Run, Jang-Mi – E26

Mincheol treats Jang-Mi for her burn as the two pretend to be strangers.  Meanwhile, Taeja takes the long route to realizing that he can be helpful to Jang-Mi and takes heart.


Taeja barges into Mincheol’s office with Jang-Mi and asks for his help.  Mincheol and Jang-Mi take one look at each other and both freeze.  Taeja explains that it’s a serious wound and Mincheol treats Jang-Mi, who’s completely silent and refuses to look at Mincheol.


Taeja asks if Jang-Mi should come every day for redressing the wound and Mincheol offhandedly answers that it would be best.  Jang-Mi notes that it’s too far for her to come every day.  Taeja doesn’t realize what’s going on and tries to introduce the two and Mincheol plays along…he extends his hand only to have Jang-Mi turn around and leave.


Taeja runs after her and asks why she’s so angry and rude.  Jang-Mi answers that it hurt like crazy and Taeja brought her to such a far hospital.  Taeja apologizes.

At home, Mincheol tells his mother, who gets irritated on her son’s behalf.  She mutters that she needs to separate the two as soon as possible.  She warns Mincheol to be extremely careful; if Jang-Mi tells Taeja, Minjoo’s relationship will Taeja will end before it begins.

Minjoo walks in at the end and asks what they’re talking about.  Mincheol’s mother glosses over it as if they are talking about the cosmetics business.


Meanwhile, Taeja meekly accompanies Jang-Mi home.  He keeps apologizing and Jang-Mi wonders out loud why she gets so frustrated around Taeja as well.  He tells her to hit her instead and she does.  After she punches him, she tells him to forget about it.


When Jang-Mi comes home, she tells her worried mother that she got hurt by herself.  Her mother washes her daughter’s face and Jang-Mi tells her mother to stay healthy for a long, long time.  Her mother wonders about how useless she is to the family and Jang-Mi reassures her that she finds so much comfort in her mother just being there.

The next day, the staff worries about Jang-Mi.  Taeja tells everyone to give him all of Jang-Mi’s tasks.


In the morning, Mr. Jang lurks outside of Mrs. Baek’s door with some coffee.  She tells him to redo the coffee as she doesn’t want to drink cooled coffee and Mr. Jang runs to do it.  They toast their coffee to their friendship.

At lunch, Taeja puts all of Jang-Mi’s side dishes on her spoon.  The two smile at each other.


After lunch, Taeja tries to get a taxi so that Jang-Mi can go see Mincheol.  Instead, Jang-Mi buys some gauze and medicine from the pharmacy.  Taeja tries to help, but freezes when Jang-Mi touches his hand to guide him.  Because he basically becomes useless, Jang-Mi has to finish redressing her hand by herself.

At the same time, Mincheol wonders if Jang-Mi is not coming.  He gets a call from Minjoo, who wants to come and get work done.  Quickly, he tells her that he has a full schedule and he’ll call her when his schedule opens up.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi prepares some rice cakes and tries to take it out with one arm.  Taeja runs in at this time to help and ends up picking up the bowl without gloves.  Jang-Mi grabs his hands to check on them and Taeja freezes again in a dazed manner.


Mincheol walks in at this point to help dress Jang-Mi’s hand.  Taeja has to walk out to pick up a call and Jang-Mi tells Mincheol never to come again.

Mincheol tells Taeja that Jang-Mi should be able to get it redressed every two days now and leaves.

Jang-Mi also tells Taeja that he’s making her tired…she doesn’t understand why he insists on calling Mincheol to check on her.  She tells him to stop making a big deal out of everything and leaves.

Minjoo arrives to find that everyone’s gone except for Taeja.  Taeja wonders why Jang-Mi’s angry out loud…

Afterwards, Taeja goes grocery shopping with Minjoo for sandwich ingredients and kimbap ingredients.  He drops them off with Jang-Mi’s mother who accepts them happily until Taeja apologizes that it was all his fault.  Hearing that, Jang-Mi’s mother angrily gives all of the food back and Jang-Mi has to bring her inside.


At the cafe, Jang-Mi drops the packaged rice cakes and Taeja yells at her to rest.  Feeling frustrated, he goes to Joonhyuk to ask that he postpones the company competition or at least get rid of the two person rule.  Joonhyuk tells Taeja that he can’t do anything.


Taeja runs straight to his grandfather to change the rules.  He tells his grandfather that he’s only making it worse for Jang-Mi.  Controlling his smile at his matured grandson, Taeja’s grandfather tells him that every pebble has a role.  He tells Taeja that this is an opportunity; he can be Jang-Mi’s right hand.

Taeja’s expression changes and he walks out happily.  He even tells his mother that he cannot go on any blind dates as he’s busy preparing for the competition before leaving.

In the courtyard, Joonhyuk gives Jang-Mi a pair of gloves and tells her to take care.


In the morning, Taeja helps Jang-Mi by supporting everything that she does.  Smiling that Taeja’s helping her to work, Jang-Mi continues happily.  Afterwards, she even compliments Taeja on his drawing skills.


Meanwhile, Mincheol has drinks with his friends and then asks his driver to go to the rice cake cafe.  Seeing Taeja walk out, Mincheol walks in to demand that Jang-Mi apologize for calling him “human trash.”

Jang-Mi tells him to leave.

Mincheol grabs his arm and demands that she apologize.  He asks what did he do that was so wrong…He tells her that it was her fault that she lost the baby not his…

Hearing this, Jang-Mi pushes Mincheol away and screams for him to leave.  This causes Mincheol  to drunkenly fall into Taeja, who walks in at that moment.


Surprising subtle for a daily drama… I love how the underlying theme was that Taeja didn’t need to do everything for Jang-Mi.  Every time that Taeja tried to help Jang-Mi by doing something FOR her, it ended up being a mistake.  For example, taking Jang-Mi to a hospital brought her to face her enemy…Trying to pull up the cover for Jang-Mi caused her to sustain the burn.

In contrast, when Taeja realized that all he needed to do was help Jang-Mi finish what she wanted to start, he stopped being a klutz.  I don’t know if the drama was doing this on purpose, but I love the message…that the best prince charming may be the guy, who can empower the girl to reach her potential.

Meanwhile, still hating Mincheol.  What a baby.  Yes, he grudgingly went all the way to the cafe to treat Jang-Mi.  However, she neither asked for it nor appreciated it.  She spoke her mind and he did deserve those words.  His decision to demand an apology from her after he got drunk because she insulted him just seemed so childish!  I can’t wait until Taeja finds out about this family!

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