Love & Secret – E97

Areum continues to grow up even more as she learns that she’s not the only one suffering.  She and Seungwoon race to convince the next donee on the list to give up her spot for Tiffany only to find another child.  During all this, Philip decides to leave and Tiffany ends up with the worse case scenario of being unable to breathe.


Seungwoon interrupts Soo Ah and Nurse Min’s conversation.  Seeing Seungwoon, Soo Ah immediately promises to pay everything and pushes Nurse Min off with Seungwoon following.  However, when he turns the corner, Nurse Min has disappeared.


He demands to know if Nurse Min was here and Soo Ah pretends that it was just a friend of hers.  She tells him that he hasn’t seen Nurse Min in over ten years, so it would be easy for him to mistake her friend for Nurse Min.

Seungwoon returns to his apartment still brooding when Areum calls.  She found out the next person on the list for a liver donation…She asks Seungwoon to accompany her as she tries to convince the other patient to let Tiffany get the donation first.


Seungwoon pauses that it will be difficult to convince the other patient, but Areum complains that she cannot just not do anything.  Seungwoon agrees as Philip watches Areum from the door.  After overhearing everything, Philip just leaves.


At the same time, Jinwoo meets up with Jiwoo at the park and lets her know everything that is going on.  Jiwoo wants to race to the hospital, but Jinwoo tells her that it would be best to give Areum some space.  Instead, he asks her to take down the video of him singing that she posted online.

Jiwoo returns home to find Mr. Han staring at his phone … brooding about whether or not he should call Philip.  Jiwoo promises to check with his school to see if there is anything he can do to get Tiffany a donation faster.


Mr. Han returns to the master bedroom to find Mrs. Han refusing to eat.  She demands that they talk to Philip about donating part of his liver.  Mr. Han replies that Philip has been informed by the doctor as well.  If he has not already scheduled a surgery, it means that Philip isn’t planning to take the surgery…Mr. Han angrily notes that Philip doesn’t have a right to be Tiffany’s father.


Sunhwa takes Heung Min to eat dinner and tells him to stop crying…to think positive.


Meanwhile, Cheolgu walks out of Yoojin’s room because she’s not there.  In the living room, Songcheol confronts Cheolgu about the lie that Yoojin was pregnant.  Cheolgu responds that he wanted to take responsibility no matter what.  Songcheol comments that this is what Haeban was probably referring to when she warned him not to get angry at Cheolgu and Yoojin no matter what.

Hearing this, Cheolgu complains that Yoojin was too harsh on Haeban when she’s only trying to help.  He tells Songcheol that Yoojin told off Haeban regarding her crush and Haeban left home.  Worried, Songcheol calls Haeban, who decides to not pick up because she wants to pay “push and pull.”


At the same time, Mrs. Han sneaks out of her apartment to visit Philip.  She tells him that she heard that he was a match…but, that his father ordered that he not undergo the surgery.  She pleads with him that he’s Tiffany’s father…and he’s the only one that can help.

Philip gets up to show her out and Mrs. Han falls to her knees to beg him.  She begs over and over again to help since he’s the only one.

Suzy walks in to yell at Mrs. Han.  Mrs. Han looks surprised that Philip is already married, but continues to ask Philip to help Tiffany.


At the office, Secretary Jang runs into Mr. Chun’s office with bad news.  Haoren has gotten tired of waiting and wants to cancel their partnership.  They said that he have been waiting enough and are tired of waiting for new designs.  Mr. Chun yells at Secretary Jang to call Seungwoon until he picks up.


Areum and Seungwoon walk into the next patient on the list’s room only to find a small girl lying in the bed.  They stare at her until the girl’s mom comes in and asks if they need help…She’s been in the hospital for so long that she should be able to let them know the right path.

Seungwoon starts to answer, but Areum stops him.  She tells the mother that they accidentally came to the wrong room and they leave.


Seungwoon drives Areum back to the hospital before running back to the company.  Mr. Chun yells at him about the Haoren partnership and tells him to leave the company.  Seungwoon readily acquiesces and Mr. Chun seems even more angry at this.


One thing that they don’t have to worry about is Soo Ah.  She has to meet up with Nurse Min again to tell her that she’s preparing the money.  Soo Ah even notes that Nurse Min seems so flippant about her demand only for Nurse Min to calmly wonder how well Seungwoon has grown.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Han returns home to a worried husband and sister.  They yell at her for leaving without telling them, but Mrs. Han’s sincere words shut them both up.  She notes that she doesn’t know how long she will be lucid and if she can help Areum at all, she will do it.


Another worried woman goes on the attack.  At the hospital, Suzy yells at Areum for asking her mom to ask Philip to undergo the surgery.  Suzy tells her that she and Philip are planning to move back to the United States and she hopes that Areum will no longer get in the way.

Hearing that Philip is leaving the country, Areum grabs Suzy’s arm and begs her to save Tiffany.  Suzy just yells at Areum for even thinking that she would help convince Philip to undergo the surgery before leaving.

Afterwards, Areum leans on Seungwoon with the confession that she’s so scared about Tiffany’s future…


Suzy and Philip go to the airport with his father when Tiffany’s condition worsens.  Philip stays behind to take Areum’s call and ends up returning to the hospital.  When Philip doesn’t answer his phone, his father sighs that his son couldn’t throw away his child in the end.

Philip returns to the hospital to find Areum waiting outside the surgery room.  She tells him that things got worse and Tiffany couldn’t breathe.  She begs Philip to save Tiffany; she will do anything he wants.


Philip answers that he will have the surgery.  However, after the surgery, he’s taking Tiffany.


Maybe I am in a much more understanding mood today, but I don’t hate Suzy for her behavior.  She saw Tiffany as a cute child and started to bond with Tiffany.  However, if she had to choose, she loves Philip and not Tiffany.  Just because Tiffany is a baby doesn’t mean that one should love a stranger’s baby more than one’s own spouse or lover… After all, you choose to be with your spouse for the rest of your life.  You don’t get a choice with your child; as such, I do think you have a responsibility to love your partner forever.  I can’t fault Suzy for doing that as much as it sucks to think that she is turning her back from a baby.

I am pretty disappointed in Philip though.  Dude, this is your child and you actually go all the way to the airport to leave?! I think…I don’t even know what to say.  Time for some ice cream = _______ =

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