Love & Secret – E79

The eye before the storm occurs in this episode as Mrs. Han finally tells Areum, through a substitute, that her illness is not Areum’s fault.  Areum gets this closure while Seungwoon stands by her side like a firm pillar of support.  Yet, the pressure continues to build on Philip and he begins to shift his obsession from Areum to Tiffany.


Philip calls Mrs. Han, who picks up his phone in secret.  Even after the fiasco, Philip pretends to innocently want to see Mrs. Han and Tiffany.  Mrs. Han responds that Mr. Han and Areum doesn’t want her to see Philip and hangs up as Areum comes back in the room.

In the morning, Areum prepares breakfast when Mr. Han brings Tiffany over and asks if Areum could take Mrs. Han to the hospital.  Areum agrees and ask if Mr. Han will be busy.  Mr. Han responds that he has to go meet with the publishers about his book, but Areum can get Jinwoo to watch over Mrs. Han after the hospital visit.


Mr. Han returns to the room to find that Mrs. Han is stressed about her makeup.  He has difficulty in applying lipstick on Mrs. Han and they end up playing around with her makeup.

Meanwhile, Jiwoo calls Areum to hang out and Areum tells her that she cannot because she’s taking her mom to the hospital.  Seungwoon walks by at that moment and hears this.  Right away, he leaves for Areum’s house so that he’s waiting when Areum and Mrs. Han walk out.


In the car, Seungwoon asks about going to the shoe store together to buy sandals.  However, Mrs. Han doesn’t remember asking for white sandals and asks for leather boots instead.  When Areum looks a bit shaken that her mother has gone into her memories, Seungwoon changes the topic to a word game.


Areum proposes that they play the game where you use the last syllable to create a new word.  Except, Mrs. Han has no idea that the words that she suggests do not follow the rules.  Seungwoon indulges Mrs. Han, while Areum somberly stares out the window.


At the same time, Philip gets a call from one of his companies that puts pressure on Philip.  Afterwards, Philip goes to a business meal.  An awkward moment occurs when all of Philip’s cards do not work.


Areum and Seungwoon watch in on Mrs. Han’s therapy session.  The session is about the patients talking about what they wanted to say to their family members.  Mrs. Han ends up talking to “Areum.”  “Areum” apologizes for making Mrs. Han worry and stress until she got sick.  In return, Mrs. Han tells her “daughter” that she wanted to tell her daughter that she wishes that her daughter had called her when she was pregnant…She cannot get over the fact that Areum had to go through all of that alone.

Areum starts to cry when Mrs. Han answers.  Unable to hold it anymore, Areum gets up and apologizes to her mom.  Mrs. Han turns to Areum and asks her who she is…when her daughter “Areum” is sitting in front of her.


At Sunhwa’s pizza shop, Heung Min helps out his mother by taking orders.  Sunhwa lovingly looks at Heung Min, who asks her to forgive his father.

Meanwhile, Heungsu’s friend stops by the barbecue restaurant.  She asks if he got in trouble because of her.  She comments that Heungsu looks much skinnier and must have had it hard.  She starts to wipe off soot from Heungsu’s cheek.

At this point, Sunhwa and Heung Min come in to see Heungsu’s friend seemingly caress his cheek. Sunhwa immediately runs over and starts throwing water at both Heungsu and his friend, who leaves.  She also tells the boss to fire her husband or she will come and make a scene every day.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah’s mother tastes Soo Ah’s food and comments that all of the dishes lack flavor.  Soo Ah gets annoyed and tells her mother to eat something else as this is all for Mr. Chun’s lunch.

Mr. Chun meets with his lawyer and Seungwoon to confirm his will.  By chance, Soo Ah sees the lawyer as he walks out and suspects that the will has been changed.


Jackie stops by Philip’s apartment and tries to stop Philip from drinking himself senseless.  He tells Philip to ask his father for help.

Philip refuses to ask his father for help even if he fails.  He explains that his father abandoned him when he was five, to a couple that was unrelated to him and only checked in on him twice a week.  Sighing, Jackie pulls Philip up and drags him out of the apartment.

At the Han residence, Areum plays with her mother.  She stops in the middle to ask her mother, who she is.  She stops when she gets a call from Seungwoon, who tells Areum to bring Tiffany out to go shoe shopping.


At the shop, Areum watches as Seungwoon carries Tiffany around to look for a pair of shoes that would be comfortable and not fall off for Areum’s mom.  However, he gets distracted and brings a pair for Areum.

As fate would have it, Jackie and Philip sit in a restaurant eating when Seungwoon, Areum and Tiffany walk by.  Philip gets up, but Jackie holds him back saying that nothing good can happen with Philip running out at this point.


Help arrives for Philip as he gets a call from Suzy, who’s brought Philip’s father from the United States.


Philip’s background and trauma from his father explains a lot of his character’s commitment issues.  This episode did a good job of organically feeding us Philip’s shifted point of view.  What started out as making Areum’s life miserable has manifested into a clear goal of not losing Tiffany to Seungwoon in Philip’s mind.  Understandably, Philip’s mind made this logical jump as he felt pressure from all of his business facets turning away from him as his finances dwindled.  He lost control over how potential partners and current partners view him, but he feels like there should be something he could do about Tiffany.  As a result, he’s pretty much latched on.

On a side note, Seungwoon continues to win me over.  I don’t know how he does it, but he’s starting to give me the same fuzzy feelings I had for Jang Dong Gun in All About Eve.  I don’t know how his character can be so perfect to Tiffany and Areum’s mom.  I actually don’t even want to question it because through 80 episodes, Seungwoon has always been around Areum and I just want them to work out. X)

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