Love & Secret – E83

Philip continues his revenge by keeping Areum separated from Tiffany.  Meanwhile, fate helps Seungwoon by creating an incentive for Areum to start relying on his promises.


Philip kicks Seungwoon and Areum out of Suzy’s hotel room.  Once they get to the garage, Areum starts to lose it.  She starts worrying that Philip and Suzy are serious about taking Tiffany.  Seungwoon consoles Areum that they can retain their own attorneys and fight back.


The attorneys tell Philip that he has the advantage as long as they are raising Tiffany and he remarries Suzy.   They warn Philip and Suzy that they don’t want to create any legal issues from now on and stress that they need to let Areum see the baby whenever she wants.


Philip reports that they will file the lawsuit for custody that day and they have the advantage to his father.  When Philip’s father hears that the lawsuit may take several months he yells at Philip for not taking care of this earlier.  He grumbles that Philip had been so arrogant to his father but has managed to fail in both his business ventures and his family issues.  Philip ignores this and begins to walk away when his father orders him to set up an appointment with Areum’s father.


The lawsuit summons arrives at Areum’s place.  She runs into her room to call her lawyer, who’s on a business trip.  Sitting next to her, Jinwoo tells her that she should also consider giving up physical custody of Tiffany and letting Philip raise her.  He tells her that he knows he shouldn’t say this as Tiffany’s uncle, but he would really like to avoid Areum getting hurt.  Areum responds that she can handle this and Jinwoo leaves.


In his office, Seungwoon takes care of a couple of errands before wondering how suspicious it is that the incident occurred after Philip’s father arrived in Korea.  He calls up Mr. Han to confirm whether the fish had actually been sent from his publisher’s.


After the call, Mr. Han receives a call from Philip’s father.  They meet up together in a coffee shop.  Philip’s father notes that he felt bad that they had to take care of Tiffany, but he had no choice.

Mr. Han replies that it would be in the best interests of the child to be with her mother.

Philip’s father then plays the sympathy card.  He tells Mr. Han that he doesn’t have much longer to live and one of his last wishes is to see Philip raise Tiffany.  He asks if they could settle the issue outside of court.

Mr. Han replies that he cannot force Areum to give up her child when she decided to have Tiffany alone and raised Tiffany until now.

Philip’s father then switches gears to bribery.  He notes that it would be best for both families if Philip raises Tiffany and promises to compensate Areum for her time in taking care of Tiffany as well as any other support she might need.

At this, Mr. Han gets up stiffly and informs Philip’s father that this is an issue that the parents should resolve before walking out.  Once outside, he calls his daughter to let her know that the grandfather has Tiffany and Tiffany is well.  Areum sighs with relief and tells her father that she’s going to her lawyer’s office.

Afterwards, Mr. Han calls his publisher’s office to thank them for the fish.  The publisher replies that they never sent over fish.


Areum meets with an attorney referred by Seungwoon.  The attorney notes that the last incident was such a big incident that the other side has the advantage.  Seungwoon asks if they can create a more advantageous situation before the trial.


The attorney agrees.  He tells her that Areum should live separately from her mother.  Additionally, it would help to show that she has the economic means to take care of the child.  If she planned to get married, they could also propose that she has create a full nuclear family.  They could even go on the offense if Areum’s husband petitions to adopt Tiffany.  Seungwoon definitely gives Areum the side-eye at this one.

Areum asks if there is any way to see Tiffany prior to the trial. The attorney responds that she can apply for temporary guardianship since Tiffany is so young.  They would argue that Tiffany’s best interests are served by her mother raising her in familial settings.  Additionally, he tells Areum that she should be able to see Tiffany prior to the trial on a regular basis as well.


At Sunhwa’s place, Heung Min and Heungsu bring a bag full of vegetables and fruit home.  They tell Sunhwa that researchers have found that such foods are good for preventing the deterioration of dementia and the three head over to the Han residence.

Mrs. Han is normal on this day and she invites Sunhwa to look at past pictures together.

Meanwhile, Cheolgu cannot forget Soo Ah’s mother’s singing.  He asks Yoojin to compose a trot song for Soo Ah’s mother.  Yoojin doesn’t seem convinced that this would work, but agrees to help.


