Love & Secret – E98

Well all priorities are revealed in this episode.  Philip bargains with his own daughter’s life…Areum actually thinks about the decision far longer than she should…Suzy confesses to Philip again that she doesn’t need anything but him.


Philip gives Areum his ultimatum that he can do the surgery, but he wants Tiffany in return.  He tells her that he won’t be able to wait long and leaves Areum falling back into her seat.


Meanwhile, Mr. Han rushes over to the hospital in tears when he meets Seungwoon.  Mr. Han wants to contact Philip again, but Seungwoon tells him that it’s no use…Philip has already gone to the United States.

When Mr. Han and Seungwoon come back into the hospital, Areum tells her father that Tiffany has lost conscienceless.  Mr. Han replies that they need to ask Philip for help…he’s willing to beg Philip as they need to think about Tiffany first.  Areum replies that she will contact Philip.


At the same time, Suzy calls Philip to yell at him for making his father worry.  Philip returns to his father’s hotel room to let his father know about his ultimatum.  Philip’s father’s first concern is about his son’s health; he says that he doesn’t care about Tiffany if something happens to Philip.  Philip responds that this is the best choice for him as he cannot just stand around doing nothing.


At the Han residence, the whole family waits on pins and needles since Mr. Han is not answering his phone.  Mrs. Han decides to barge the hospital when Mr. Han returns to let everyone know that Areum can no longer breathe by herself without the assistance of a machine.


Everyone agrees that Philip needs to step in at this time and Mr. Han informs them that Philip has already returned to the United States.  Mrs. Han freaks out when she hears this as a father can’t just leave his daughter like this.  Mr. Han and Jinwoo have to calm Mrs. Han down as she’s lost it emotionally.


Another comedic interlude occurs as Cheolgu fans the flames of Songcheol’s worry since Haeban has still not returned and is not picking up her phone.  Songcheol snaps at Cheolgu before leaving.  When Songcheol leaves, Cheolgu calls Haeban to let her know that this tactic is working; she should hold out a little longer.


Soo Ah interrupts to see her mother and Cheolgu drives Soo Ah to the jjimjilbang that Haeban is staying at.  Soo Ah asks Haeban for more money…A smart woman, Haeban tells her daughter that she has no more money.  Soo Ah tries to ask for Haeban’s land and Haeban tells her that she lost the land in a failed investment.


At the company, Mr. Chun is angry that Seungwoon hasn’t returned to work and resolved the Haoren matter.  Secretary Jang explains that Tiffany has acute liver failure and Mr. Chun grumps that Seungwoon is still stuck on the child.


Meanwhile, Seungwoon returns to the hospital room to console Areum.  She tells him that Philip is still in Korea and explains Philip’s ultimatum.  She asks Seungwoon for his support no matter what she chooses.


When Seungwoon returns home, he immediately apologizes to his father.  Seungwoon promises to do better in the future.  However, his father only berates him for being so irresponsible.  Mr. Chun tells him that even when his wife died, he went on a business trip…he had to protect the company and the other employees’ livelihood.  He warns Seungwoon that he needs to deal with the rest of the Haoren matter on his own.

Areum continues to waste precious time by Tiffany’s side tearing up as I stuff myself with ice cream…Finally, she decides to meet with Philip and ask him the obvious.  She asks him to undergo the surgery.


Philip hands over the declaration giving up her parental rights…DURESS ANYONE? Like the family court in Korea would uphold the rights of a father who only promised to undergo surgery for his child, who couldn’t breathe on her own after his ex-wife signed a waiver…REALLY? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE EXPENSIVE LAWYER YOU HAVE ON RETAINER FOR TIMES LIKE THIS?!

Anyways, while I ranted, Areum signed the declaration and returned to the hospital room.  She cries to Seungwoon, who also cries with her … He promises that he will explain everything to Tiffany, if she ever comes back to ask her mother why she gave up.  HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN THE EXISTENCE OF THEIR LAWYERS?


Jinwoo interrupts the two crybabies, and Areum tells him to update the rest of the family that Philip agreed to undergo the surgery.

Meanwhile, Soo Ah is the only one, who is using her brain.  She calls people to see if she could borrow around $500,000 for a real estate investment.  Of course, dramaland is trying to be realistic here and she fails.


She gets a call from Nurse Min and meets up in a cafe.  Soo Ah tells Nurse Min that she hasn’t gotten the money yet.  The atmosphere gets intense as Soo Ah tries to threaten Nurse Min with the possibility of action against Nurse Min illegally threatening her to extort her.  In response, Nurse Min offers to go to the police because she has a witness on her side that Soo Ah killed Mrs. Chun.  Not backing down, Soo Ah brings out her phone and informs Nurse Min that she has been recording everything.  At this, Nurse Min grits out that Soo Ah better not regret her decision before leaving.


The Han residence is in a much better mood as the family members hear about Philip’s decision to undergo the surgery.  In contrast, Philip declares the same to his father, who seems more resigned than happy.  Suzy even tearfully asks Philip’s father to stop Philip.  However, Philip’s father decides to support his son and just tells him to stay alive.

Philip’s father asks Suzy to stay next to Philip throughout the surgery and Suzy agrees.  She also runs after Philip to tell him that she doesn’t care about the money or inheritance…She only cares about Philip.  She tells him she doesn’t know what she would do if something happened to him.


Philip pauses and tells Suzy warmly that she shouldn’t worry; he will be fine.


The next day, Areum and Seungwoon are told that the surgery will take 12 hours.  At the same time, Suzy asks her nurse to prioritize Philip if something happens.

Tiffany and Philip get wheeled in as the three people wait outside… Awww Tiffany in a hair net is adorable >____<


Okay, yes, it’s a drama.  But for all of the times that the drama had the main characters consult their freaking lawyers in the past 20 episodes, it was like everyone FORGOT about the lawyer’s existence…  I would think that using your daughter’s life as a bargaining chip would be more than enough for a judge to rule in favor of the other side winning custody…However, instead, we get some noble idiocy as Areum cries with Seungwoon about Tiffany hating her as a mother, who gave up her child.  Yep, was not really feeling that one.

Once we get over the fact that the characters all went into idiot-land in this episode, Areum and Philip both kind of sucked.  Philip bargained with his daughter’s life.  Case closed.  Jerk.  Meanwhile, Areum decides to actually worry about whether or not she should accept Philip’s conditions, when it’s clear that Philip is Tiffany’s only solution!  I was like WHAT THE HECK?  HEAL THE BABY AND THEN FIGHT ABOUT WHAT’S RIGHT OR WRONG.

The only person that seemed reasonable in this episode was Suzy.  I think her actions and words were really constant for her character – a woman, who really loves Philip.  In the early episodes, Philip told Jackie that he was attracted to and loved Areum, because she loved him whole-heartedly.  In this episode, Suzy shows that she loves Philip much more than he could even imagine, while Areum only cares about Tiffany.  I wonder if Suzy’s last words and behavior leading up to the surgery would not move Philip’s heart?

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