Love & Secret – E92

Sunhwa’s family moves into Areum’s house and Nurse Min begins to pressure Soo Ah.


The episode begins with Soo Ah’s memory…Soo Ah pulls off Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask and gasps at her own action.  She hears a crash to turn around and see Seungwoon with a nurse.  Mrs. Chun dies as Seungwoon rushes over to his mother and then yells at Soo Ah that she killed his mother.  The nurse restrains Seungwoon…


Soo Ah snaps out of this reverie when Mr. Chun taps her.  She responds so haltingly and appears to be out of it that Mr. Chun asks if anything occurred.  Soo Ah responds that she will prepare a bath.

Next, Mr. Chun updates Soo Ah that he met Mr. Han.  He told Mr. Han that he’s willing to accept Areum, but not Seungwoon.  Mr. Chun thanks Soo Ah for trying her best with Seungwoon; he knows how hard it is to love someone else’s child as her own.  Looking uncomfortable, Soo ah leaves to prepare Mr. Chun’s bath and reassures herself that she will never meet Nurse Min again.


At the office, Seungwoon teases Secretary Jang for not being married yet.  It turns out Secretary Jang had declared that he would get married soon as he started working for the company.  Secretary Jang leaves in a huff.

Seungwoon calls Areum and rushes over to the hospital to pick up Areum.  She walks out with the baby and tells him that the hospital will contact them with the test results.


At the same time, Philip asks the nurse about Tiffany.  The nurse responds that the mother took the child home.  Philip also asks about what was wrong and identifies himself as Tiffany’s father.  The nurse follows protocol and tells Philip that they will call the mother with the results; she tells him to ask the baby’s mother about the results.  Someone give this woman a promotion as she’s one of the few people in dramaland that follows protocol!

Philip checks in on his father, who tells Philip to bring back Tiffany.  He adds that his last wish is to see Philip living happily with Suzy and Tiffany.  Philip promises to bring back Tiffany soon and reaches for his father’s hand.

Seungwoon drops Areum at home when Philip calls to ask about Tiffany.  He also tells Areum to call as soon as Tiffany is better; he wants to show Tiffany to his father.

In the apartment, Seungwoon tells Areum to call him the next time something happens.  He reminds her that he’s Tiffany’s father now and wants to help.  The took look over a much calmer Tiffany.


Meanwhile, Mr. Han thinks about his talk with Mr. Chun.  He calls his daughter to talk for a little bit.  Areum apologizes that she cannot come over until the next day as Tiffany was hurt.

Mrs. Han cleans Areum’s room and finds Tiffany’s sock in Areum’s bed.  Sitting down, she tears up looking at Tiffany’s sock.


Mr. Han comes to join her and the two talk about Areum.  Mrs. Han sighs that Areum could have stayed in this room if not for her.  Mr. Han reassures her that Areum is happier at the new place; she didn’t move out because of her.

Mrs. Han apologizes to Mr. Han that he will need to leave with her family.  Mr. Han tells Mrs. Han that he’s looking forward to living with Sunhwa’s family as it will be more fun and lively.  The two laugh about their family differences.


Haeban continues to backing and decides to leave while Soo Ah is gone.  Seungho comes in to ask his grandmother about snacks.  Haeban orders Seungho some snacks and watches over him eating.  She muses that the one thing she will worry about is Seungho.  She also tells Seungho that she will take care of Seungho after she makes it as a singer.

Hearing this, Seungho worries that his grandmother is losing it again. Soo Ah interrupts to lecture her mom for feeding oily food to Seungho.  Haeban mutters that she won’t be able to order food for Seungho even if she wants to in the future as she leaves.


Haeban comes to Songcheol’s house as Sunhwa’s family leaves.  Yoojin tells Cheolgu that she does not approve of matching her father with Haeban.


Meanwhile, Soo Ah finds Haeban’s room empty.  Haeban has even left a message that she is going on her own path.

Seungho starts crying for his grandmother as Soo Ah angrily calls all the places at which her mother might be.  Soo Ah checks the sauna when Haeban calls her and tells her not to look for her anymore.

At this point, Nurse Min calls Soo Ah to meet up and threatens to visit Soo Ah’s house.  Soo Ah agrees to meet with Nurse Min at a coffee shop.


Once situatied, Nurse Min starts to talk about Soo Ah’s past and comments about how Soo Ah has changed so much.  Nurse Min mentions that she should have asked Soo Ah for help earlier.

Soo Ah tells Nurse Min that they paid her fees.  Soo Ah gets up and Nurse Min states that she saw how Soo Ah took off Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask.  She asks if Mr. Chun also knows about how his wife died.  Soo Ah tells Nurse Min to shut up and leaves.


At the Han residence, the two families happily eat dinner together.   Sigh… The good thing about family…even the bad times seem more bearable when you’re all together …


After dinner, Areum thanks Sunhwa for coming in to help.  Sunhwa tells Areum to worry about herself as Mrs. Han was her sister before Mrs. Han became Areum’s mother.  Sunhwa asks if Mrs. Han mentioned anything to Areum and stops when Areum seems to not know anything.


That night, Areum wakes up to Tiffany’s crying.  She thinks that Tiffany has a wet diaper and begins to change it.  When Areum takes off Tiffany’s diaper, she finds blood.


Looks like Soo Ah needs to watch her back.  Nurse Min’s words at the cafe were all clipped and dripping with jealousy that Soo Ah has managed to find a life as a wealthy woman.  It makes sense, Nurse Min might have been willing to look the other way since Mrs. Chun was barely holding on to life and Soo Ah was living a hard life as well.  However, now that she found Soo Ah living happily, while she is just trying to make ends meet…the calculation changes.  I fully welcome the change as Soo Ah is a much more interesting character when she’s scheming.

On another note, the writers better not kill off Tiffany.   If they do, I think I might just drop recapping this series.  It just seems wrong to kill off the baby.  Additionally, since all of the characters seem to have been changed by Tiffany… It’s like killing off a baby Pollyanna.


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