Run, Jang-Mi – E31

Okay, sorry.  I got so excited in my last recap, that I spoiled this one. But yep!  Jang-Mi and Taeja place third in the competition thanks to Taeja turning out to be an artistic genius!  We even get some background from his mother that he used to win awards prior to The Accident for his artistic ability.  Thanks to a successful competition, Taeja decides to do the showy confession in the middle of a snowstorm…because what is a confession without extreme temperatures, right?


Jang-Mi stays frozen in place as the timekeeper announces that the competitors only have three minutes left.  She whispers to Taeja that rice cakes are to be eaten, not seen so she cannot use the beans that fell on the floor and she has no idea about how to fix the situation.


Taeja carefully pushes her over and forms slight indentations where the eyes and nose would go.  Instead of using the beans, he respects Jang-Mi’s principles and uses the black rice cake powder to form  the eyes and nose right before the time runs out.


When the judges walk around to make the final judgments, they ask Jang-Mi’s team why they didn’t stick to the original recipe.  In a panic, Jang-Mi stutters about dropping the beans, but Taeja cuts her off.  Smoothly and confidently, Taeja explains that they decided during the competition that they want to win with just rice flour and not other materials.  As a result, they modified the recipe to rely only on rice flour.  The judges seem to accept this explanation, but comment that they will be penalized for not following the rules and using all of the recipe ingredients that they submitted before walking off…


While the judges tabulate the scores, Jang-Mi asks Taeja about his idea to substitute the black rice flour for beans.  Taeja beams at her and asks if she’s proud of him.  Continuing to smile in an adorably proud way, he explains that he learned it from her at the time that Jang-Mi fixed the birthday cake for the little baby.


Finally, the judges begin to announce the first place winners and the second place winners.  Jang-Mi and Taeja tense up with anticipation, but each time they aren’t called.  In contrast, when they get declared as third place winners, it takes them a couple of minutes to register the implications and walk up to get their awards!  Note that it was a nice touch that all of the male participants held the flower bouquets as the female participants held the actual trophies.


After the competition, Taeja’s grandfather hears from one of his employees to his utter joy.  Jang-Mi’s friend Jang-Mi also runs out with the news for Jang-Mi’s family members.  Hearing that Jang-Mi placed, Jang-Mi’s mom is ready to go out and celebrate together as a group!  However, Taeja has other plans and gives Jangsu and Jang-Mi (friend) the furtive look.  Immediately, Jangsu and Jang-Mi’s friend talk about letting the two team members debrief together and having a larger celebration another day.


Taeja takes Jang-Mi to a fancy smancy restaurant, where I assume he wanted to ask her out again. Unfortunately for him, things keep interrupting.  He gets a text from Minjoo, who’s waiting in the garage to celebrate with him with flowers and a gift.  Hearing that he’s out with Jang-Mi, she even tries to invite herself to the dinner, but the nuance-dumb Taeja doesn’t pick up on Minjoo’s obviousness.  He just tells her that they can celebrate together another day.

The next attempt is foiled because Jang-Mi wants to discuss how they are going to split the prizes.  Taeja tells her that she can keep all of the money; he only wants the trophy.  He explains that it’s his first time winning anything.

Meanwhile, Minjoo complains to her brother and mother that Taeja and Jang-Mi placed … so now he won’t be as available.  Then when Mincheol asks her to test out one of his new line’s face masks, she refuses citing her sensitive skin.


Jang-Mi has a smaller celebration with her mom and brother, when she gives her mom all of the prize money.  She proudly tells her mom that she wants her mom to use it for living expenses.  Man…what a perfect daughter o_o


On the flip side, Taeja doesn’t really think about his mother or grandfather.  He just happily celebrates with Joonhyuk and Mr. Jang.  I don’t think this says as much about Taeja’s lack of a relationship with his family as much as it says something about Taeja’s relationship with Joonhyuk and Mr. Jang…To Taeja, they are part of his direct family.


