Run, Jang-Mi – E29

Jang-Mi turns Taeja down and he decides to court her for reals…Except, he kind of sucks at flirting.  Meanwhile, Taeja’s lack of attention to details results in Jang-Mi losing the chance to submit their competition recipe on time…


Taeja confesses to Jang-Mi that he likes her when Jang-Mi yells at him that he has no right to help.  At Taeja’s words, Jang-Mi pauses, but moves on.  She decides to shrug off Taeja’s confession and carries the rice cakes up herself, which leaves Taeja standing there like an awkward puppy.


Taeja waits for Jang-Mi outside of the building to talk with her when she comes out. Jang-Mi tries to ignore him.  When Taeja doesn’t back off, Jang-Mi tells him very clearly.  She does not like him and she never thought of him as a man.


Taeja still doesn’t back off.  He tells her that he tried to stop liking her…that’s why he stopped coming in after work hours and left early.  However, he couldn’t stop worrying about her and getting frustrated when bad things happened to her.

Jang-Mi looks him straight in the eyes and tells him that it’s not her responsibility to clean up his feelings for him and walks off. WOA…Ice Princess…and not in the extreme way…Somehow, with Jang-Mi’s background and her knowledge of Taeja’s connection with Mincheol, this reaction makes sense.


Taeja runs straight to his big brother Joonhyuk to ask for help.  Joonhyuk tells him that his best advice is not to start unless Taeja is confident that he can protect Jang-Mi from his mom.  He reminds Taeja about how Taeja’s mother reacted toward Joonhyuk just because Taehee liked him.  He tells Taeja that he shouldn’t make Jang-Mi go through that alone.


So Taeja goes home to butter up his mother.  He reminds his mother that he loves her and asks hypothetically, what would she do if he liked someone.  His mother responds that as long as she is right for the family, she would approve…after all, a marriage is not between two people and this marriage would deal with the future of SL Foods.

Taeja tries a different route and declares again that he won’t inherit the company…so it wouldn’t matter who he marries.  In response, Taeja’s mom tells him sincerely that she gave up on Taehee’s marriage…so he has to marry well.


Realizing that his mom is not a light foe…Taeja’s next turns to his grandfather, who is in the middle of wondering if he’d stay alive to see the fall.  Taeja retorts that he just needs to go and see the leaves if he wants to see them.  Surprised, Taeja’s grandfather grumps that Taeja needs to stop coming to his house and go live at Taeja’s house.

Taeja answers that he will, but he has something to say.  He broaches the subject about what his grandfather would do if he liked someone.  Taeja’s grandfather’s eyes crinkle up with glee as he asks if Taeja likes a girl.  He also tells his grandson that he will approve if the girl is a decent and good human being.

Taeja notes that she is and then pushes further…Would his grandfather take his side if his mother disapproves?

Quick on the uptake, his grandfather comments that the girl’s background must not be strong if his mother disapproves, but confirms that he will still approve if the girl is decent.

Taeja further asks whether anything would change if the girl has been hurt in the past.  Almost laughing, his grandfather comments that Taeja’s not man enough to protect a girl, who’s been hurt in the past.  Taeja agrees, but replies that this girl makes him want to…

Finally, Taeja asks if his grandfather would still support him if the girl was divorced and had tons of children with different last names.  The grandfather gets frustrated and asks just what kind of girl this is and Taeja answers that he cannot show his grandfather yet…He confessed and the girl refused.  However, he reassures his grandfather that he did exaggerate a little in describing her.

Laughing, Taeja’s grandfather replies that the girl must be very discerning if she already turned down Taeja once.  Taeja’s grandfather promises to approve as long as Taeja shows him first.  Taeja agrees and demands that his grandfather sign a declaration saying the same.


Next, Taeja searches the internet for “how to win over the heart of a girl you like.”  In the morning, he tells Jang-Mi that she better prepare her heart as he’s going to proactively woo her over…Not sure what advice he got online here…

Things get surprising as Taeja arrives in the kitchen with coffee and new mug presents for everyone.   Each mug has a picture of himself that shows up when hot liquid gets poured in…Except, Jang-Mi’s is different.  Hers has tons of hearts.

The chef comments on it and Taeja agrees.  He tells the chef and the assistant that he likes Jang-Mi, confessed and was turned down.  He asks for their help and Jang-Mi drags Taeja out to the locker room.  She tells him to stop this as this is their business location.  In response, Taeja tells her that he respects her decision to turn him down; however, he has a right to try to woo her over. OH DEAR, we are not off to a good start…more like AWKWARD.


Meanwhile, Minjoo has coffee with Taeja’s mother and confesses that Taeja had many girls in the past.  However, they got rid of each girl within three months.  Taeja’s mom asks if Taeja is seeing someone at this moment.  Minjoo answers that she is not aware of any girl as Taeja usually spends all of his free time with her.

