Love & Secret – E80

This episode focuses on Philip.  Philip’s father gives him an ultimatum that hits Philips values – marry Suzy and raise Tiffany as a normal family or give up his inheritance.


Suzy has not given up and has even brought reinforcement – Philip’s father.

Philip rushes to the hotel to ask why his father is in Korea.  His father complains that his daughter-in-law visited him more than his son did and orders that they both sit down.


Once he sits them down, he tells Philip to remarry Suzy and raise Tiffany together.  Philip refuses saying that the idea is ridiculous.  In response, his father tells him that if Philip doesn’t acquiesce his request, he will write Philip out of his will and give everything to Philip’s half-sibling.  However, he notes that he is willing to even proportion some of his assets for Tiffany if Philip would bring Tiffany back.


Philip takes Suzy to a cafe to ask what she’s planning.  She answers that she also wanted to protect her financial investment from marrying Philip.

Philip’s expression doesn’t change as he refutes this lie.  He asks if that was why she visited his father even after they separated.  Seeing that Philip isn’t convinced with her half-hearted lie, Suzy confesses that she knows she’s crazy but she still has feelings for Philip.  She explains that she had wondered if he would return to her when he falls to the ground with no where to go.  She gives him the proposition that he can use her.  They can get back together and bring back Tiffany.  As a result, Philip can have his revenge on Areum and get his part of his father’s inheritance.  [DRAMAFEED – Woa, everything that Yoon Yi couldn’t do…Suzy just did in one paragraph. O_O Suzy is definitely a good match for Philip, this girl can hold her own!]

Philip thinks about Suzy’s proposal and accepts.  However, he adds that this will only be until his father dies.  Suzy replies that she will think about it when the time comes.


Mrs. Han shows off her new sandals happily.  Watching Mrs. Han so happy, Mr. Han and Jinwoo ask Areum if she’s back together with Seungwoon.  Areum just confirms that she bought the shoes with Seungwoon, but there’s nothing between them.

Areum excuses herself to get the call from Seungwoon.  With his sister out of the room, Jinwoo notes that he thinks Seungwoon is Areum’s soul mate.  In response, Mr. Han just answers that it’s not just up to Areum and Seungwoon, so they should wait and see.

Seungwoon had called to see if Mrs. Han liked the shoes and updates Areum about how they are having a promotion sale about the latest designs.  He promises to sell all of Areum’s designs.


When Mr. Jang comes in, Seungwoon tells him that they should also go to the mall to help with the promotions.  When Secretary Jang seems to hesitate, Seungwoon piles on the compliments that Secretary Jang is so handsome that he needs to come and help the promotions.  Once they get to the mall, Seungwoon has a blast complimenting all the women so that they stop by and check out their company’s clothes.

Sunhwa angrily scarfs down her food before deciding that she wants to see her sister.  Sunhwa comments on Mr. Han’s appearance as he looks like he’s lost weight.  Right after, Sunhwa tells her sister that something bad happened and she wants to talk to her sister in private.


Mr. Han tries to ask Sunhwa to speak separately first, but Mrs. Han interrupts that they should go see their parents if Sunhwa is having a hard time.  Sunhwa responds in shock as their parents have already passed away.  Not picking up on this, Mrs. Han tells her husband that they should ride the train home and plays the train with her husband.

Quickly, Mr. Han brings Sunhwa to the side and explains Mrs. Han’s condition.  Sunhwa runs out to the living and asks her sister to deny it.  However, Mrs. Han is completely lost in her memories; she tells her sister that they need to go back to her parents.  Hearing this, Sunhwa breaks down.

Meanwhile, Suzy calls Philip and tells him that his father wants to talk to him.


At the same time, Areum checks in with Tiffany’s doctor.  Turns out that Tiffany has some digestion issues.  When she gets out, Areum gets a call from Philip to bring Tiffany to meet his father.

After the call, Philip’s father asks Philip if he’s seen his mother.  Philip doesn’t even answer this question.  [DRAMAFEED – OMG, HIS MOM IS STILL ALIVE?!]

Probably used to Philip ignoring him, his father continues that Philip should visit his mother.  He will regret it after his father dies.  He also asks how Philip could have a daughter and not miss his own parents.

