Run, Jang-Mi – E24

Taeja unconsciously begins to care about Jang-Mi’s family to the point that he would pay off her brother’s loan.  Meanwhile, Minjoo starts dropping hints to Taeja about her feelings.


Minjoo shoves Jang-Mi to the floor in a jealous rage after walking in on Taeja hugging Jang-Mi because he caught her from falling.  Surprised, Taeja helps Jang-Mi up before dragging Minjoo out of the kitchen.


In the cafe, Taeja demands to know what Minjoo is doing.  Minjoo responds back that she saw Jang-Mi seducing Taeja and was helping him.  In return, she asks what he’s doing in the kitchen.

Taeja responds that he just helped Jang-Mi from falling and she’s not the type of girl who has the leisure or desire to flirt with guys right now.  Minjoo doesn’t seem convinced and reminds Taeja to be careful.  She even brings up the time that Taeja said that the girl was innocent in the United States and the girl ended up just taking Taeja’s money.

Taeja doesn’t back down and explains that all Jang-Mi wants to do is make rice cakes.  He demands that Minjoo go back and apologize to Jang-Mi, which Minjoo begrudgingly does.


Surprising me, Minjoo actually goes back and apologizes sincerely.  She explains that Taeja had an incident in the past with a girl before Taeja cuts her off.  Jang-Mi accepts Minjoo’s apology, but asks her to not act first the next time she has a misunderstanding.

Minjoo brings out her cheese quesadillas for Taeja and Jang-Mi.  Jang-Mi is still smarting from the shove and just turns around to wash the dishes.  Not to be deterred, Minjoo entreats Jang-Mi to eat some of the quesadillas; she’s already eaten dinner and brought this for both Taeja and Jang-Mi.

After dinner, Minjoo drives Taeja and Jang-Mi back home.  On the walk back, Jang-Mi accurately guesses that Taeja had girl issues back in the United States.  Then realizing that Minjoo must have mistaken her for one of Taeja’s swains, Jang-Mi tells Taeja to clarify to Minjoo that she has never seen Taeja as a man.  She explains that she has high standards.


Meanwhile, Taehee brings Joonhook some food, too.  He warns her not to do unnecessary things in the future as they are not dating, but accepts her food.

At home, Jangsu asks the bank if he can borrow a little more money and gets denied.  His mother comes in and asks him to put some icy-hot patches on her back.  When she tells Jangsu that she’s working part time at a beef restaurant, Jangsu tries to tell his mother not to work.  In response, his mother tells him that she can help the family as well, but asks him to keep it a secret from Jang-Mi.


The next day, Jangsu stops by Jang-Mi’s cafe before running away.  Taeja sees Jangsu and comes out to hear Jangsu telling a debt collector that he needs more time and will pay off the debt as soon as he has money.  Taeja confronts Jangsu about the call and ends up loaning Jangsu the principal amount.  He warns Jangsu to pay off the loan and not use the money for other means; additionally, he explains that it’s an interest free loan so Jangsu better pay it off.  Jangsu promises and just asks Taeja to keep it a secret from Jang-Mi.

When Taeja walks back, he runs into his grandfather, who gives Taeja his gloves.  Recognizing the gloves, Taeja notes that he was with Jang-Mi when she bought the gloves.  Intrigued, Taeja’s grandfather asks Taeja why he was with Jang-Mi and Taeja explains that they went to buy presents with their first paycheck.  He adds that he bought his family members the presents because Jang-Mi had instructed him to, which clears up the misunderstanding that Minjoo had told him the custom.  Taeja’s grandfather files this information away as Taeja wonders why Jang-Mi is using her miniscule paycheck to pay so many gifts.  In response, Taeja’s grandfather grumps that it’s the thought that counts and is visibly irritated at his slow grandson.


In the shop, Jang-Mi yells at Taeja for leaving work during the busy hour and Taeja adorably salutes her before running off to do work.  Seeing this exchange, Taeja’s grandfather notes happily that Taeja has finally matured.