Pausing, Taeja’s mom asks what Minjoo would do if Taeja liked her as a girl.  Smiling broadly, Minjoo responds that she will have to think about it when the time comes.  She asks if Taeja said anything and Taeja’s mom backtracks…but the poor girl is already in delusion land T____T Minjoo runs home to tell her mom that Taeja must have said something about her!  OH NO…The HIGHER SHE GOES IN HER DELUSIONS…THE WORSE HER FALL WILL BE AND THE HATRED OF JANG-MI…SHUDDERS.


Minjoo calls Taeja for coffee.  Taeja reaches out for advice on what girls like in guys.  Minjoo continues to assume that she is the lucky girl and responds that girls like it when guys are nice to the girls as well as their families.  Then she loudly comments that the pecan pie is delicious and her father loves pecan pie.


Taeja takes this in stride as a best friend and tells her to take home a pie for her father on him.  At home, Minjoo’s father happily eats the pecan pie and reminisces about the past until Minjoo’s mom comes over to take the pie away.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi and her family comment about a pretty rice cake.  Her mom comments that they should add character designs as Jangsu starts to dig in.


Taeja calls Jangsu out to get some private information on what Jang-Mi’s mother likes.  Jangsu replies that Mrs. Baek loves shopping.  Haering this, Taeja asks Jangsu to bring his mother out on the weekend.


Taeja waits at a shop and explains to Mrs. Baek that his allowance is provided through credit cards.  He adds that what he doesn’t spend ends up being wasted and asks Mrs. Baek to help spend the money.  They go on a shopping spree, a manicure/pedicure and then Taeja suggests French for dinner.  Basically, Jangsu is the best wingman ever!


Jang-Mi hears that Taeja bought everything and tries to return it back to Taeja.  Taeja just responds that he’s just getting started.


In the morning, Taeja asks Mr. Jang for help as well.  Jang-Mi arrives to see everyone looking at her mug and decides to toss it in the sink, breaking it.  The rest of the staff leave the two love birds to duke it out.

Comedic interlude ensues when Jangsu’s elevator stops at Mincheol’s floor.  Mincheol takes one look at Jungsu and runs away. TEEHEE TAKE THAT YOU JERK.


At home, Taeja’s mom asks Taehee whether something is going on between Taeja and Minjoo.  Taehee tells her mom that she makes her sick…She doesn’t understand why Taeja’s mom likes spending time with Minjoo but thinks she has to separate Minjoo from Taeja.  Her mom responds that Minjoo is a great girl, but not good enough for Taeja.  Taehee tells her mom to ask for herself.


Later, Taeja and Jang-Mi go to the company headquarters to submit their competition.  Seeing his grandfather’s car, Taeja hugs Jang-Mi so that she doesn’t see his grandfather walking in.  He then calls his grandfather to hide as they’re walking in…which, his grandfather does.


Taeja continues his awkward flirting.  He asks Jang-Mi’s best friend Jang-Mi what she would think of him as Jang-Mi’s boyfriend.  Jang-Mi pulls him away, of course.


On his drive home, Joonhyuk wonders if Taeja’s actually sincere this time…Hmmm, too early to say that he likes Jang-Mi…  He meets Jang-Mi at the gates of his house and she shyly asks him to ignore what Taeja said…He’s just doing it by himself.  Joonhyuk responds that he won’t misunderstand.

Next, Jang-Mi and Taeja prepare their final presentation.

At the same time, Minjoo happily leaves to meet up with Taeja.  Before she leaves, Taehee asks if they are dating and tells her that she will support Minjoo no matter what.  Taehee will support them whether Minjoo decides to like Taeja or not.


Turns out that Taeja called Minjoo to drive them.  In the car, Taeja puts their application on top of another manila envelope with Minjoo’s paperwork.  The envelopes fall when Minjoo starts her car too early…and Taeja hands over the wrong manila envelope.  They end up submitting the wrong thing.


Jang-Mi’s friend calls her to tell her to come immediately with the actual recipes since their envelope had the wrong paperwork.  As Joonhyuk was with Jang-Mi at the time, he helps  Jang-Mi reprint the actual recipes and drives her over since Taeja isn’t answering her call.  However, when Jang-Mi gets to the company, the elevators are all in use and Jang-Mi has to run up the stairs…


When Joonhyuk arrives at the submission floor, he finds Jang-Mi tearing up as she clutches her submission on the ground.


First, how the hell does Taeja suck so much at flirting?  I guess the only thing could be that he didn’t have to flirt in the past as all of the women fell for him because of his money.  I mean, he started out well when he looked for allies at home to protect Jang-Mi when his mom would inevitably go ballistic.  However, when all he does is try to turn everyone around Jang-Mi to his side without actually winning Jang-Mi over…I can’t help but cringe … >.< Ack.

He also did not win any brownie points by mixing up the submission envelope with Minjoo’s paperwork.  Instead, Joonhyuk definitely won some potential boyfriend points by being there when the stuffing hit the fan and helping Jang-Mi.   WHY TAEJA WHY? Why didn’t you just pay for a simple cab?!



Dude, it has to be the best working with your best friend.  Now that my little small jealously rant is over… She’s going to HATE Jang-Mi now that she is starting to think that Taeja likes her.  I don’t even want to know how she changes…Well, yes I do.  I also hope the writers do not disappoint.

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