulate people and Suzy shows us that her weakness is Philip.  She meets with him in a coffee shop and all Philip wants to know is what Seungwoon is planning.


Instead of answering, Suzy asks if he was ever sincere while he was with her. [DRAMAFEED – she looks much prettier with her hair pulled back…]  She clarifies to ask if she was only a means to a financial end with her…

Philip doesn’t seem to realize the situation he’s in.  He just answers with a question and asks why that is even important.  He tells her that even if he were sincere, it wouldn’t change a thing.

With Philip’s cold treatment, Suzy’s resolve strengthens.  She calls Seungwoon and hands over the usb.


Our poor naive Seungwoon doesn’t realize that he’s working with someone, who is confused about her own feelings.  He tells her his possible plans and you can see Suzy seems uncomfortable by the fact that this may get Philip in trouble with the law.

Not an idiot, Philip calls his secretary to start cleaning up his mess and rush his flight to the United States.

Meanwhile, at the Han residence, Areum looks up ways that she could help her mom online.  She ends up calling Philip to meet.

Seungwoon loses sight of the goal as he broods about how Philip messed up his family.  When Secretary Jang offers to take the usb to the police, Seungwoon answers that it’s too early and walks off with it.


Areum asks Philip if they could delay leaving the country.  Philip guesses that Mrs. Han has Alzheimer’s.  Then instead of consoling Areum, he just tells her that her life is separate from her parents’ lives.  Taking his own life as an example, he mentions how his father is in the end stages of cancer, but he cannot always stay in the hospital with him.  Continuing to talk to a shocked Areum, he asks her for her bank account information and informs her that he will handle their finances.

Areum walks home comparing Seungwoon with Philip.

At the same time, Philip calls someone to meet about a favor and instructs his secretary to move all of the funds from the other account into Areum’s account.


Yoonjin has to face the music when Cheolgu takes her to the hospital.  He’s excited as they need to take care of the baby from the beginning.  Yoojin tries to pretend that she has stomach problems and that just makes him drag her into the hospital.

Panicking, Yoojin runs into the bathroom.  She finds an ultrasound on the counter and takes it.  Afterwards, Yoojin gives it to Cheolgu and lies that it’s their baby.  Cheolgu actually believes her until the actual mother comes back and takes the ultrasound.

Yoojin finally confesses that she’s not pregnant.


Meanwhile, Soo Ah has to tell another parent that she cannot attend this month’s parent meeting because she’s accompanying her husband on a trip abroad.  Feeling bored, she ends up going to the sauna with her mom and Seungho.

However, Soo Ah refuses to go into the the hot-sweat rooms.  She drinks some rice drink before going to lay down.


When Soo Ah closes her eyes to sleep, her neighbor ends up spilling Soo Ah’s rice drink.  This trigger’s Soo Ah’s horrible temper and a fight ensues.  The fight actually looks like it’s going to get physical when Heung Min arrives and recognizes Soo Ah.  Within a minute, Seungho and his grandmother arrive as well…leaving two awkward mothers weakly acknowledging each other.

At the same time, Mr. Chun visits the doctor.  However, he’s not really cooperative and just asks for some medicine.


Later, Areum tries to give her mom some black beans, which are good for her health.  When her mom refuses, Areum yells at her mom in frustration and Jinwoo runs out.  He takes their mom to watch television instead.


Philip contacts his person and agrees to meet up.  However, Seungwoon shows up at the restaurant instead.  Throwing an envelope on the table, Seungwoon tells Philip that the evidence of Philip’s wrongdoings are in the envelope.


In real life, emotions (and love) are responsible for decency in human beings.  However, in dramas, sometimes emotions make me cringe with worry.  For example, this episode has me completely worried about Seungwoon.

First, he’s too complacent now that he has the upper hand. He doesn’t remember that a battle isn’t over until the battle is actually over, regardless of who has the advantage.  He made the mistake of not really checking out Suzy’s relationship with Philip or investigating her further before deciding that she would be an ally and not a foe.  His second mistake was when he didn’t use time to his advantage and hand over the evidence immediately.

Suzy is another example of emotions getting in the way within a drama.  It’s clear that whether Philip loves Areum or not, he is obsessed with her.  On the other hand, she finally has the ability to get revenge on Philip for using her.  Yet, she is clearly faltering and having second thoughts.

This definitely does not bode well for Seungwoon at all 🙁

On a character level…Even though I understand him, I hated Philip in this episode.  It’s one thing to run away from facing the reality of your own father’s illness.  Then it’s a completely separate thing to make it difficult for another person to be there and support her family, when she’s brave enough to try to stay.  This dude has his comeuppance coming and not too soon.

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