Love & Secret – E85

Seungwoon continues to support Areum, who hasn’t answered his proposal, and win the approval of both Mr. Chun and Mr. Han.


The episode begins with Seungwoon proposing to Areum, who finally decides that she needs to lean on him.  Specifically, he says, “I’m sorry.  I’m so late.  Let’s get married.  What I wished for my birthday was this.  It’s already been several months… I should have said this earlier. I’m sorry for making you go through this.  If you’re going to live anyways, let’s go through this together.”

Areum:  Vice President

Seungwoon: I can’t see you like this anymore.  Just think about yourself and Tiffany.  Stop using me as an excuse and pushing me away.

The two stare at each other until the scene changes to Areum sighing in her room.


Mr. Han interrupts this reverie to ask about how Tiffany is doing.  Areum confirms that Tiffany is actually adapting well to the new scenery and Mr. Han tells her that she did well before leaving.

Areum goes to cry over Tiffany’s blanket, while Suzy plays with Tiffany and Seungwoon sits on his bed.  Seungwoon thinks about the scene where Areum hugged him first and says to himself that Areum needs to only wait a little longer; he’s almost there.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah tries to see what Mr. Chun is thinking by asking about if Mr. Chun has had a chance to think about how to respond since Seungwoon looked serious.  Mr. Chun just asks her to turn off the lights and she leaves.


In the morning, Seungwoon drops by to ask for approval of new contracts for the company.  Mr. Chun snipes that Seungwoon shouldn’t think that he will get approval just because he’s useful for the company.

Seungwoon replies that he’s just doing his job and repeats that he will move in this weekend.  Mr. Chun reminds Seungwoon that he got his stubbornness from his father and that he cannot win over his father.


Seungwoon just smiles that he knows; and, this is why he’s asking his father to lose to him.  He leaves to go to his own office and take care of some business.  He tells Secretary Jang that they need to compensate the designer, who helped obtain the contract with Hyde.

He then asks about whether Secretary Jang has finished with the furniture for his studio.  When Secretary Jang replies that it has mostly been finished, Seungwoon replies, in all seriousness, that it he can’t be “mostly” finished.  He emphasizes that an important person will be residing at his place.

Smiling Secretary Jang asks if Areum will be living at Seungwoon place and Seungwoon changes the topic before heading to the police station.  He asks if the police station could give the information of the person who reported Tiffany being abandoned.


Getting the information, Seungwoon calls the person, who ignores the first call and answers the second.  Seungwoon calls to confirm that the answerer was the same person who reported Tiffany to the police.  Seungwoon asks if they could meet up to talk about the details and the person (Philip’s secretary) hangs up.

Philip’s secretary reports the call to Philip, who grits his teeth when he hears about the situation.  He instructs his secretary to change his phone number and mutters that Seungwoon can follow him all Seungwoon wants…He will win in the end.


Areum remembers Tiffany crying and decides to distract herself by working on her designs.  She looks through her portfolio when Jinwoo walks in.  Jinwoo hands Areum an envelope of money that he saved from working a part time job for several months.  He tells Areum to succeed and repay him with interest.

Feeling overcome with emotion, Areum stares at Jinwoo, when she gets an interview request from one of the companies to which she applied.  Areum quickly gets ready and goes to a cafe…only to find Seungwoon waiting for her.


Seungwoon happily waves her over and asks if she forgot Secretary’s Jang’s voice.  Areum looks at him in a confused manner.

Seungwoon leans over happily and hands her a manila envelope with her employment contract.  He explains that they want to hire her to design the line for the partnership with Hyde & Co.  He explains that he’s moving into his father’s house and she can move into his studio with Tiffany.

Areum tells Seungwoon that she will repay him with excellent work and Seungwoon smiles.  He instructs her to pack her things and he will pick them up when she’s ready.  He also tells her to meet with Secretary Jang to get information on the projected line.  Areum agrees and gets up to go to work.


After Areum leaves, Seungwoon calls Mr. Han to ask if he can come over.  Running over with flowers and fruit, Seungwoon bows to Mr. Han in the formal fashion and then asks for Mr. Han’s permission to marry Areum.

Mr. Han tries to tell Seungwoon to sit down first.  Seungwoon replies that he’s completely comfortable kneeling on the floor.

Mr. Han asks if Seungwoon has spoken to Areum.

Seungwoon replies that Areum is too busy running away from him because of her current scars.  He adds that he knows her true heart and wants to live happily with Areum and Tiffany.

Mr. Han asks if Seungwoon’s parents have approved of this marriage.

Seungwoon apologizes that he has not yet obtained permission from his parents.  However, he promises that he is confident that he can obtain permission.  He just asks Mr. Han to help him win over Areum’s hearts.

Meanwhile, Sunhwa makes kimchi by herself and Heung Min asks what is going on.  Sunhwa replies that she saw that the Han’s had run out of kimchi and is making some for her sister’s family.  Cheolgu joins Sunhwa in the living room to try the kimchi.

Sunhwa glares at Cheolgu and asks him to stop eating their side dishes.  Yoojin walks in to tell Cheolgu not to be so stingy.  Sunhwa replies that Cheolgu can share their food if he also stocks the refrigerator once in a while.

Heung Min tells everyone that his mother is currently sensitive and convinces his mother to go inside their room.


