Love & Secret – E91

Mr. Chun decides to continue as a lone wolf and neither accepts Philip’s proposal nor Seungwoon’s plea to approve of both Areum and Tiffany.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Han takes all of her energy to tell Philip what kind of human he is and Soo Ah’s past returns.


Mrs. Han comes out to see Areum and Tiffany.  Areum tells her mom to hold on to Tiffany as Tiffany wants to see her grandmother.



Holding Tiffany, Mrs. Han gets more confidence and even carries her into her bedroom to have some private time with her granddaughter.  Inside the room, Mrs. Han apologizes to Tiffany for suffering because of her.


Seungwoon arrives at Areum’s place again with groceries.  He happily picks up Tiffany to play and asks why Tiffany is cold.  Areum explains that they went to her house to see her mother and sighs that her mother didn’t seem to be in a good mood.  She worries that her mother remembers bad memories.  Seungwoon plans to stop by Areum’s place to help with Mrs. Han.

When Mr. Chun comes home, Soo Ah comments that Seungwoon isn’t home yet.  She muses that Seungwoon might be meeting with Areum and offers to speak with Areum on the side.  Mr. Chun tells her to stay out of it.


Seungwoon comes home and stops by his father’s room.  He tells his father that he also hates Philip for everything that he did.  He adds that he doesn’t want to lose anything else to Philip, including Areum and Tiffany.

Mr. Chun warns Seungwoon that he thinks that he can love Tiffany right now because he loves Areum.  However, when Tiffany grows older and shows characteristics similar to Philip, he will find it harder to love Tiffany for Tiffany’s sake.  He tells Seungwoon that it’s best to leave Tiffany with her father.

Seungwoon tells his father that he also only saw Philip in Tiffany at first.  However, he notes that he cannot see Areum without Tiffany and loves them both now.  He asks his father for his blessing of their marriage as he promises not to marry Areum until he gets his father’s blessing.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Han asks her husband to call out Sunhwa as she wants to go out with her sister.  Mr. Han calls Sunhwa, who promises to come right away.


The two sisters walk through the park when Mrs. Han pauses to tell Sunhwa that she needs to meet Philip.  Sunhwa tells her sister that Mr. Han and Areum will kill her if she lets Mrs. Han meet Philip.  Mrs. Han asks Sunhwa to take her to the coffee shop.


At the same time, Philip stares at a picture of Tiffany until Suzy interrupts.  They discuss how Philip thinks his father has changed.  Suzy explains that it’s probably Philip understanding his father more.  Suzy continues to comment that she felt something toward Tiffany as they took a family picture.  She assumes that Philip does as well.

Mrs. Han’s call interrupts this talk and Philip leaves to see Mrs. Han.  Mrs. Han asks Sunhwa for some privacy and she goes to a nearby table.


Immediately, Philip asks about Tiffany and Mrs. Han throws a glass of water in Philip’s face.  She asks how Philip could do this to her when she approved of him so much.  Philip pretends to not understand what is going on and Mrs. Han yells at him to not underestimate her because she has dementia.  She tells him to never appear in front of her or Areum again and leaves.

Sunhwa follows Mrs. Han out and applauds Mrs. Han.  Mrs. Han falls to the ground and cries about what she had made Areum go through.  Sunhwa consoles Mrs. Han that it wasn’t her fault; it was Philip’s fault.  Mrs. Han breaks down sobbing.

Jiwoo calls her friend to brag about a video of Jinwoo singing. They order four servings of meat.


Meanwhile, Philip drops by to meet Mr. Chun and asks about his proposal.  Mr. Chun laughs that Philip is ridiculous.  He tells Philip that even if he cannot accept Tiffany, he would never work with Philip.  Philip gets up smiling that he will give Mr. Chun more time.


Next, Mr. Chun calls out Mr. Han to discuss their children.  Mr. Han tells Mr. Chun that he was happy to hear that such a respectable man as Seungwoon wanted to marry his daughter.  He also explains that he knows that his daughter has some faults and would understand if Mr. Chun would disapprove.

In return, Mr. Chun explains how he tried to get Seungwoon to marry a girl that he approved, but Seungwoon had no feelings for.  He explains that he has learned from the experience and is willing to accept Areum.  However, he asks that Mr. Han help convince Areum to give up Tiffany as he cannot accept Tiffany.


At the same time, Areum calls Seungwoon to tell him that she sent over the latest designs.  After the call, she picks up Tiffany, who’s running a fever.

Meanwhile, Philip’s father gets wheeled out because his condition has worsened all of a sudden.  Philip yells at Suzy for not taking care of his father correct.  Suzy replies that it was not her fault; his father is a cancer patient in the last stages…It was miracle that he lasted so long without any issues.  Philip packs up his father’s things and takes a pause to look at the family picture that was near his father’s bed.


Philip and Suzy watch over Philip’s father and Suzy tells him to take it one step at a time; they can protect their family.  Philip walks out to see Areum running in with a crying Tiffany.  He stops Areum to ask her to bring Tiffany up when he calls and Areum pushes him away to take Tiffany to the hospital first.


Haeban packs up her stuff to move when Soo Ah stops by for some money.  Haeban gives her $30 and Soo Ah takes Haeban’s card instead.


Coincidentally, a lady delivers yogurt and overhears that the wife of Winner’s Group CEO is at the salon.  She stops by to greet Soo Ah, who recognizes her as Nurse Min.  Nurse Min asks about Seungwoon as she wants to meet up with him and Soo Ah’s expression freezes.


Soo Ah walks home in a rage and gets lost in her memories where her hand hovers over Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask.  Soo Ah pulls Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask off to hear something crash behind her… When she turns around, she sees Nurse Min and Seungwoon in the doorway.


That was quite satisfying.  I was disappointed to find out that it would be a one episode arc that finished with Mrs. Han throwing water in his face.  Yet, knowing how much effort it takes for Mrs. Han to function normally, I’m impressed that she was able to do what Mr. Han and Areum have not been able to do.  She’s done the full, I-see-you-less-than-a-human-water-throw-in-face move and he wasn’t even expecting it.  I also loved that she was able to tell him exactly how she felt and warned him to stay away from her daughter.

On a second note, I was surprised by the Nurse Min angle!  Seungwoon kept talking about how Soo Ah killed his mother, but since the show hasn’t really elaborated on this subplot, I assumed that he was just a bitter child.  I also guessed that maybe Seungoon felt that Soo Ah killed his mother because his mother got depressed after Mr. Chun started relying on Soo Ah.  However, that memory where Soo Ah takes off Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask changes the picture completely.

All of a sudden, Mr. Chun’s actions don’t seem as harsh.  If by some random coincidence, Mr. Chun actually believes that Soo Ah might have something to do with his wife’s death…It would be an amazing act of revenge to keep her next to him always with the bribe that she can her son would share from his estate…Meanwhile, he would never love her and would encourage Seungwoon to be wary of her so that she stays lonely.  That would be a major revenge story.


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