Run, Jang-Mi – E27

Fate continues to put Jang-Mi in Mincheol’s life…probably to remind him of his sins.  As a result, Mincheol’s mom tries to intervene and Jang-Mi considers changing cafes.  However, before any change can occur, Jang-Mi finds out that Minjoo is Mincheol’s sister.


Jang-Mi pushes Mincheol instead of apologizing to him for telling him as she sees it.  Mincheol falls in Taeja and explains the situation as he came to look for Taeja…Jang-Mi misunderstood his intentions and freaked out.


Jang-Mi asks Taeja to take Mincheol out and Mincheol plays the drunk friend role until he gets put into his own car.  However, Taeja does wonder why Mincheol kept his paid designated driver waiting for him when he came over to drink.

Taeja goes back and tries to apologize on behalf of Mincheol.  Jang-Mi vents her frustration that Taeja wasn’t there and Taeja shows her that she bought some colored pencils for their competition piece.  Jang-Mi stalks off.

When Jang-Mi comes home, she wonders if she should move to a different cafe.  Her mother advises her to just stay at this cafe as any other cafe would be farther away and Taeja will be leaving soon anyways.  Jang-Mi goes to brush her teeth and thinks about Mincheol.


Mincheol comes home and asks his mother if he’s really human trash.  Mincheol’s mom immediately asks if he met Jang-Mi.  Mincheol denies it, but his mom is not convinced.

At the same time, Taeja calls Minjoo…who has been wearing a face mask on top of full eye makeup? = =x  Taeja asks if Mincheol was able to get in fine.  Minjoo asks if there was a problem and Taeja explains that there was a misunderstanding with Jang-Mi.


Minjoo stomps into Mincheol’s room and yells at him for getting drunk at Taeja’s place.  She also warns him from telling Taeja about her feelings before leaving.

The next morning, the team all brainstorms together about their mochi piece.


In the middle of this, Jang-Mi gets called away by Mincheol’s mother.  Mincheol’s mother immediately asks why Jang-Mi stays within Mincheol’s vicinity and whether Jang-Mi still has feelings for her son.  Jang-Mi denies it and asks Mincheol’s mother to control her son from coming around drunk anymore.

When Jang-Mi gets back to the cafe, she blows up at Taeja again because he asks about why she’s so gloomy.  When Taeja backs down immediately, Jang-Mi asks if Taeja still wants to get fired.  She pauses when Taeja responds that he cares more about the competition now than getting fired.

Mincheol’s mother surprises Mincheol at his hospital and tells him to be careful around Jang-Mi in the future.


Meanwhile, Jangsu gets a job at a kids’ playground.  The first day, he takes care of rolling the big round balloon.


At the same time, Mr. Jang visits Mrs. Baek at her restaurant job.  While he’s waiting for his food, another customer demands that Mrs. Baek pour him a glass of soju.  When Mrs. Baek refuses, he tries to force her.  Mr. Jang gets up to help her and yells at the other customer in her defense.

Adding insult to injury, the restaurant owner comes to demand that Mrs. Baek apologize to the client.  Mr. Jang gets angry that the employer isn’t protecting his employees and pulls Mrs. Baek out.  They end up going to a toy hit-the-mole so that Mrs. Baek can vent her anger.


Jang-Mi also leaves early to visit Joonhyuk.  She ends up asking if there’s any way that she can switch cafes.  Joonhyuk apologizes that temporary workers do not have the choice to change cafes.  Jang-Mi accepts it.


Seeing that something is bothering Jang-Mi, Joonhyuk takes her out for dinner.  Over dinner, he tells her that life just continues to give you homework as you get older.  He wishes her well as she solves the homework in front of her.  Jang-Mi smiles that she didn’t have as much homework when her father was a round, so she should be able to handle this.

At Taeja’s place, his mother tries to get Taeja’s grandfather to see a doctor and he refuses.


Meanwhile, Taeja is lost in his thoughts about what might be affecting Jang-Mi when Minjoo pulls him back to the present.  He tells her that he needs to go home early instead of having another drink and gets up.  In an attempt to stop him, Minjoo grabs Taeja’s wrist and pulls his bracelet off.

Taeja reacts angrily that she broke his bracelet.  Minjoo offers to replace it, but Taeja tells her that she can’t…it was the last one from Don Dae Moon.  Hearing this, Minjoo wonders how Taeja has changed as he used to only wear brand named clothes.

Jang-Mi comes home to hear that Jangsu has gotten a job.  His mother hears that he’s rather get a job than go to school with tears.


Jangsu finds a more sympathetic ear in Taeja when he tells Taeja about his new job and sheepishly notes that he will work hard since he doesn’t have a degree.  Taeja smiles and empathizes as he didn’t graduate college either.  He tells Jangsu that his mom bought him the degree and encourages Jangsu.

At Mincheol’s house, Mincheol’s father get disrespected again and he turns to the bar to vent some stress.


The next day, Taeja brings rice cakes to check on Jangsu’s new work place and drags Jang-Mi along.  He tells her that this way, they can help Jangsu look better in front of his employers and also confirm that it’s not a weird place.

They visit Jangsu and hand over the rice cakes to the boss telling her that it would be great snack for the children.  Jang-Mi looks happier after confirming that her brother hasn’t screwed up again and offers to buy dinner.


Taeja gets excited as he knows a great place nearby.  Unfortunately, they find that there is a half hour wait when they arrive.  As the two turn around to leave, Minjoo spots them and drags them to join her table…with Mincheol. To top off the episode, Minjoo introduces Mincheol to Jang-Mi as her brother.


First, I cannot wait until Taeja or Minjoo find out about Jang-Mi and Mincheol.  I bet Minjoo will find out first.  As a result, she will join the trifecta of baddies in Mincheol’s camp.  This will probably raise the stakes and Jang-Mi’s life will take a turn for the worse…so I hope that before this happens, Jang-Mi becomes an official item with Taeja as her life has had enough stuffing thrown at it.  This girl needs a chance to breathe and recoop!

Second, while I sympathize with Mrs. Baek…I was really annoyed by her in this episode.  So far, she has done nothing correctly other than crying around about her fate.  She has two children, who are trying their best to survive in this world and make things work.  How can she suck at everything?  At least try to see if you can become a freaking personal shopping for crying out loud…She seems like she would love a shopping job!

It made it worse that she not only relies on her children, but she HAS to be saved by Mr. Jang in the restaurant.  So basically, she went from relying on her husband to relying on Jang-Mi to relying on Mr. Jang.  I’m tired of it.

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