In response, Philip tells his father that he has no memories to miss.  He tells his father that he doesn’t have to feel guilty; he will receive his inheritance as atonement for his father’s abandonment.

At Areum’s place, her father lets her know that Sunhwa had stopped by.  They both worry about Mrs. Han feeling down as a result of the visit.  Areum reports to her father that Tiffany’s grandfather wants to see her.  Mr. Han replies that Tiffany’s grandfather has a right to see her and encourages his daughter to meet with Philip’s father.


Meanwhile, Yoojin cleans Cheolgu’s ear when Songcheol comes home.  He tells Cheolgu to get a job and offers a job on a ship.  Songcheol gives Cheolgu a month to either get a job or take the job on the fishing ship.

Cheolgu’s response is that they need to set up Songcheol with Soo Ah’s mother…


At the Chun residence, Seungho picks at his food until Soo Ah’s grandmother uses Seungwoon as an example.  Seungho immediately agrees to eat everything.

Mr. Chun asks Seungho how he’s enjoying playing now that he was able to quit his after-school programs.  Seungho mutters a non-answer and his grandmother clarifies that Soo Ah has kept Seungho indoors to study.

When Mr. Chun asks Soo Ah why she’s suffocating Seungho, she snipes that she needs to look out for Seungho since he’s not.  She complains about a headache and leaves the rest of the family wondering why she’s so angry.

Soo Ah fumes in her room until she realizes that Attorney Oh’s wife is also attending the wives’ meeting.  She shirks her duties until she spots Attorney Oh’s wife and asks her to meet to talk about their children’s education.


Meanwhile, Areum brings Tiffany to see her grandfather.  Philip’s father looks like he’s about to cry as soon as he sees Tiffany.  As Philip’s father plays with Tiffany, Suzy comes in.

Within a couple of minutes, Philip’s father asks what Areum plans to do with Tiffany.  He notes that Tiffany should be left with Philip since Suzy can raise her.  This allows Areum to have a new start.

Shocked, Areum just stares at Philip’s father until Suzy offers to speak with Areum separately.


In a cafe, Suzy tells Areum that they want to raise Tiffany since Philip’s father wants to see this happen.  Areum refuses and gets up.  Before she can walk away, Suzy tells Areum that Philip’s inheritance rights are contingent on Philip assuming custody over Tiffany, and, as a result, Philip and she will try their best to obtain custody.


Writers! What were you doing?!  Why didn’t you bring in Philip’s father and Suzy earlier on in the series?!  These two have a great presence and did a lot more for Philip’s internal conflict than the forced issue with Areum “seeing Seungwoon behind his back” after finding them in Seungwoon’s office.

Philip’s father’s raised a lot of interesting questions like why did Philip’s father leave his son with other people?  Was it due to money? Was it because Philip’s father truly felt that Philip needed to be raised in a traditional home with a mother and a father?  Who is Philip’s mother? Is she still alive?  Why hasn’t she reached out to look for Philip, or has she?

I did love how Philip’s father got straight to the point and told his son that he’s going to write Philip out of his will if he doesn’t remarry Suzy and raise Tiffany in a normal family.  This man knows exactly what Philip values and how to get his son to consider his proposals.  The fact that he was willing to rearrange his will to set aside a portion for Tiffany certainly couldn’t hurt Tiffany’s incentives either.

Additionally, Suzy’s character is the perfect foil for Areum.  It’s clear that she doesn’t care about Tiffany.  Also, if she won the settlement issue, she probably doesn’t care about the inheritance.  All Suzy cares about is Philip.  In that sense, she’s really similar to Philip.  It’s not clear yet whether Suzy is obsessed about Philip because she loves him or because she felt that he wronged her by betraying her…All we know is that she feels strongly about it enough to propose that Philip “use” her to obtain his  goals.  Normally, this kind of set up would make me wary as I am not fond of girls clinging on to the men to just “use” them as long as the men will stay.  However, in this case, I am not even sure if Philip will be “using” Suzy.  Suzy gets to legally remarry Philip (or not finalize their divorce) so Suzy wins that battle.  She has to take care of Tiffany, but can hire a nanny…  Currently, she doesn’t want another guy so she’s not really losing anything.  I’m intrigued.

Now that the teams are set more evenly with Philip and Suzy v. Seungwoon and Areum, I am looking forward to the new war.

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