Love & Secret – E90

Philip starts to slowly play his cards.  What he doesn’t realize is that his most formidable foe may be Mrs. Han, who remembers everything.  Nothing’s stronger than a mother’s love for her child and when you trick one into betraying her child…comeuppance is certain.


Mr. Chun meets with Philip at the Japanese restaurant.  Philip comments that it’s not going to be easy to get Seungwoon to give up Tiffany.  He proposes that Mr. Chun get Areum and Seungwoon to Areum to give up their parental rights.  In return, he and his father will invest in Mr. Chun’s new partnership with Haoren.


Mr. Chun gets up to leave.  He tells Philip that he doesn’t want to hear anything more as he’s not going to trust any offer from Philip.  Philip replies that he will resort to other methods if Mr. Chun doesn’t agree to work with him.

In response, Mr. Chun just growls that Philip still hasn’t learned his lesson.  Philip smirks that he lost last time because of the messy human relationships; Seungwoon is no match for him when he’s not distracted.


Meanwhile, at the Chun residence, Haeban tells Soo Ah that she wants to move out.  Soo Ah tells her to just stay put and not make things anymore complicated.  In response, her mother tells Soo Ah that she’s spent her life caring for her and now will live for herself before leaving.  Once in her room, Haeban decides to move out without telling anymore.

Then Seungwoon brings Areum to his house to eat lunch.  Areum tries to go back into his car and Seungwoon stops her as they have to go through this sooner or later.  He tells Areum to be on guard and brings her in.


Soo Ah, Haeban and Seungho come out to see Areum.  Seungho seems happy to see Areum, but Soo Ah freezes.  Haeban takes over as the host and politely asks questions about Tiffany.  A master of the game, Soo Ah tells her mother to come into the kitchen to help prepare fruit and only leaves Seungho in the living room with the couple.

Mr. Chun arrives in a fit of anger and kicks the couple out.  Soo Ah is the voice of reason as she tells both sides to calm down and sit to talk.  Soo Ah goes to bring Mr. Chun a cold glass of water as Mr. Chun demands to know what Areum decided.


Areum responds that she cannot give up either Seungwoon or Tiffany.  Seungwoon backs her up and Mr. Chun angrily yells that Areum thinks her child is so precious but doesn’t understand his feelings for his precious child.  He declares that he’s lost and will give up his son.

Seungwoon stands up declaring that he will move out and Mr. Chun agrees before leaving.  Soo Ah softly tells them to leave at this point for now and the two do.

Comedic interlude commences as Yoojin and Cheolgu bicker about the lack of pregnancy.  Cheolgu declares that either they publish a new cd or marry off Songcheol for their future.


Songcheol calls them out and hands over vitamins for Yoojin remarking that he needs to take care of his daughter as her husband doesn’t have the ability.  Cheolgu answers that Songcheol sabotaged them by being so harsh on their singer.

Sunhwa interrupts this to tell everyone that she needs to move out to take care of her sister.  Songcheol apologizes that it might be hard to pay them back the deposit immediately.  Sunhwa smiles that she found someone to take over her place and Haeban arrives.

Songcheol quietly fumes but Cheolgu smooths everything over.


Seungho and Heung Min also discuss the situation… It’s adorable as Heung Min uses the old person’s vocabulary and comments that they are now in-laws.  The two decide to support Seungwoon and Areum.


At home, Mr. Chun has difficulty getting out of bed and Seungwoon drops by his father’s room to check.  Mr. Chun warns Seungwoon that if something happens to the Haoren partnership, Seungwoon will have to take full responsibility.


Not discouraged, Seungwoon drops by with coffee for Areum and announces that their next plan is to succeed with the Haoren partnership.  Areum worries that Seungwoon has been kicked out of the house and Seungwoon reassures her.

Areum asks if she could get Mr. Chun’s measurements to make him an outfit.  Seungwoon promises to get her the measurements.


Meanwhile, Suzy and Philip also meet as Suzy reports that Philip’s father has given up.  Philip also reports that the meeting with Mr. Chun was not successful.  Suzy wonders why he was so harsh to Mr. Chun and Philip replies that he has to be a jerk so that Mr. Chun hates him and Tiffany because of him.

Philip checks on his father, who orders that Philip bring Tiffany over no matter what.  Philip asks his father why he’s so obsessed about Tiffany when he didn’t seem so interested in family in the past.  When his father doesn’t seem to answer, Philip turns to go.


At the last moment, his father yells out that he doesn’t want Philip to turn out like him; he regretted living away from his child and doesn’t want Philip to have the same regrets.  Philip pauses at this confession of vulnerability and tells his father that he is trying his best.


Mrs. Han calls Philip to ask if he misses Tiffany.  Philip answers that he does, but hasn’t been around as Areum doesn’t like him seeing Tiffany.  Mrs. Han carefully tells Philip that he should come over like the last time.  Philip readily agrees and Mrs. Han promises to call back.

After the call, Philip smiles thinking that Mrs. Han doesn’t remember anything.  However, Mrs. Han remembers it all and in her guilty state cannot even see her daughter’s face when Areum stops by.  Waiting until Areum leaves her room, Mrs. Han curses Philip.


WOW.  I am impressed.  I did not expect the drama to take this route, but I love it.  I’ve just seen the helpless side of Mrs. Han for so many episodes that I forgot that she’s a mother.  It makes sense that by giving Mrs. Han a goal to remember – crushing Philip, she would be able to hold parts of her memories together.  I’m not sure how the writers will play this out as this could be a one episode thing or it could be several episodes with Mrs. Han fighting against her memory loss to declaw Philip.  However, I am excited to see how Mrs. Han battles her disease and enact revenge on Philip, who completely underestimates her at this point.

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