Run, Jang-Mi – E28

Mincheol survives a narrow escape as Minjoo begins to see hints of her mother’s craziness.  Meanwhile, Taeja realizes that he actually likes Jang-Mi and, before the episode is over, confesses!


We return to the lovely meeting between the two ex’s and the unknowing innocent Taeja and Minjoo.  Taeja comments on how Jang-Mi’s litter brother is working in the same building as Mincheol and he even spits out water in surprise.  Of course, neither Taeja or Minjoo realize what’s going on…even with the awkward expressions abounding…


Finally, Jang-Mi excuses herself to go to the ladies room and wonder how Minjoo was the sister-in-law voice.


When she walks out, Mincheol asks her to keep it all a secret from Taeja.  Jang-Mi tells him bluntly that he’s an arse…How could he ask her for a favor after all that is happened between them?  Mincheol continues to give excuses and justify himself and Jang-Mi stalks off to tell everyone that she wants to leave early.


Minjoo smiles like a gracious host when Jang-Mi notes that she needs to leave early.  However, the frown immediately appears when Taeja tries to follow her.  Jang-Mi tells Taeja to stay and eat dinner to Minjoo’s relief.

After Jang-Mi leaves, Minjoo comments that Taeja shouldn’t pay so much attention to Jang-Mi as she might get confused that he likes her.  Taeja just responds that Jang-Mi gets into trouble so easily that he worries.  He also comments that she’s gone through some issues in the past and Mincheol immediately asks what happened.  Surprisingly, Taeja shows some of his upbreeding when he manages to play it off that he doesn’t know to Mincheol’s relief.


Jang-Mi goes straight to her friend Jang-Mi to drink and destress.  Her friend suggests that Jang-Mi moves her cafe and Jang-Mi replies that she can’t as she’s not a permanent employee.  Both of them curse Mincheol’s family for making Jang-Mi’s life miserable.

Meanwhile, Mincheol’s mom ambushes her husband with his credit card statement.  He also refuses to speak with her directly causing her to be even more frustrated.  Mincheol shows some sense and comments to his mother that she has been harsh with the way she’s treated his father.


Minjoo explains that they all had dinner together and Mincheol’s mother follows him into his room to strategize their defense.  She reminds him that no matter what Jang-Mi says…they were the victims.

Taeja checks to see if Jang-Mi is home only to be told that she hasn’t arrived yet.  He hands over some food that he ordered as takeout and takes Jang-Mi’s mother’s trash instead.

In the morning, Jang-Mi tells Jangsu that he works in the same building as Mincheol.  When he looks like he’s ready to go beat up Mincheol, Jang-Mi stops him and warns him not to overreact.


Jang-Mi goes to the office the next day in an understandably moody attitude. Taeja makes her drop her glove and Jang-Mi reaches for it in a rush, making Taeja  ask who gave her the glove. Jang-Mi responds that Joonhyuk gave it to her and he gets all petty jealous.


Mr. Jang comes home to find Mrs. Baek cleaning the house.  She came over to get some coffee only to feel the need to clean up.  Mr. Jang hands over her pay from the restaurant, explaining that he knew she’d feel awkward going back for it.

Getting all excited about the money, Mrs. Baek pays him for the food that she’s been “buying” from him.   On her way out, Mr. Jang asks her to redecorate his apartment and do a little bit of cooking.  Mrs. Baek agrees as long as she’s not the housekeeper; Mr. Jang reassures her that he will do most of the cleaning.  Agreeing, she demands his credit card so that she can immediately change the curtains.


At the same time, Jang-Mi has to deal with an awkward situation.  The mother wants a cake that would appeal to the grandfather, but the child cries about the other rice cake that looks prettier.

Afterwards, Jang-Mi and Taeja strategize about the competition…Taking from the earlier incident, Taeja suggests that they do a “make-your-own rice cake.”  People can choose the ingredients and the design.


Meanwhile, Minjoo walks in on her mom ripping up one of her spy pictures.  She tells her mom to stop as she doesn’t like it.


Jang-Mi and Taeja work through the night to prepare some cake designs.  As they’re both exhausted, Taeja offers to go get coffee only to come back to a sleeping Jang-Mi.  His first instinct is to take a black colored pencil to draw on her face…except, when he gets closer, his male instinct kicks in and he almost kisses her.  Jang-Mi moves at the last minute and Taeja… RUNS FOR IT. HAHAHAHA

Jang-Mi wakes up to find coffee nearby and drinks it…while Taeja sits on a bench with THE REALIZATION that he likes Jang-Mi.


The next day, Taeja reacts in a cowardly way.  He continues to run.  He tells Jang-Mi that the preparations are almost done so she can prepare for the competition by herself from now on.  Instead, after work, he drops by Minjoo’s work to see what his sister and Minjoo are up to.

Minjoo notes that she’s accompanying his mother on one of their painting on ceramics classes and he ends up accompanying them…only to think about Jang-Mi.


Joonhyuk comes home to a vastly changed apartment.  Mr. Jang explains that he asked Mrs. Baek to redecorate and help with side dishes.  He adds that he can tell that she wants to help…but, she’s having trouble finding the right job.  Joonhyuk tells his father just to pay her well.


Meanwhile, Taeja leaves early to go to the movies.  Except, he sees Jang-Mi in random people and decides to leave without seeing the movie.  He checks on the cafe to find that Jang-Mi’s already gone and goes home instead.


The next day, the chef asks Jang-Mi and Taeja to deliver the cakes.  At the door, Taeja leaves the cakes on the floor citing the time as it’s the end of his shift.  He gets in Minjoo’s car only to see Jang-Mi walk by instead of grabbing a cab…


Taeja is stuck in traffic, when he gets a call from the chef.  The cakes haven’t arrived and the customer is furious.  He runs out to grab a cab and arrives first…He reassures the customer that the cakes are coming soon and waits outside for Jang-Mi, who arrives behind a motorcycle.

Taeja offers to take the cakes and Jang-Mi yells at him not to touch her or the cakes.  She berates him for leaving early without helping and insists that she will bring the cakes up herself.  She asks what right he has to help.

Taeja just responds that he likes her.


One good thing is how this drama doesn’t make you wait.  Taeja realizes he likes Jang-Mi and with the first major fight, confesses! I was like WHAT?

Of course, I don’t think it’s going to be smooth sailing for Taeja from here on… Obviously, Jang-Mi is harboring a crush on Joonhyuk, who I have to admit has shown himself to be a better and more capable man…At the same time, Taeja kind of seems like a child.  Sure, his family is rich.  However, if he continues to act in his frivolous ways, he’s capable of driving the company into the ground…and no girl wants to marry a real Peter Pan.

The best part of this, however, is that once Taeja tells Minjoo that he likes Jang-Mi…all hell will probably break loose. ^____________^

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