Love & Secret – E77

Unrest continues to grow as Philip finds himself unable to give up on Areum or Tiffany. At the same time, Soo Ah finds out that Mr. Chun is writing her out of his will.


Philip sees Areum as she leaves her lawyer’s office.  He puts does his psychological attack, where he tells Areum that he was told good news from his attorney.  He tells her that she might lose Tiffany because she left Tiffany in the care of a dangerous dementia patient.


Clenching her fist, Areum smiles that she was told she doesn’t have to worry about losing Tiffany to a horrible person like him.

Philip smiles and asks Areum to meet at a cafe to discuss the issues further since they will have to talk sooner or later.  While Areum’s first instinct is to decline, she remembers the suggestion from her lawyer about getting a declaration from Philip stating that he’s giving up his parental rights.

At the coffee shop, Philip asks Areum to watch over Tiffany until he can conclude his current divorce.  In response, Areum asks Philip to give up his parental rights.

Philip asks why he would do such a thing.  Areum just answers honestly that he doesn’t have a right to be Tiffany’s father.  In response, Philip changes the topic and asks to see Tiffany.


At the Han residence, Mrs. Han comes out from sleeping.  She sees Seungwoon and thanks him for saving her.  Seungwoon greets Mrs. Han graciously.  When Mr. Han gives her the flowers, Mrs. Han smells them and expresses her joy.

Mrs. Han expresses her desire to also walk Seungwoon down and also stop by the grocery store.  As they step outside, Philip and Areum arrive to Mrs. Han’s joy.   Mrs. Han runs to Philip happily and grabs his hand asking him why he hasn’t been around these days.  Without waiting for an answer, she introduces Philip to Seungwoon as the man, who’s going to marry Areum.


Only Philip seems happy about the situation as both Areum and Mr. Han silently watch this exchange.  When Mrs. Han pauses for a breath, Mr. Han quickly notes that he’s changed his mind and they will go to the grocery store another day.  Areum also follows in suit and tells Philip to see Tiffany on another day.

When the family leaves, Seungwoon comments to Philip that he shouldn’t try to use a sick woman to his own gain.  Pretending not to understand, Philip just replies that Seungwoon is busy already dropping by the family’s place.  He emphasizes that he is connected with Areum, Tiffany and Mrs. Han, so Seungwoon should back off instead.

Inside the apartment, Mr. Han asks Areum if she liked Seungwoon, which she denies immediately.  Instead, she offers to take care of her mother allowing her father to get back to work or continue preparing his book.


At Songcheol’s house, Cheolgu broods about the fact that Yoojin isn’t even pregnant.  He wonders why he’s developed feelings for her and goes to her room.  Telling her to get up, he tells Yoojin that she has to pretend she’s pregnant from now on.

Then he stuffs a pillow under Yoojin’s sweater before dragging her to Songcheol’s bar.  There, he begs Songcheol for his approval as they want to get married since Yoojin’s pregnant.  Seeing Yoojin’s fake pregnant belly, Songcheol grabs Cheolgu’s shirt and shouts that he’s going to kill him and die after.

At the Chun residence, Mr. Chun and Soo Ah have an amicable conversation.  He reminds her not to forget that she needs to go the single mother meeting on the weekend, compliments her on her outfit and leaves.

At work, Jiwoo asks Seungwoon to meet with Jiwoo and her when he has time.


Meanwhile, Areum plays with Mrs. Han and then tucks her in when she gets tired.  Afterwards, she worries about Philip’s threat to sue for custody again.

In the parallel space of Philips apartment, he cannot accept that he doesn’t have custody rights.  He gets up in anger and calls Mrs. Han, who doesn’t pick up because she’s distracted by Jinwoo.


Jinwoo calls his mother out to play the guitar for her.  Even Mr. Han and Areum joins.  It’s a sweet scene with Mrs. Han happily gazing on her son as tears lurk in her eyes.

At the same time, the Chun family has dinner together.  Mr. Chun tries to fan the flame by asking Seungho if he would be happy with Seungwoon joining.  Seungwoon tells his father that he shouldn’t give his brother fake hope.


Mr. Chun sends Soo Ah out with Seungho to buy some pastries.  Not to be left out, Soo Ah asks Seungho to buy the pastries himself and sneaks in to listen in on the conversation.  She’s able to hear that Mr. Chun met with his lawyer to revise his will.  Mr. Chun even adds that with the exception of a couple of properties, he’s transferred everything to Seungwoon’s name.  He explains that after this recent episode, he knows that Soo Ah isn’t trustworthy.

Hearing this, Soo Ah quickly leaves as she fumes that Mr. Chun pretended to forgive her when he was planning to betray her.  What she doesn’t hear is Seungwoon ask about Seungho and Mr. Chun instructing Seungwoon to take care of Seungho’s interests.

Meanwhile, Philip tries unsuccessfully to sleep and even finds his sleeping pills empty.

At the Han residence, Mr. Han takes Mrs. Han to the hospital.

Philip also meets with his doctor, who notes that it’s early for him to have run out of his sleeping pills.  Philip explains that he couldn’t sleep with just one pill and had to take two.  Noting that this would be dangerous, the doctor offers to change his prescription.


On the way to class, Mr. Han has to go to the restroom and asks a nearby nurse to watch Mrs. Han.  However, while Mr. Han is in the bathroom Philip walks by.  Mrs. Han exclaims in happiness to see Philip and he offers to take her out for coffee.  When the nurse asks if she knows Philip, Mrs. Han answers that he’s her son in law.  As a result, the nurse lets the two leave for coffee.

At the coffee shop, Philip asks Mrs. Han to cook for him when she mentions that she wants to stop by in the future to cook and clean for him.  Before they leave, she stops by the bathroom during which time Mr. Han calls and Philip knowingly turns Mrs. Han’s cell phone off.


At Philip’s place, Mrs. Han happily cleans Philip’s apartment while the whole family looks for her in a panic.


I cannot believe Mr. Chun.  Is he a fudging idiot?!  Or is he just slightly sociopathic?  He married this woman and lived with her for over a decade.  We can give him the benefit of the doubt for making her lonely the first time around, but he should have realized from the last episode that Soo Ah has been hurt by him and she’s the mother of his child.  While I understand that he doesn’t feel like he can trust her, he should still have left Soo Ah and Seungho in his will. Soo Ah still lived with him for over a decade and lived basically like she was his maid.  It’s only fair that he provides for her in case something happens to him.

Additionally, it’s unthinkable that he would even write Seungho out of his will just because Soo Ah is untrustworthy.  He could always make a trust for Seungho and name Seungho’s grandmother as the trustee.  There are several ways around insulating Seungho, which his attorney presumably told him about!

At this point, I think Mr. Chun deserves whatever Soo Ah is planning as long as it doesn’t affect Seungwoon.  This guy is a bit of a chauvinist and I don’t know how Seungwoon turned out so well under this guy’s parenting!

As for Philip…I’m not even going to waste my time typing about him as what he’s doing in this episode and likely the next episode is despicable.

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