Love & Secret – E81

The gauntlet is thrown and Philip starts his next plan to ruin Areum’s life.


Areum huffily walks away from Suzy to take back Tiffany.  When she tells Philip’s father that she’s leaving, he doesn’t hand over Tiffany right away.  Rather, he takes some time to coo at his granddaughter as Areum fidgets and Philip watches.

Grabbing Tiffany’s jacket, Areum pulls Tiffany out of her grandfather’s hands and leaves.


Afterwards, Philip and Suzy debrief afterwards and Suzy reports that Areum declined.  Philip decides to create evidence that Areum is not fit to take care of Tiffany.

Areum arrives at home and tells her father that Tiffany’s grandfather just saw Tiffany and said she was cute.  Mrs. Han doesn’t ask about Areum’s meeting and just tells Areum to quickly finish her dress; she wants a white lacy wedding dress.


Meanwhile, Sunhwa cries as she tries to sleep.  Thinking that it’s because of him, Heungsu and Heung Min wake up to console her that Heungsu’s affair is a misunderstanding.  Getting up, Sunhwa tells her family that her sister has dementia.

Soo Ah comes home wondering how she can manipulate Attorney Oh’s wife.  She takes out a necklace and sighs that it’s so pretty before calling Mrs. Oh out for coffee.


They meet up at a cafe and discuss education at first.  Then Soo Ah mentions that Attorney Oh must be busy with work lately and Mrs. Oh looks away before answering that Attorney Oh doesn’t talk about work at home.

Not fazed, Soo Ah brings out the necklace and tells Mrs. Oh that it’s a belated birthday present.  Mrs. Oh tries it on and starts crying that her husband didn’t even buy her a birthday present.  She explains that her husband works all the time during the week and during the weekends, he spends all his free time at galleries and museums.

At the same time, Soo Ah’s mother drops off Seungho at Heung Min’s.  She checks out Songcheol’s room and picks up his dirty laundry.  She smells it and daydreams.


Cheolgu walks in on this and asks her if she likes Songcheol.  After getting her to confess, Cheolgu tells her that he fully supports her.

Meanwhile, Heung Min sighs that he cannot find an answer no matter how much he researches the remedy for dementia, which his aunt has.


Mr. Han and Areum talk to Mrs. Han about taking her medicine.  Mrs. Han agrees to take her medicine if Areum makes her dress today.  Needing to get fabric, Areum asks Mr. Han to watch Tiffany as she goes to shop.

Philip decides to commence his plan. He brings over some fish and leaves it with the security guard so that the security guard can call Mr. Han down to pick up the package.  Mr. Han tells Mrs. Han that Tiffany is in the master bedroom, so she shouldn’t open the door, which Mrs. Han agrees.


When Mr. Han leaves, Philip sneaks up to tell Mrs. Han that they should go some place nice with Tiffany.  Before Mr. Han returns, Philip manages to get them in the car and drives off.

Mr. Han comes back to an empty apartment and starts to freak out again.

At the same time, Seungwoon walks through the outdoor market designs and spots Areum.  He quickly runs over and picks her up so that she can grab the fabric sample.  As Seungwoon mentions that they must be fated lovers,  Areum gets a call from her father.


As soon as she finds out that her mother and Tiffany are missing, Areum runs out with Seungwoon.

Philip drives Mrs. Han and Tiffany, but Mrs. Han has reverted back into her memories.  She thinks that Philip is her first love, Eunbin.  This makes it even worse as when Mrs. Han picks up a call from Areum, she tells Areum that she’s with Eunbin and they are going to her old neighborhood.

Areum’s family rush to the neighborhood park.


Meanwhile, Philip tells Mrs. Han that he will buy coffee.  When Mrs. Han tries to keep Philip from leaving her alone, Philip pulls his hands away and walks off.  Mrs. Han stands there lost for a couple minutes when an old friend recognizes her and pulls her away, leaving Tiffany alone.

Seeing the stroller, people start wondering if the child was abandoned and congregate to discuss what they should do.  At this point, Philip’s secretary comes out from behind the trees and suggests that they call the police.

Not knowing any of this, Areum and Seungwoon rush to the information center of the park and request a public service announcement that they are looking for a middle aged woman.


In the parking lot, Philip waits until he gets a call from his secretary and then heads for the police where he pretends to be the worried father.  Having convinced the police, Philip walks out with Tiffany to find Suzy waiting in the parking lot of the police station.


My first thought was curiosity to what the police did to check on Philip’s assertion that he’s Tiffany’s father.  While Philip is Tiffany’s biological father, he probably isn’t on Tiffany’s birth certificate.  Therefore, intuitively, one would assume that Philip would not have the right to take Tiffany home.  It’s not like Tiffany can speak up and say that Philip is her father…

Although I feel bad for Mrs. Han’s family, this was a preventable mistake.  Since Mrs. Han has already shown that she has tendencies to wander off without supervision, they should have change the door so that it’s more complicated to open.


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