Jang-Mi brings out free rice cakes for Taeja’s grandfather, who comments that the mochi he tried last time was really delicious.  Jang-Mi wonders about the mochi as she never gave the grandfather any.  Right next his grandfather’s table, Taeja quickly runs over and pretends to clean the “poor grandfather’s” mouth as he tries to signal to his grandfather to pretend that he never tried Jang-Mi’s mochi.  Quick on the uptake, Taeja’s grandfather quickly denies remembering where he had the mochi.

Sitting down with the grandfather, Jang-Mi wonders if her item for the company competition is too common.  Taeja’s grandfather quickly advises this young employee that if such an item is common and sold everywhere, it indicates that there is a lot of demand and discretely encourages Jang-Mi.


Meanwhile Minjoo picks out Taeja’s clothes and watches.  When the maid comes in, Minjoo orders that the lady packs up everything that she picked out and put it in her trunk.  Surprised that Minjoo would give her orders, the maid falters before responding.

Minjoo’s eyes narrow as she asks the maid if she doesn’t understand Korean.  Angry at the maid’s lack of clear subservience, Minjoo complains to the maid that she’s shirking her duty to clean Taeja’s room, while he’s gone.  Afterwards, she explains to Taeja’s mother that Taeja will likely appreciate getting more clothes.


At Mincheol’s place, he explains to his family that he wants to partner up with a skincare company.  They need to invest some money upfront.

Minjoo asks how he would prepare the investment money and Mincheol starts to muse that he could get a reverse mortgage on the house, which confuses both Minjoo and his father.  Quickly, Mincheol’s mother covers for him and notes that getting a reverse mortgage on the hospital would work if this is a strong investment prospect.

Mincheol’s father expresses his doubts about this venture and advises that Mincheol focus on his hospital at first.  In the usual fashion, Mincheol’s mom shuts down Mincheol’s father, who ends up at the bar again.

He has a nice conversation with the employee, before getting annoyed at the current karaoke volunteer’s singing and blasting out his own song.  [DRAMAFEED – It turns out that this actor was a singer in his own right in the past.]


In the evening, Jangsu brings the proof of payment of his loan to Taeja.  He promises that he learned his lesson that there’s no such thing as quick money and hugs Taeja.  Jang-Mi comes out at this moment and wonders why the two are so close.

Taeja covers it up as they are just bonding as brothers.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi’s mother brings over some soup for Mr. Jang.  When Mr. Jang tries to grab the pot, his fingers touch Mrs. Baek’s and he drops the pot.  Surprised, Mr. Jang tries to put the spilled seaweed back into the pot at which Mrs. Baek grabs his hand to stop him – they need to save what’s in the pot to eat!

Mr. Jang backs up suddenly as his heart starts racing.  In surprise, Mrs. Baek falls into him and Mr. Jang literally freezes.  Joonhyuk comes out to see Mr. Jang frozen and Mrs. Baek suggests that he takes his father to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor confirms that there is nothing wrong and asks if there was a common element during each of these episodes.  The doctor explains that the symptoms could mean that he harbors strong anger or interest in a person…

When Mr. Jang comes home, he tells Mrs. Baek that he was told that it was likely stress.  Mrs. Baek empathizes that stress can be the cause of many diseases and gives him her restaurant’s card and invites him to visit.


At the same time, Taeja drags Jang-Mi to a popular rice cake cafe.  They order one of each rice cake to try a bite of each.  While Jang-Mi  carefully takes pictures and notes, Taeja comments on the two girls at the corner of the cafe.

Jang-Mi asks if he brought her here to research on rice cakes or to scope out the water.  Taeja responds that he wanted both and then gets a call from his mother.  After the call, he asks if he could just leave work from the cafe and Jang-Mi agrees as Taeja isn’t really helping them prepare their product anyways…He’s just scoping out the girls.

Smiling, Taeja answers that he was indeed thinking about their product.  While seeing the pretty and thin girls, he wondered if there could be a dietary rice cake, which would likely be a hit among the younger generation.


