Love & Secret – E93

Looks like life is distracting everyone.  Nurse Min continues to pressure Soo Ah.  Meanwhile, Philip’s side and Areum’s side face the fact that Tiffany has acute liver failure.


Finding blood in Tiffany’s diaper, Areum calls Seungwoon for help.  He rushes over to drive Areum to the hospital and they go to the emergency room.  At the emergency room, the doctor tells Areum that the test results from the last visit showed that Tiffany’s liver is abnormal.


They bring Tiffany in for additional tests as Seungwoon takes care of the paperwork.

When Seungwoon is registering Tiffany, Suzy sees him and follows to see Tiffany on the bed and runs to tell Philip.


Suzy wonders if something is really wrong and Philip snaps at her to be careful about what she says as words can become reality.  Suzy changes the topic to how wrong it is for Areum not to tell Philip about Tiffany being hospitalized.

At the same time, Soo Ah is lost in her memory of her meeting with Nurse Min.  Mr. Chun walks out to find her out of it and reminds her about breakfast.  The Chun family eats breakfast and Seungho worries about his grandmother.


Soo Ah tries to gloss over it as Haeban has gone to visit a friend. Seungho interrupts to say that he saw his grandmother’s letter and she’s left.  Mr. Chun worries that it’s because Seungwoon.  Seungho tells his father that it’s not because of Seungwoon, but rather because his grandmother has dementia.  Soo Ah tells her son that it’s not dementia, but Seungho doesn’t seem convinced.  In response, Mr. Chun tells Soo Ah to find her mother and bring her home.

Soo Ah tries to recommend that they send Seungwoon to China.  Mr. Chun answers that even if they send him to China, Seungwoon would return back to Areum.


Meanwhile, Heungsu and Heung Min fold laundry at the Han residence.  Mrs. Han walks out and gets uncomfortable to find everyone working.  She walks into the kitchen to find her sister washing the dishes.  Mrs. Han tries to fight for the dishes when they drop a cup and Sunhwa steps on the glass.

Sunhwa tells her husband that she dropped it on accident and goes to look for a bandaid, while Heungsu asks Mrs. Han to go rest as they clean up.  Mrs. Han looks on feeling useless.


At the same time, Seungho runs into Heung Min who tells him that his grandmother is at Songcheol’s house.  Heung Min also tells Seungho that he was wrong; Seungho’s grandmother is actually preparing to debut as a singer.


At Songcheol’s house, Haeban prepares a meal that everyone eats until Seungho drops by.  Haeban prepares her grandson rice cakes and tells him that she’s determined to stay and debut as a singer.


At the hospital, Seungwoon calls Secretary Jang to clear his schedule and postpone the meeting with Haoren.  The doctor arrives to tell Areum and Seungwoon that Tiffany has acute liver failure.  Areum asks the doctor if Tiffany will get better.  The doctor responds that he cannot guarantee anything at this point.  He tells her to watch over Tiffany for any changes and leaves as Areum falls to the ground calling.


Philip arrives just as Seungwoon leaves to find a dazed Areum.  He demands to know what is wrong with Tiffany and Areum tells him that it’s acute liver failure.  Shocked, Philip asks how Tiffany could have this illness when she’s less than a year old.  He orders that she hand Tiffany over because he will fix his child.


Next Philip goes to check in on his father, who asks about Tiffany.  Suzy tries to say that they were not able to contact Areum and Philip tells his father that Tiffany has a cold.  Therefore, they have asked Areum not to bring Tiffany over.


Outside the hospital room, Suzy asks about Tiffany.  Philip tells her that she might have acute liver failure and tells her to keep it from his father.  Philip tells her that he’s going to talk with his attorney again.

At the Han residence, Mr. Han worries about not being able to get in touch with Areum.  Getting Areum’s address from Jinwoo, Mr. Han decides to check on Areum.


When Mr. Han arrives, Seungwoon is packing things up for Areum.  Seungwoon explains how Areum is staying at his place and Mr. Han thanks him for taking care of Areum.  Then he asks about Areum and Tiffany, which leads to Mr. Han also rushing to the hospital to see Tiffany.  After seeing Areum and Tiffany, Mr. Han also begins to cry.


Meanwhile, Mr. Chun growls about the slow progress with the partnership with Haoren.  He orders that Secretary Jang rush Seungwoon along.


Soo Ah doesn’t have time to really worry about Seungoon as Nurse Min visits her at home.  Soo Ah tries to drag Nurse Min away and Nurse Min continues to act politely dense.  She tells Soo Ah that they can talk or she can go see Seungwoon.

Soo Ah asks how much Nurse Min needs and she responds that a small amount that expresses Soo Ah’s gratitude will be enough.  Seeing Mr. Chun’s car, Soo Ah drags her away and agrees to pay up.


Back in the house, Soo Ah finds out from Seungho that Haeban is at Songcheol’s.  Mr. Chun tells her to bring her mother back the next day.


The next morning, Seungwoon checks on Areum and tells her to sleep…Areum worries about the unfinished designs for Haeoren and Seungwoon tells her to focus on herself right now.  All of a sudden, Tiffany cries and they have to bring the doctor in.  The doctor takes a sample from Tiffany’s liver and Areum loses it at the sight of the needle and Tiffany’s crying.


Afterwards, the doctor tells Areum and Seungwoon that Tiffany needs a liver transplant as her condition can become serious.


Okay… I have nothing to say other than they better cure Tiffany.  I don’t care where they find the transplant, they just better get it.  I’m going to go eat something really sweet to erase this feeling.  = _ =

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