Love & Secret – E88

Areum and Seungwoon get Tiffany back and Mr. Han’s blessing for their marriage.


Seungwoon drives a dazed Areum back home as she wonders about whether or not they can protect Tiffany.  Seungwoon tells Areum not to worry about the matter, he’ll speak with the attorney.

At the same time, Philip looks at the family picture and sighs.  He calls Areum to meet up.


When Areum arrives, Philip tells her that he wanted to clear up a misunderstanding.  He isn’t just fighting for Tiffany because of the inheritance issue, but because he cannot give up his parental rights as he’s Tiffany’s father.

Areum replies that someone thinking about Tiffany would care more about why Tiffany is crying… In response, Philip tells her that she cannot guarantee that Tiffany will be happy just because she stays with her biological mother.  He adds that Suzy has the ability to become a great mother for Tiffany and asks Areum to give up her custody.

Areum rips up the legal papers and stakes out in front of Philip’s father’s place.  After a while, Suzy comes out carrying Tiffany for a walk.  Areum stares at Tiffany from across the hallway and leaves without saying anything.


Meanwhile, Seungwoon asks his attorney about whether they couldn’t win since Philip kidnapped Tiffany through the use of Tiffany’s grandmother.  The attorney sighs that they can’t do anything without some evidence.


Next, the family takes Mrs. Han back to the park to see if she cannot remember anything.  As the family walks through the park, the family members ask Mrs. Han if she remembers anything from that day.  Mrs. Han gets annoyed and walks off…right into a chestnut vendor, who pretended that she was Mrs. Han’s past friend.

The lady pretends that she never saw Mrs. Han before.  However, Mrs. Han insists that she saw this lady when she was with Tiffany and Eunbin.  The lady gets scared and starts packing up so Seungwoon tells her that they can take this matter to the police if she doesn’t cooperate.


With the threat of police involvement, the lady tells the family that she just did what someone told her to do in exchange for a month’s profit.  She confesses that she met the man outside of a bathroom.  Mr. Han takes Mrs. Han home and Seungwoon and Areum go to the security office to look through the security feeds.

Philip and Suzy happily talk about the pictures when Robert comes in to report that the lady called.  She confessed getting contacted by Seungwoon.

Philip’s father’s orders that they take Tiffany and leave the country immediately.  As they quickly walk out of the lobby, Areum and Seungwoon pass them on their way to Philip’s father’s hotel room.  Philip’s father doesn’t say anything and Areum finds that the milk bottle is still warm.  They run back to the lobby.


Suzy is about to get into Philip’s car and Areum grabs Tiffany.  When the two women fight over Tiffany, Seungwoon grabs Tiffany for Areum.  Philip and Suzy defend themselves as doing only what was necessary to protect Tiffany.

In response, Areum slaps Philip.  Seungwoon also notes that he regrets not putting Philip in jail when he had the chance.  They leave for Areum’s house.


Mrs. Han sees Tiffany ans asks her if Tiffany had to go somewhere because of her.  Areum responds that it was not her mother’s fault…rather, Mrs. Han was the reason that they were able to get Tiffany back.

Mrs. Han and Jinwoo get up to get snacks.  Seungwoon asks Mr. Han for permission to marry Areum and Mr. Han asks Areum for her opinion.  Areum tells her father that she also wants to get married to Seungwoon and Mr. Han approves.

Meanwhile, Soo Ah picks up dirty laundry from Seungwoon’s room and spots the picture with his mother again.  She puts it back down angrily that Seungwoon is treating her like a murderer before leaving.


When she goes downstairs, she finds her mother singing and complains.  In response, her mother lectures her for being so moody and tells her to act confidently around Seungwoon.  She warns that if Soo Ah doesn’t sort out the relationship with Seungwoon, she will have to treat her daughter-in-law like a mother-in-law.

At Songcheol’s place, Cheolgu and Yoojin happily talk over lunch.  When Cheolgu wonders about where Haeban is, Songcheol decides to get up.

After he leaves, Cheolgu uses Songcheol’s phone to text Haeban.  The text comments on spring and asks why she hasn’t come by to practice.  Haeban takes a few steps before sitting back down.


At the same time, Philip and Suzy have a drink as they discuss Tiffany.

Soo Ah and Mr. Chun also discuss Areum and Tiffany.  Mr. Chun asks for Soo Ah’s opinion and she responds that she approves of Areum, but doesn’t really approve of Tiffany.  Mr. Chun agrees that if Areum wants to join their family, she needs to give up Tiffany.


At Seungwoon’s place, Areum and Seungwoon have a happy moment together with Tiffany.  Conversely, Philip comes home to find Tiffany’s rattle.  Staring at it, he remembers how Tiffany grabbed his finger and starts to miss her.

In the morning, the family eats breakfast together and Seungwoom mentions to Seungho that he has a girlfriend, but doesn’t mention more due to his father’s glare.

When Mr. Chun gets to work, he runs into Areum’s lawyer.  They exchange greetings and Areum’s lawyer comments that it’s been so long since he’s seen Mr. Chun, although he has had the fortune to see Seungwoon recently.


Surprised, Mr. Chun asks why the attorney has met his son recently and the attorney answers that he’s helping out with the custody battle for Areum. Hearing this, Mr. Han furiously stalks into his room and calls Areum.


There’s a saying in Korea that even if you cross the mountain, there’s a mountain behind it.  Right now, it seems to describe Areum’s life perfectly.  She finally got Tiffany back only to start getting pressure from the now-healthy Mr. Chun.  =_=

On the bright side, I loved seeing the small character development for Philip and Suzy. I don’t believe that Philip started this because he cared about Tiffany, however, through obtaining a little bit of his father’s approval and Suzy’s constant reminder of the possibility of a happy family, he has started to really think about Tiffany as part of his direct family.   Finally, when he loses Tiffany and comes home to rattle… He totally misses her.  Of course, I don’t think he’s ready to be the perfect dad or has the right to raise Tiffany.  However, he’s come far from the man, who said that he didn’t want to have children.

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