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Areum receives the call from Philip that Tiffany seems unwell and rushes over with Seungwoon.  As soon as she arrives, she grabs the crying baby and tries to comfort her as Seungwoon glares as Philip (and family) and the same family glares back.

Areum asks to take care of Tiffany for a couple of days and Philip’s side refuses.  Suzy adds that the doctor noted that babies usually go through these phases.  Areum still asks as Tiffany may look for her again and Seungwoon supports her.


Philip’s father asks Seungwoon, what his relationship to the matter is.  Seungwoon answers that he’s Areum’s fiance.  Immediately, Philip’s father dismisses everyone but Areum.


When everyone is gone, he advises Areum to give up on Tiffany or she will ask the unaskable of Seungwoon.  He differentiates Suzy as someone who has already been married to Philip once.  He emphasizes that all children look for their parents sooner or later, so she should let Suzy and Philip raise Tiffany for now.


Meanwhile, Philip tries to tell Seungwoon to give up on Tiffany instead of using Tiffany to get Areum.  Seungwoon tells Philip that he’s different and Tiffany is part of Areum.  Philip leaves after noting that Mr. Chun will not want to accept his child.


Seungwoon accompanies Areum back to his studio and offers tea.  Areum thanks him for being with her as it would have been difficult alone.


At the same time, Philip and Suzy have lunch.  Philip seems quiet and Suzy asks if he’s affected by thew news that Areum is engaged.  Philip answers that Suzy seems worried that he might still have feelings for Areum.  Suzy responds that she likes this honest personality of Philip and orders him not to meet with Areum anymore.


Seungwoon interrupts a family snack break to move back in.  Soo Ah’s mother worries that she hasn’t even cleaned his room and Seungwoon notes that it’s not necessary.  However, the only person who seems to be happy about this situation is Seungho.

Soo Ah walks into the kitchen to throw things on the table angrily…She wonders to herself about how horrible life would be if Seungwoon manages to win his father’s approval.

At the Han residence, Mrs. Han keeps remembering the words in her own journal entries.  She feels normal and doesn’t understand…She goes into the bathroom and repeats over and over again her basic information.


Mrs. Han walks into Areum’s room to find Mr. Han reminiscing about Areum’s childhood.  She asks her husband if Areum moved out of the house because of her…Mr. Han denies it and leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Sunhwa makes kimchi for her sister and Heungsu offers to drop it off with her.


Sunhwa arrives just as Mrs. Han fights with depression about her condition.  When she hears her sister’s voice, she pretends to be asleep as she’s unable to face her sister.


Haeban practices singing while Songcheol lectures her.  He tries to teach her techniques, but as Haeban has not trained to sing and the two have a horrible interaction.  Haeban ends up running out in frustration with Yoojin and Cheolgu running after her.  She drinks herself into oblivion and ends up being carried home by Cheolgu.

Songcheol comes back home to ask if it’s Yoojin lying in Cheolgu’s room.  Haeban pretends to sleeptalk and confesses to Songcheol that she cannot live without him.  Songcheol sneaks out.


Areum tries calling Philip to ask if she can see Tiffany.  However, Philip refuses to let Areum see her.


Areum then meets with her attorney to report on her new changed circumstances.  He agrees that she has fixed some of her disadvantages.

Areum asks if she can request temporary guardianship as Tiffany seems to have difficulty adapting to the new surroundings.  Her attorney tells her that he’d be happy to facilitate that, but warns her that even if she applies for guardianship, they have to wait until the trial for her to get physical custody.  He suggests that she try talking to Suzy to work to resolve this quicker.


Areum brings some porridge for Tiffany and meets with Suzy.  She pleads with Suzy to return Tiffany to her.  She asks Suzy to convince Philip to return Tiffany; they can start afresh without Tiffany.  She tells Suzy that she’s already been scarred enough by the two…

Suzy responds back that Areum shouldn’t think that she’s the only victim in this situation.  She tells Areum that she only found out about Areum after she fell in love with Tiffany.  In the same way that Areum lost Philip because of Suzy, her marriage was ruined because of Areum.  She tells Areum that she cannot have children and needs Tiffany to hold on to Philip, whom she could not forget.  She adds that they filed their marriage certificate.  Therefore, by law, she’s also Tiffany’s mother and will raise Tiffany like her own daughter. [DRAMAFEED – Well not exactly correct…she hasn’t applied for legal adoption … so…]

Areum stands up to tell Suzy that no matter what happens, she is Tiffany’s mother and leaves to beg Philip’s father to let her see Tiffany.  She ends up being dragged out by the guards.

Soo Ah makes some fruit juice for Seungwoon and growls that she has to serve a mother-in-law.  Soo Ah plasters on a smile and tries to bring it to Seungwoon, who asks her if she finds this uncomfortable because he does.  He tells her that they just need to keep civility.

Seungwoon takes Seungho to school and Haeban approves that family should stick together to Soo Ah’s complete irritation.

Areum ends up getting a fever and ignores Seungwoon’s calls.


Secretary Jang reports to Seungwoon that he looked into the number and found out that the phone has been discontinued…The name was Robert Kang…Also, Philip’s secretary is Robert Kang.


Seungwoon rushes straight to Philip’s apartment and confronts him.  Philip tells Seungwoon that he has nothing to hide.  His secretary was coincidentally at the park and saw the baby.  Seungwoon resolves to prove the truth behind the matter and leaves.

After Seungwoon leaves, Philip calls someone to rush Tiffany’s passport.


Areum wakes up from an nightmare just in time for Seungwoon to stop by.  Seungwoon asks Areum if she’s sick because she looks so ashy and weak.

Areum responds back:  If I stay with you, can I be happy?  If I stay with you, can we really protect Tiffany?  Do you want to live with me?  Will you marry me?


I know that I’m like writing my recaps behind by several episodes, but this is kind of freaky.  I just yelled at the writers on the internet because I was so frustrated by Areum’s wishy-washy demeanor and in the ending of this episode, she proposes to Seungwoon. I was watching this episode like o_o o_O O_O.

Of course, she proposes in the backdrop of fever delirium.  The proposal itself is less of a romantic proposal and more of a final attempt to save her happiness…It can be distilled to Areum asking Seungwoon if she can use him to protect her own happiness.  Specifically, this is not a proposal of love as she’s not asking Seungwoon to marry her because she loves him and cannot live without him.

Once we get past the fact that Areum is still acting completely selfishly, I do think that Areum has matured.  She’s forced to try to protect Tiffany and her own happiness.  Finding that she doesn’t have the ability to do it herself, she’s moving forward and becoming honest with her intentions.   I respect that.

On the other hand, I am warming up to Suzy.  She’s not a two dimensional character.  We saw how she refused to get drunk with Philip’s scotch in the last episode.  Instead, she brought Philip over to watch over Tiffany.  In this episode, we find out the other reason that she grabbed on to the idea of Tiffany – she cannot get pregnant.  For her, Tiffany is literally the only way that she can keep some kind of connection with Philip other than his sick father.  She’s clear in her goal – Philip – and she’s willing to do everything she can to protect that goal.  In this sense, she’s Areum’s foil.  It also helps that while she’s relying on the help of nannies, she is also trying to become a decent mother for Tiffany.

Since Suzy has an incentive to be a good mother, who will be loved by Tiffany, I can see her being a good influence in Tiffany’s life. I wouldn’t mind seeing this turn into an ending like Stepmom…with Tiffany being raised by Areum and Seungwoon, but also being the legal child of Suzy and Philip.

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