The next day, the staff of the cafe celebrates the win and Taeja goes to tell his mom.  He brags about how proud he is that he won his won until his mom informs him that he used to win art awards lot as a child…before THE ACCIDENT.  Taeja’s grandfather interrupts to congratulate Taeja and everything is good and happy…until Taeja’s grandfather comments that with Taeja’s current enthusiasm for working and responsibility, he will be asking to inherit the company in no time.  Hearing this, Taeja’s expression darkens immediately and he declares to his grandfather that kind of situation would never happen…and stalks off to drink with Minjoo.


ANNNNDDDD the good news continues to come.  Finally, because our girl Jang-Mi deserves a break.   The next day, Joonhyuk proposes to Taeja’s grandfather that they modify the traditional rules of the competition a little.  In the past, only the first place winner’s recipe was designated as part of the official menu.  However, the marketing team is highly interested in continuing the competition in a way, by seeing which of the two recipes between the first place team’s and Jang-Mi/Taeja’s team’s recipe is more popular.  The proposed short term plan would be to sell both for two days at the two main cafes to gauge demand.  Of course, Taeja’s grandfather approves.


On the first day, Jang-Mi’s mother and Mr. Jang check out one of the cafes incognito.  Jang-Mi’s mother explains that she’s going to wear a different outfit and come back to put stickers on Taeja/Jang-Mi’s recipe later on in the day.  Mr. Jang replies that this is a risky plan when Taeja’s mother waltzes in and nonchalantly orders 200 of Taeja/Jang-Mi’s recipe (make-your-own-assorted  rice cakes) for delivery. HAH!  The Ice Queen and her weakness for her son.

Unfortunately, the first place recipe of rice cake sandwiches wins out on the first day.  The next day, Taeja and Jang-Mi’s coworkers go to help vote in their favor and the Chef’s Assistant sees Minjoo voting for the other team.  Selfish girl would rather Taeja have time to frolic with her than actually become an independent business man…What a short sighted idiot…


Fortunately for us, the gods of dramaland agree and Taeja/Jang-Mi’s recipe wins out.  Cue a large party barbecue celebration! ^_______________^  Afterwards, Taeja tells Jang-Mi in the courtyard that he’s really happy for her.  He wanted their recipe to win because he remembered Jang-Mi had confessed to him that it was one of her dreams…to have her rice cake recipe actually sold as part of the main menu.  With that as a lead in, Taeja tells Jang-Mi to come to the school field the next day; he will be waiting for her from the morning on.  Jang-Mi responds that she knows what he wants to ask and her answer remains the same.

Not deterred, Taeja tells her that he’s going to wait until she comes.

The next day, Jang-Mi decides to stay home as Taeja heads out to the field.  He waits even as it starts to snow…and snow… and SNOW.  After a while, Jang-Mi feels tired (probably due to guilt) and even takes a nap.  When she wakes up, it’s already the evening and her mom tells her to eat dinner.


Jang-Mi hears that it’s snowing outside and worries that Taeja would still be waiting…because he made his intent obvious and runs out just in case to check…to find Taeja waiting in the middle of the field, covered with snow, waiting for her.


Props to the writer for making Jang-Mi a constant character.  She totally knew that Taeja was trying to ask her out again and avoided the topic during the dinner.  It was simultaneously hilarious to watch and cringe-inducing.  It also seemed so realistic when Taeja invites her to the field the next day and Jang-Mi cuts him off with the response that she’s still not interested.  However, what would a daily drama be without some extreme dramatic emotional/confessions?  Not going to dock them too much for this one.

On the bright side, Taeja’s quick thinking made me see the pros of Taeja versus Joonhyuk.  The background that Taeja was always talented in art also helps.  After all, what girl wouldn’t swoon for a guy who saves the day in the last minute? ^_____^ Much better than a guy who messes things up =_=x

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