At the Chun residence, Seungho walks in to his grandmother’s room to see her singing.  She tells her grandson that she’s going to be a singer and Seungho thinks that she’s lost in her daydreams and runs out crying.


Yoojin is feeding Cheolgu in a lovey-dovey manner, when Soo Ah’s mother walks in.  She tells  the two that she knows that Yoojin isn’t pregnant and using pregnancy as an excuse to get married.

Cheolgu begs Soo Ah’s mother to keep it a secret from Songcheol.

Soo Ah’s mother hands over herbal medicine to Yoojin and tells her to actually get pregnant.  She tells Yoojin that she doesn’t have to be thankful as she just saw her own daughter in Yoojin.

Areum arrives home and notices the flowers in the living room.  Mr. Han explains that Seungwoon came by to see him just to give his greeting.

At dinner, Jinwoo asks Areum about her new job and Areum explains to the family that she’s going to move out and work from home.  Mrs. Han gets up because her neck is chilly.

Areum asks if Mr. Han will be okay with her leaving.  Mr. Han notes that Mrs. Han is much better so it should not be an issue.  Jinwoo also notes that he will help.


When Mrs. Han looks in her drawers, she finds her own journal and starts to read it.  She asks Mr. Han about the journal entries when he enters the room.  She is completely confused about the journal entries as she recognizes everyone…

Mr. Han just silently takes Mrs. Han’s hands.  He tells her softly that she’s dreaming and everything will be all right.


At the Chun residence, Soo Ah tastes some soup and thinks about Seungwoon’s declaration that he will take responsibility for Tiffany.  She worries that Seungho’s inheritance would decrease if Seungwoon marries Areum and calls Attorney Oh.

Mr. Chun walks in to the kitchen during Soo Ah’s call and asks why she’s calling Attorney Oh.  Soo Ah explains that she is calling on behalf of Mrs. Oh, who said that they have a rocky marriage.  Mr. Chun advises that she stays out of other family’s personal issues.  Soo Ah agrees and follows him into the master bedroom to ask if she should prepare Seungwoon’s room.

Even after Soo Ah leaves the room, she wonders what would happen if Seungwoon just gets married…


Meanwhile, Areum packs her bags before reaching for a snow globe that Tiffany liked.  The music turns ominous.

Philip walks into his father’s room because Tiffany won’t stop crying.  The nanny comments that Tiffany must be crying for her mother.  Philip answers that the child doesn’t know anything and might benefit from fresh air.

Philip’s father angrily asks why he had to show Tiffany to her mother, making her confused.  Philip replies that it was due to the upcoming trial.

Philip’s father asks if Philip is confident that he will win.  Philip replies that he is confident and his father tells him to prepare Tiffany’s passport.  If there is any issue, Philip’s father plans to take Tiffany to the United States first.


Philip returns home to find Suzy speaking with a lawyer.  The lawyer gives him the marriage certificate.

Philip looks at Suzy with a frozen and emotionless face.  Getting up, Suzy asks if Philip regrets his decision.

Philip replies that he doesn’t regret anything as it’s just a document.  Suzy asks how a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate is just a piece a paper…She comments that it’s always just a piece of paper between the two of them.

Philip tells her not to get emotional.  Changing the topic, Suzy asks if Philip has heard anything from Areum’s side.  He replies that they have nothing they can do.

In response, Suzy notes that Areum might get married to Seungwoon to actively defend against the custody battle.  Seungwoon frowns at Suzy, when they get a call.


Philip and Suzy rush over to Philip’s father’s place, where Tiffany refuses to be placated.  The nanny even states that the doctor has seen Tiffany and found that Tiffany is completely healthy.  Tiffany continues to cry even though Suzy holds her and Philip’s father gives up and instructs that they call Areum.


Meanwhile, Areum walks into Philip’s studio to find the place completely prepared so that Areum can design clothes and take care of Tiffany.  She sees Tiffany’s crib and a pillow with a picture of her and her baby and starts to tear up with gratitude.  Seungwoon notes that it’s too early to feel thankful.  He tells Areum to rest at his place and win Tiffany back.


A call interrupts this scene and Areum picks up to find Philip on the other line.  Philip tells Areum that she needs to come by for Tiffany, who can be heard crying.


Well wasn’t that a false cliffhanger.  I am completely disappointed that Areum didn’t really answer Seungwoon.  Honestly, this girl needs to stop stringing Seungwoon around.  The poor guy is helping her through everything and she’s failing to decide whether she wants to officially marry him or not.  If she decided to leave him, she can’t rely on him.  Yes, Areum has had several horrible episodes…However, that does not give her the right to fall into tears and lean on a guy, who she knows has feelings for her and not answer his marriage proposal.  In a way, she’s worse than Philip is to Suzy.  At least Suzy knows exactly what Philip is thinking; he is using her to get his inheritance and will try to end the marriage after his father passes away.

On the other hand, Seungwoon believes that Areum is just not answering because of her emotional scars.  He still helps her out through it all.  I think Areum needs to get her act straight and decide whether or not she wants to draw the line.  Then she can focus on winning Tiffany back.  Okay, I admit it… I’m just bitter that I was so excited by the last episode only to find that we’re at square two in this episode.


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