Infinity Challenge – Sixth Man Finalists

original_1On the April 4, 2015 episode of Infinity Challenge, we found out who survived to become a finalist in the show.  The show actually had the contestants vote for each other, with each person having two votes.  Each person could not vote for himself/herself or vote for one person twice.

This was a pretty safe way of eliminating the contestants in an organic way.  None of the original members have to burn any bridges as they are not the ones making the decision.  Similarly, the writers are not making the decision…so, I wonder if the “Sixth Man” will actually have a permanent role on Infinity Challenge or if it’s just a gimmick.

Anyways, the survivors were:  Kwanghee, Kang Kyun-Sung, Choi Siwon, Jang Dong-Min and Hong Jin-Kyung.  Originally, they meant to have four finalists but they had several ties for third place and ended up with four.

I was pleased to see that Hong Jin-Kyung survived until the final round, but she was definitely not the funniest.  It is also difficult to judge as there’s only one hour and you’re basically watching ten comedians all try to entertain you without hijacking the show.

In this episode, each contestant presented to the group ideas that they believed would be great for new episodes.  Some of the interesting ideas suggested are as follows:

  • Siwon showed off his massive connections by suggesting that MUDO film episodes with Hollywood celebrities that visit Korea.
  • Kang Kyun-Sung suggested that MUDO do an episode similar to the variety show about jungle survival.
  • Kwanghee wanted some sort of fashion makeover or to follow MUDO members as they try for jobs that they would have done if they were not in MUDO.
  • Jang Dong-Min suggested something along the lines of a physical death match against formidable comedian/celebrities.
  • Finally, Hong Jin-Hyung suggested an entertaining debate about important issues.


Some people are speculating that the next episode will be about the smaller pairs between old/new members as they prepare mini-MUDO episodes with suggested ideas.  Let’s see how this works and how long MUDO will run with the Sixth Man concept.  I kind of miss the original format.

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