Run, Jang-Mi – E30

Did you fall for it?  I did! OMG, it’s been a while since I fell for some gimmick from a drama, but this time I TOTALLY DID.  Jang-Mi made it in time to save their competition submission.  In fact, Jang-Mi and Taeja end up placing in the competition!!! WOOHOO!


PSYCH! So I actually fell for it…but, it turns out Jang-Mi made it in time with two minutes to spare!  Jang-Mi’s friend Jang-Mi paced within the submission room as the person in charge started packing up.  At this point, Jang-Mi runs in to hand in the actual recipes and her friend blurts out that there’s two minutes left!  The person packing up smiles and accepts the real recipes and returns to Jang-Mi the other manila envelope.


Jang-Mi explains this to Joonhyuk, who asks why Jang-Mi cried.  Jang-Mi responds that she doesn’t know…She just teared up when she saw him.  She also offers to buy dinner as she wouldn’t have made it without his help.

After they leave, Taeja and Minjoo come running up.  Taeja tries knocking on the door, but no one is there as they are 30 minutes late.  He falls to the ground angry with himself for not seeing Jang-Mi’s calls earlier.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi and Joonhyuk eat at a “bun-shik” restaurant.  [Bun-shik is Korean traditional fast food.  Usually it’s ramen, kimbap, and ddeokbokki.  Such food is cheap :)]

Joonhyuk drowns his ddeokbokki with water and Jang-Mi confronts him about choosing a cheaper place in consideration of her.  Joonhyuk smiles wryly in response that his acting must be bad.  However, this doesn’t annoy Jang-Mi, who tells him that he reminds her of her father…who used to also choose cheaper eats whenever she offered to buy him food.


Taeja comes home dejectedly, while Minjoo barely hides her excitement that Taeja will now have more free time to play with her.  In the courtyard, Joonhyuk yells at Taeja for messing up AGAIN.  He warns Taeja to help Jang-Mi with what she cares about instead of messing things up because he’s excited about having a crush on her.


Taeja tries knocking on Jang-Mi’s door.  She doesn’t answer and shouts through the door that she doesn’t want to talk that night.  So, Taeja ends up just grabbing a beer in the kitchen.


The next day, Taeja tells Jang-Mi that he’s sorry, but he’s not going to apologize.  He knows that it was his fault and tells Jang-Mi that he will control his emotions.  He won’t bother her; instead, he will help her win the competition.  Jang-Mi takes his offered hand.


Next, Jang-Mi prepares some rice cakes and even the chef notes how weird it is that both Jang-Mi and Taeja are so quiet.  Taeja responds that they just want to focus on the competition for now.

Surprised, the chef asks if Taeja has moved on already and comments that boys these days fall for girls easily and then fall easily out of love.  He used the phrase “cool off” so easily.  Taeja snaps back at him that he’s still burning at 100 degrees [PFFFT], but he’s going to help Jang-Mi focus on the competition as it’s more important to her.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi’s mother continues to decorate Mr. Jang’s house when Taeja’s mom stops by.  She seems surprised to see Jang-Mi’s mom in the house and demands to know what Mrs. Baek is doing in Mr. Jang’s house.  Mrs. Baek responds that she’s decorating and cooking some times…before, she gets dismissed by Mr. Jang’s arrival.


Taeja’s mom goes straight to her point.  She asks if any girl is lurking around Taeja and visiting the rice cake cafe.  Mr. Jang pauses and she asks if Taeja is seeing anyone.  Mr. Jang responds haltingly that he cannot give out personal information; she needs to ask Taeja directly.  In response, Taeja’s mother asks if Minjoo visits him the most often and Mr. Jang confirms that Minjoo VISITS the most often.

Taeja’s mom hears this and believes that it’s confirmation of her suspicions.  She asks Mr. Jang to let her know if Taeja doesn’t come home at night, which he promises to do.


However, when Mr. Jang gets back to the cafe, he pulls Taeja aside.  He tells Taeja sternly that he’s worried about Jang-Mi as Taeja’s mom stopped by to ask about his girl-affairs.  He also warns Taeja that his mom is suspicious about Minjoo.

