Love & Secret – E94

Areum’s family members and Seungwoon all find out that they are not a match for Tiffany.  Meanwhile, Philip makes arrangements to bring Tiffany to the United States.


The doctor tells Areum and Seungwoon that he recommends that Tiffany get a liver transplant…Areum hyperventilates at this news and Seungwoon has to comfort her before calling Mr. Han.


Hearing the news, Mr. Han goes to tell Jinwoo as well.  Jinwoo confirms that this may be the best solution; he explains that most people live after such a transplant and agrees to get tested to see if he’s a match.

When Mr. Han walks out of Jinwoo’s room, Mrs. Han asks to visit Areum.  Mr. Han tells her that Areum’s busy because she took on the responsibility for another project.

Mrs. Han keeps asking and even offers to just visit by herself in a cab.  Feeling frustrated by all of the circumstances, Mr. Han yells at her that she would only hinder Areum if she goes and Mrs. Han walks back into her room like a hurt puppy.


Meanwhile, Philip meets with his attorney.  The attorney confirms that Philip’s position has gotten stronger because Areum has not kept Philip in the loop about Tiffany.  Encouraged, Philip asks about whether he can apply for custody and the attorney agrees that everyone would understand his reasons for requesting custody at a time like this.


However, Lady Fate is not on Suzy’s side today.  She suggests to Philip that they wait until Tiffany is better to take her from Areum; she explains that they don’t know what will happen if they take Tiffany and Tiffany needs a liver transplant.

Philip smirks that Suzy is showing her true colors now that Tiffany is sick.  Suzy responds that Philip shouldn’t feel high and mighty because he is conflating his obsession about his inheritance with fatherly concern for Tiffany.  She also warns him not to anger her as Philip’s father’s requirements included creating a happy family with her before leaving.


Seungwoon runs back into the office to ask about how everything is holding up.  Secretary Jang confirms that he was able to postpone the meeting with Haoren, but Mr. Chun is extremely irritated.  He also warns Seungwoon about his crooked tie and offers to bring him some clean clothes and underwear.


Seungwoon declines and goes to meet with his father.  Mr. Chun demands that Seungwoon bring in the new designer immediately.  Seungwoon answers that the designer is Areum, but she has some issues to resolve right now.  Mr. Chun just responds that Seungwoon better take care of this or be ready to take responsibility.


Meanwhile, Areum muses out loud that she wishes that she could be sick instead of Tiffany.  Jinwoo and Mr. Han check in on her.  Mr. Han consoles her that out of the three of them, one of them will likely be a match.  As they leave, they run into Seungwoon, who has decided to leave the company to Secretary Jang as he helps Areum…If you ask me, Secretary Jang needs a freaking promotion!


Mr. Han asks to speak with Seungwoon separately and apologizes to Seungwoon.  He explains that he would love to be selfish and encourage Seungwoon.  However, he doesn’t think this situation is right for Seungwoon.  He adds that he met Mr. Chun, who seems resolved against Philip.  He doesn’t think that it’s proper that Seungwoon has to fight Mr. Chun because of Areum.

Seungwoon responds that he resolved that he would protect Areum and Tiffany when he made his choice to marry Areum.  He tells Mr. Han that nothing has changed just because Tiffany is sick.

At the pizza place, Sunhwa tells her fellow employee that she’s moved in to her sister’s place to take care of her sister.  She also decides to go in early and calls Heung Min to tell him that she’s coming soon.


Mrs. Han comes out to tell Heung Min that she will make him ddeok-bok-ki.  He tells his aunt that he’s not hungry, but Mrs. Han insists on cooking.  However, when Mrs. Han picks up the knife to cut the onions, Heung Min quickly begs her to just put it down or he will get in trouble with his mom.  He explains that his mom told him not to let Mrs. Han touch anything dangerous.

Hearing Heung Min’s plea, Mrs. Han puts her knife down with a slightly sad expression.  Luckily, Mr. Han and Jinwoo’s appearance lets them move on.

Areum reads to Tiffany at night and in the morning hears that none of the family members or Seungwoon were found as a suitable match for Tiffany.  Areum sighs that she understands before leaving.


In the hospital hallways, Areum runs into Suzy.  Suzy decides to vent her frustration by telling Areum that Areum should have given Tiffany to them earlier.  She also confesses to Areum that she doesn’t have the confidence in raising an ill child.

Areum glares at Suzy and tells Suzy that she will not have to worry as Areum is not giving up Tiffany.


Suzy walks in to find Philip’s father has finished eating.  She tells Philip’s father that Tiffany has been hospitalized in this exact hospital.  Philip enters the room and interrupts, but Suzy continues insisting that Philip’s father has a right to know.  As a result, Philip agrees that Tiffany has acute liver issues but declares to his father that he has a plan.

Philip’s father tells him to contact the renown doctor in the United States.  Additionally, he assumes that Areum will give Tiffany to Philip as he instructs Philip to take Tiffany to the hospital in the United States.

Meanwhile, Haeban has a singing lesson with Songcheol.  Whenever Songcheol gets close to give her detailed instructions, Haeban shyly flirts.  Soo Ah interrupts these lessons.  Instead of asking how her mother is doing, she just asks her mother for money.


Haeban takes out one of her account books and tells her daughter that it’s her entire net worth. Soo Ah scoffs that it’s only $50,000.00, but takes it.  Haeban tells her daughter to take care of Seungho and Soo Ah just retorts that Haeban should return home if she’s so worried.

At the same time, Cheolgu tells Yoojin to be more careful around Haeban.  Yoojin angrily yells back that Songcheol should stop trying to add Haeban to their family.  She tells him that Cheolgu is a slave to money; he was convinced that Haeban is perfect after he found out that she has some money.  Cheolgu yells at her for not understanding him and Yoojin walks off.


Seungwoon goes back to the hospital after he hears that none of the family was found to be a match for Tiffany.  He reassures Areum that he will find a donor no matter what.


Philip tries his best as well.  He makes arrangements to have Tiffany transferred as she as she arrives in the United States.


The next morning, Philip walks in with a teddy bear only to see Tiffany crying as she’s rolled past.


I want to take all my raving about Suzy back.  It’s so cowardly of her to back out of the family just because Tiffany’s sick.  I’m not even sure what she’s so scared about…Tiffany’s hospital fees will be paid for by Philip or Philip’s father.  She hasn’t really been watching Tiffany 24/7, so likely she won’t have to stay at the hospital next to Tiffany’s bed 24/7 as well.  Nothing really changes other than the fact that Tiffany needs additional medical attention so why is she backing out so adamantly?

Other than Suzy showing a sudden cowardliness…Nothing much else to say about this episode.


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