Love & Secret – E95

What happens when Philip’s paternal instincts are pitted against his love for money?  We’ll see soon as it turns out that no one is a match for Tiffany except for Philip.  To make matters complicated, Suzy and Philip’s father are adamant that he should not be Tiffany’s donor.


Philip drops his doll as Tiffany gets wheeled by and stops Areum to ask what is going on.  Areum struggles past him to join Tiffany.

Since Areum is not answering his questions, Philip goes to the doctor.  When he finds out that Tiffany may be in a life-threatening situation, Philip asks to take Tiffany to the United States.


The doctor answers that taking Tiffany on an airplane would kill her at this stage and instead asks Philip to see if he could be a donor.  Philip agrees and leaves.


When Philip comes out of the doctor’s office, he meets Suzy, who has overheard everything.  Suzy tells Philip that she hopes that he doesn’t become a match for Tiffany;  the surgery can be dangerous to the donor and she doesn’t understand why Philip is acting emotionally rather than logically.  Philip doesn’t bother explaining to Suzy that it’s natural…Rather, he tells her that he must have been mistaken because he thought Suzy could become a mother.


After telling his current wife off, Philip goes to rage against Areum.  He berates her for not keeping him in the loop about Tiffany and not asking him to test to see if he would be a suitable donor.  Areum just responds that she will fix Tiffany without his help, which Philip cuts off with the remark that she’s pretending to be more capable than she is… Sigh. Why can’t they just WORK TOGETHER? SHEESH.


Mr. Han and Jinwoo call Areum to ask if any of them were a match to find out the negative news.  Mr. Han makes the executive decision to ask Sunhwa’s family for help.  Sunhwa and Heungsu run right over as soon as they hear the news and offer to take the same donor test. >_< Omg, I’m tearing up by these two.

Heungsu actually speaks rationally.  He notes that they would be happy to take the test and volunteer as donors…However, he mentions that in the case that they aren’t a match, they should ask Philip… Sunhwa shuts him up and consoles Mr. Han that they will surely find a donor.


Meanwhile, Jinwoo takes Mrs. Han on a walk.  Seeing that Jinwoo is preoccupied, Mrs. Han asks if there is something happening to the family, which they are keeping from her.  Jinwoo denies it, but Mrs. Han knows that he’s lying.


At the same time, Soo Ah arranges to meet with Nurse Min to hand over the money that she received from her mother.  Soo Ah also orders that Nurse Min erase her contact information and promise never to contact her again.  After Soo Ah leaves, Nurse  Min counts the money and gets angry only to find $50,000.


Then at the company, Mr. Chun calls in Secretary Jang to ream into him about Seungwoon and Areum.  Mr. Chun asks if Secretary Jang is already choosing to be on Seungwoon’s side and Secretary Jang denies it.  Hearing this, Mr. Jang orders that Secretary Jang find out what Seungwoon is doing and report back.


At Songcheol’s office, Cheolgu gets excited about Haeban’s latest record.  Yet, Yoojin throws water on the excitement by demanding that Haeban rerecords the album with better technique.  Hearing that she has to spend the whole day rerecording, Haeban refuses to continue and leaves for her room.


Mr. Chun interrupts this discussion by stopping by for Haeban.  He tells Haeban that he came to bring her back home.  Mr. Chun asks if he has done anything to irritate her and Haeban denies it.  She explains that she’s doing this for her own reasons…Instead, she asks that Mr. Chun gives money directly to Soo Ah instead of her and Mr. Chun agrees.


Mr. Chun returns back home to tell Soo Ah that he failed.  He comments that it feels awkward that Haeban is not at home.  He also asks why Soo Ah asked her mother for money and Soo Ah pretends that she had to buy Seungho’s school supplies.  Mr. Chun hands over a credit card for her living expenses.


Meanwhile, Sunhwa and Heungsu worry about Tiffany in the room.  They compare it to the time that they were so worried that Heung Min got sick with the cold.  They promise each other to get tested.


Then Sunhwa accompanies Mrs. Han to the hospital for her treatment.  Sunhwa and Mrs. Han comments that Mrs. Han seems to be getting so much better.  Mrs. Han even asks if she will get cured eventually if she takes her medicine and the physical therapy.

However, the doctor asks to speak with Sunhwa separately.  It’s weird that she asks for privacy and then the nurse leaves the door open so that Mrs. Han can overhear everything. Ugh.  Mrs. Han overhears the doctor warn Sunhwa that it’s when the patient gets better that the family needs to be careful…Dementia patients might get better but then regress.


After the visit, Sunhwa asks Mrs. Han to eat outside for once.  Over food, Mrs. Han hands over the documents that would hospitalize her at an assisted care facility as her guardian.  Mrs. Han explains that she doesn’t want to impose on her family anymore, but Sunhwa just shakes her head.


At the hospital, Philip takes the donor exam while Areum sings to her sleeping baby.  TT_TT


Suzy keeps falling lower as she goes straight to Philip’s sick father to tell him about Tiffany’s need for a transplant.  I’m sure she expects Philip’s father to stop Philip…

When Philip comes in, his father confirms that Philip tested to see if he was a match.  Surprising me, Philip’s father turns the other eye to his only grandchild and orders Philip not to donate even if he’s a match…Rather, he tells Philip to pay everything necessary.

While blood relatives are preparing to not help, Seungwoon calls other international hospitals to ask if there is any way to raise Tiffany’s rank on the waiting list for a donation.  Secretary Jang overhears this and promises to take care of the company matters so that Seungwoon can help Tiffany.


Seungwoon goes to visit Tiffany again and Areum comes back in.  She confesses to Seungwoon that she feels guilty that she didn’t hand over Tiffany earlier…just like Philip alleged.  Seungwoon hugs her and tells her not to be confused.  She did everything that she could; they will be able to heal Tiffany.


Philip meets Seungwoon in the lobby with some stuff for Tiffany and snidely remarks that he’s pretending to be Tiffany’s father.  Seungwoon answers that Philip should take the exam first…He adds that Philip shouldn’t assume that he can have Tiffany without taking responsibility.


As Seungwoon walks back to Areum, a nurse recognizes him as Tiffany’s guardian.  She tells Seungwoon that a match was found.  Seungwoon runs straight to Areum to tell her the news and they run to the doctor together…to find out that Philip is a match.


Hmmmm…Curious…Very curious… I did not expect to be so interested in a subplot that focused on Philip’s decision to be so interesting to me.  Additionally, it was a surprise to find that Philip’s father would order Philip not to be Tiffany’s donor.  I thought after all of those scenes where Philip’s father was playing with Tiffany, he would berate Suzy for not thinking about the child.  But nope, starting to see why Philip has been harboring a grudge against his father this whole time…This man is cold.

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