Love & Secret – E76

Areum realizes that Philip used her and lied to her again and dumps him.  Losing his obsession, Philip changes his goal from keeping Areum to making her life miserable.


When Areum arrives at home, Mr. Han asks her if she knew that Philip was under investigation for framing Mr. Chun.  Areum responds that she had no idea and promises to look into.


When she gets into her room, she realizes that the sudden large withdraw was also suspicious.

At the same time, Philip wonders why someone is not picking up.  A secretary comes into let him know that he needs to go into Winner’s to take care of some paperwork.


Areum also stops by the office to speak with Seungwoon. [DRAMAFEED – OMG not only is her hair better, but her stylist has learned! Areum actually looks good in the soft colors.  The coat and sweater dress also looks really good.]

Seungwoon asks if there would be an issue since Philip asked to use her account.

Philip interrupts at this point to ask if Areum was meeting Seungwoon behind his back.  Immediately, Seungwoon asks if Philip had used Areum’s account and Philip confirms that he wasn’t about to lose everything.

This triggers chaos as Areum yells at Philip for using her again and Seungwoon punches Philip for the same reason.  Grabbing Philip by his collar, Seungwoon snarls at Philip to never appear in front of Areum again.

Philip laughs that if Seungwoon still wants his girl, he can have her.  Not willing to stand by as Philip disrespect Areum, Seungwoon lands another punch before Areum calls him off.  Tearing up, Areum explains to Philip that they’re over.  She explains that she had returned to Philip twice, once because of her parents and once because she felt guilty that she was causing him to become a horrible person.  However, she adds that she just realized that it was never her fault.  He was just inherently a bad person.

In return, Philip smirks that Areum thinks that she can leave him when he’s the father of Tiffany.  Still holding in her tears, Areum tells him to never mention Tiffany again.

Having let Areum say everything she needs, Seungwoon drags her out of the room from the toxic idiot.

Surprisingly, Areum has calmed down.  When Seungwoon offers to buy her something warm, Areum calls Seungwoon by his title, Vice President.  She levelly tells him that she thinks the right thing has happened for all three of them; they should all go their respective paths.

At home, Mrs. Han brags to Mr. Han about the bag that Philip bought her and even asks Areum if wedding planning is going well.  When Areum pauses, Mr. Han dismisses her.


Following her into the room, Mr. Han asks if what Mr. Chun said was the truth.  Areum apologizes that it was the truth and Mr. Han blows up.  He tells her that he never approved of Philip and cannot believe that Philip’s desire to go to the United States was to run from the law.  However, ever the wise parent, Mr. Chun eventually calms down and tells his daughter that she did the right thing and she was lucky to find out now before they got married before leaving like an exhausted father.


At the Chun residence, Soo Ah yells at Seungho for his mistake.  Seungho complains that his father told him to go out and play.  In response, Soo Ah mutters that there would be no children who are not attending after school academy.

Seungho perks up at this and mentions that Heung Min doesn’t go to after school academy.  At first, Soo Ah doesn’t believe this until her mother explains that Heung Min probably cannot afford either academy or private tutoring.  Yet, he still manages to get first place on every exam.

Hearing that Heung Min gets first place on every exam, Soo Ah approves of Seungho studying with Heung Min.  Seungho asks if they can study at Heung Min’s place as there’s always people around and it’s more fun in general.  Realizing that Songcheol also lives with Heung Min, Soo Ah’s mother also supports the idea and gets Soo Ah’s approval, with the caveat that Seungho will find out how Heung Min studies and copy him.


They go to Heung Min’s place and Soo Ah’s mother acts coldly toward Songcheol until Soo Ah’s mother overhears Songcheol have a conversation with Yoojin.  The two end up having drinks and Soo Ah’s mother encourages Songcheol to let Yoojin see Cheolgu.

In the afternoon, Jinwoo goes to eat at the Korean barbecue place.  Nonchalantly, Jinwoo invites Sunhwa over to meet his mother when she can.


When Jiwoo arrives, she brings along a guitar.  She explains that it’s a present for his mother since she loved listening to Jiwoo play the guitar.  She also proposes that they eat quickly so that they can go home sooner.

At the same time, Philip gets drunk while replaying the scene with Areum and Seungwoon in his mind.  Jackie arrives to console his friend and wonders how it ended up this way.  He tries to help Philip by suggesting that Philip goes to the United States with Areum.


Philip laughs that Areum made him this way.  Yet, she went to tell on him and his $500,000.00 emergency fund to Seungwoon.  He even adds that after paying all of the financial penalties that came with the settlement, he won’t have anything left. Seeing that Philip is in a bitter mood, Jackie tries to comfort Philip by telling him that with his skills, Philip will easily be able to make the money again.

However, Philip refuses to be comforted and declares that money is no longer important.  He wants to follow Areum and Seungwoon to the end of the earth and make their lives miserable.  He asks Jackie for a referral to a divorce attorney.

Ever the good friend, Jackie tries to reason with him.  The biological mother is raising Tiffany and Philip just got out of a police investigation with debt.  There is a high chance of the courts siding with Areum on this one.

As usual, Philip responds with outrage. He’s the father! He should have a case!

Jackie apologizes but the circumstances are not on his side.  Philip refuses to accept this and declares that he will never let Seungwoon raise his child.

Meanwhile, Seungwoon loses his appetite by reflecting on Areum’s farewell.

In her room, Areum also worries about how Philip disrespected her by “giving her” to Seungwoon and promising to take revenge.  She shakes her head that she would never give Tiffany to Philip.

In the morning, Seungwoon reports to Mr. Chun and Mr. Chun asks Seungwoon to come back to the main house.  If Seungwoon is not ready to get married, he might as well come back in.  He also asks about seeing Seungwoon with Mrs. Han the other day and warns Seungwoon not to get back together with Areum.


Afterwards, Mr. Han calls Seungwoon over to his house.  Seungwoon agrees to come over and brings over a bouquet of flowers.

Mr. Han asks Seungwoon about Philip’s investigation and asks if the incident involved Areum.  In response, Seungwoon responds that none of it was Areum’s fault.  He even explains that it was all his fault.  He liked Areum a lot. As a result, Areum got hurt… He notes that he wishes he could take responsibility.  Hearing these words, Mr. Han tears up.


Worried, Areum meets with her lawyer to ask about what she could do to protect her custody rights over Tiffany.  Her attorney tells her that there is nothing more to do at this point since Philip has not instigated a custody battle.  Rather, if Areum can, she should try to get a declaration from Philip stating that he waives his parental rights.


At the same time, Philip meets his lawyer and asks about the same thing.  However, his attorney informs him that he cannot win this battle at this point.  It doesn’t matter if Areum is living with her mother, who has dementia.  Since Areum quit work to take care of Tiffany, the court would likely find that Areum is suited to raising her child.

Philip pulls the money card and offers to pay any amount to gain sole custody over Tiffany.  The unscrupulous lawyer notes that if Tiffany were to get hurt or kidnapped, the story would change.


Well now, Philip has completely lost it.  I kind of expected it, but I wasn’t really happy to see it happen.  The scene where Philip walks in on Seungwoon and Areum discussing her possible involvement by withdrawing the cash that Philip wanted seemed a bit forced.  I understand that the writers were trying to aim for a reason to make Philip’s sudden obsession over Tiffany and revenge seem organic.  However, they failed as it just seemed like a scene from a comic or anime.  It had all of the effects of Seungwoon fighting for Areum’s honor and Areum being able to speak for herself.  The only problem was that it felt hollow at the end because the reason for Philip freaking out was weak.



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