Taeja asks Mr. Jang to keep Jang-Mi a secret from his family until he can first win her heart and Mr. Jang agrees.

At the same time, Mincheol walks out with his coworkers for lunch.  When he sees that the elevator stops at Jangsu’s floor, he ends up running away for ramen. Serves the arse right.


Meanwhile, Taehee sighs as she looks at a pair of tickets.  When Minjoo asks, Taehee explains that she promised Joonhyuk that she would restrain her enthusiasm…She would only ask to meet once out of three times.  She ends up giving the tickets to Minjoo, who recommends that she keeps her feelings hidden the next time.  Adorably, Taehee notes that she would probably act the same way…How is she supposed to hide her feelings that she likes someone?


Minjoo runs straight to the cafe.  She looks surprised that they are still working and Taeja explains that they are working on the competition submission.  Minjoo frowns to hear that they are still in the running and whines that she wanted to go to a gallery on the weekend.  Taeja declines as he is having more fun preparing for the competition.


Baby Mincheol tattles on his fears to his mother over dinner, who gets angry that Jangsu is bullying her big wimp of a son.  She tells Mincheol not to shy away next time.


At the bar, Mincheol’s father sings his heart out and gets ovation from the chef’s assistant.  She flatters him adorably.

Mincheol’s mother has no idea and is obsessed with her children instead.  She checks in on Minjoo, who’s angry that Taeja is so busy.  Her mother tells Minjoo that this is a good thing; Taeja’s grandfather might have created the competition situation to train Taeja.


At Jang-Mi’s house, Jang-su gets beaten up by both his mother and sister when he tries to feed his sister herbal supplements.  First, Jangsu’s mom thinks that he get involved in another ponzi scheme and when Jangsu tries to explain that this was a gift from Taeja, Jang-Mi hits him as well!  He ends up giving the herbal supplements back to Taeja and asks Taeja likes Jang-Mi.  Taeja confirms and asks Jangsu for his support.


The next morning, Jang-Mi wakes up late and runs to work.  However, Taeja has come in early to prepare everything so the staff doesn’t care that Jang-Mi came in late.  Taeja also pulls out the expensive herbal drinks for everyone and gives one to Jang-Mi as well.  As a result, the chef and his assistant encourage Jang-Mi to drink hers as well.


Afterwards, Jang-Mi and Taeja wait for his grandfather’s opinion on the rice cakes; he notes that he approves.  Then, the chef gets a call from headquarters.  He tells the two that they made it to the final rounds!

Taeja’s grandfather pinches his grandson’s cheek with happiness; Taeja goes straight to hugging Jang-Mi, which his grandfather sees.


Next, we see Jang-Mi and Taeja practicing for the practical part of the competition.  Afterwards, Taeja even wakes up early to buy new supplies for the next day’s practice. He proudly explains how he woke up early to buy the supplies as he’s the healthier guy, when he gets a nose bleed.  Hilariously, he gets excited that he even got the nose bleed.

Noticeably, Jang-Mi reacts when Taeja grabs her hand to hold on to the tissue paper that is supposed to stop his nose bleed…o_o

Then we get to the competition!  Everyone works hard and Taeja’s grandfather gets distracted by Mr. Jang.  Oldie friends forever!


Everything seems to go well until there’s less than five minutes left.  Taeja holds the beans for Jang-Mi, who ends up dropping the plate.  Quickly, Taeja puts the beans back on the plate for Jang-Mi to use, but she’s frozen as you’re only supposed to use materials that can be eaten…


Wow, that was a satisfying twist.   ^________^

Now that my surprise is out of my system, I like how Jang-Mi is gradually falling for Taeja.  Mainly, I just really want Joonhyuk to end up with Taehee, who I think is a great character overall.  However, I’m starting to wonder why the writers have included in the script all of the times that Joonhyuk gets oddly serious about things when Jang-Mi is involved and why he helped her out so many times… It makes me uneasy, but I think the writers are setting it up so that Joonhyuk ends up fighting Taeja for Jang-Mi…This will be something that I am not looking forward to.

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