Taeja comes home to find his mother turn on the television.  She shows him a picture and informs him that there are even videos of these marriage candidates.  Taeja declines on the grounds that he doesn’t have time since he’s preparing diligently for the company’s competition.  Instead, he goes up to have a bubble bath.

At the same time, Jang-Mi finishes buying different red beans and gets on the subway.

After the bath, Taeja comes down to find Minjoo waiting to drive him home.  Taeja sits down just as his mother mentions the blind date again.  Quickly getting up, Taeja tells Minjoo that they have to flee now.


Instead of going home, they end up going to a bar.  Minjoo asks if Taeja has ever loved someone. Taeja answers that he doesn’t know.

Minjoo corrects him that he has never loved anyone.  She explains that if he did, he would not have been able to stay so calm whenever they broke up.  She asks him not to go on any blind dates as she thinks Taeja will only be happy if he marries someone that he’s known for a long time and really matches him.  Not reading between the lines, Taeja just answers honestly that if he loves someone, who also has a great background it won’t matter.


Jang-Mi looks up to see the guy behind the girl standing in front of her in the subway taking pictures up the girl’s skirt.  Shocked, she follows the two off the subway and stops both of them.  Grabbing the man, Jang-Mi tells the other girl that he took pictures up her skirt and they need to delete them.  The two girls grab the guy, who denies all of the accusations and Jang-Mi calls for help.  In the midst of this episode, Jang-Mi drops her bag and her cell phone falls out.  As other people come to help the girls, someone kicks the cell phone under a vending machine.

Taeja comes home to find Jang-Mi’s mother waiting outside the door in a worried state.  She explains that Jang-Mi isn’t picking up her phone and it’s been a while since Jang-Mi said she would be home.

Taeja offers to go and look for Jang-Mi.  He waits for Jang-Mi at the bus stop and hears from a random passenger that the buses are late because of a traffic accident.  Taeja immediately runs to the police station to confirm that Jang-Mi wasn’t part of the accident.


When the last bus arrives, Taeja gets a call from Jang-Mi’s mother.  She informs him that subways run later and Taeja heads for the subway.

He waits before confirming with a passing woman that this train was the last train.  As he’s about to give up, Jang-Mi calls up, “Idiot!”

Turning around, he sees Jang-Mi walk up and yells, “WHAT WERE YOU DOING TO COME BACK NOW!”


One thing that seems pretty organic is Taeja’s growing feelings for Jang-Mi.  He doesn’t even recognize that he’s attracted to her and falling for her.  If he did, he wouldn’t be checking out other girls and complimenting them in front of her.  Yet, when anything affects Jang-Mi, he’s more than ready help or defend her.  He orders Minjoo to apologize even when he realizes that Minjoo is just being oversensitive and doesn’t think twice about helping Jangsu pay off his loan.

Taeja’s mother on the other hand looks like she will be Jang-Mi’s biggest obstacle.  She’s quiet and not flashy.  She’s extremely perceptive and knows that both Minjoo and Minjoo’s mother are interested in Taeja.  She’s made it clear that she doesn’t see Minjoo as Taeja’s potential partner, telling both Minjoo and her mother that they should start seeking Minjoo’s marriage candidates.  However, she’s also calculating enough that she’s not going to cut either Minjoo or her mother out of Taeja’s life since their presence currently benefits him.  This is a very calculating and controlled position, which scares me a lot more than Mincheol’s mother, who seems just like a bumbling babe in comparison.

Mincheol’s mother is new to the game of manipulation.  She completely acts in the way that she feels.  If she feels threatened, she immediately calls Jang-Mi out and confronts her.  Since Mincheol’s mother is such an open book, Jang-Mi will find that dealing with her is much easier than dealing with Taeja’s mother.

Finally, Minjoo.  I kind of like this girl.  She clearly likes Taeja and is doing everything she can to help him as well as win him over.  Until I see anything that proves otherwise, she actually looks like she’d be a better rival for Taeja’s mother than Jang-Mi.  Basically, Minjoo is everything that I hoped Yoon Yi would have been in Love & Secret, but Yoon Yi failed to be.  I hope Minjoo doesn’t also disappoint.

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