Cheolgu calls Soo Ah’s mother out to a fancy restaurant and asks her to consider becoming a singer.  Soo Ah’s mother replies that she’s never sang before and doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  In response, Cheolgu promises to get Songcheol to coach her.


At the same time, Jinwoo drinks a beer while waiting for Jiwoo.  When she arrives, he confesses that he told Areum to give up Tiffany because he felt that Tiffany was the reason Areum is going through all of these messes.  Jiwoo tells Jinwoo that she’s thought the same thoughts before.  Yet, Jiwoo notes that he feels uncomfortable as he knows it must have hurt Areum to hear those words.


At Philip’s place, Suzy and Philip have a glass a wine.  Suzy asks if Philip plans to raise Tiffany after he receives the inheritance.  Philip answers that he hasn’t thought that far.  He just wants to keep Tiffany for now to get his share of the inheritance and to keep Seungwoon from raising Tiffany.

Suzy sighs that Philip hasn’t changed as he’s not even thinking about Tiffany’s welfare.

Philip retorts that Suzy doesn’t have a right to make this critique as she’s helping him win Tiffany for the money as well.  Suzy pauses before telling Philip that she is willing to raise Tiffany if he wants.  Immediately feeling embarrassed at her confession, Suzy excuses herself for the bathroom.

Areum begins her timid offense as she calls Philip and demands to see Tiffany the next day.  She tells him that she knows that he can’t keep her from seeing Tiffany like this.


Next, Areum heads to the living room to tell her father that she plans to leave the house.  Mr. Han guesses that the attorney advised her to live separately from her mother.

Areum answers that she just feels that she has been relying on her parents so much.

Mr. Han proposes that he takes Mrs. Han to the countryside where the air is better.  Areum vetoes this idea as changing the setting can make Mrs. Han’s dementia worse.   She tells her father to trust in her and leaves to check on her mother.

Seungwoon thinks back to the attorney’s words about how it would be advantageous for Areum to get married prior to the trial… Having made a decision, he goes to his father’s office.

Mr. Chun muses over Soo Ah’s tablet history before calling Attorney Oh.  He tells Attorney Oh that he wants to join on the next cultural escapade before hanging up and muttering that Soo Ah must be on to him.

Seungwoon interrupts to tell his father that he will have dinner at home.


In the evening, Seungwoon tells Mr. Chun and Soo Ah that he wants to get married to Areum shocking both of them.


Philip is just cruel.  I hate him and Suzy and I love hating on them.  Bravo writers on making complicated and flawed enemies for our main characters!

I don’t even think Philip understands that what he’s doing is completely reprehensible as a human being.  He’s separating Areum from her child because of three man reasons: (i) he wants revenge on Areum for breaking his heart and pride, (ii) he doesn’t want Seungwoon to raise Tiffany, and (iii) he needs to be raising Tiffany to get his inheritance.  None of those reasons seem to remotely be considerate of any other person other than himself.  It makes me wonder what kind of childhood Philip had to be stuck in this selfish survivalist mindset?

On a side note, I love how Seungwoon gives Areum the side-eye when the attorney notes that it would be advantageous for Areum to get married prior to the trial if she likes anyone.  He doesn’t even ask her.  Instead, he ponders it and then goes straight to his father to declare that he intends to marry her.  In this case, Seungwoon would be Suzy’s counterpart.  He’s totally going to propose to Areum and ask her to use him to win Tiffany back.

It’s weird because Seungwoon using the circumstances to ask Areum to marry him is the same as Philip asking Areum to return to him because he’s Tiffany’s father.  Yet, it feels so different.  I can’t quite put my finger on it at this point…Maybe it’s because it’s passed midnight.  But, I think the main difference is how Seungwoon treated Areum until now.  Until an attorney basically told Areum that getting married would be advantageous, he’s been perfectly happy to wait on the sidelines and tell her several times that he’s willing to be her (and Tiffany’s) support.  He rushes over whenever she needs anything and gives her space.  In contrast, Philip was clear that everything he was doing was because he expects Areum to return to him for Tiffany’s sake or her parent’s sake.

Last random side-note.  Philip’s totally getting ripped off if he needs three senior attorneys to review the child custody papers and tell him that he has the advantage right now.  Really?!  Presumably, they read all of the relevant documents prior to meeting the client and it does not take three senior attorneys to advise on this issue, which basically has one main incident as the crux of their argument.

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