Run, Jang-Mi – E32

The trope of cliches are back as Taeja gets rejected for the second time, even though he stood in the snow for a full day to confess to Jang-Mi.  Jang-Mi also finds out about Taeja’s grandfather’s real job in this episode…and Taeja kisses Jang-Mi…on the forehead.


Jang-Mi walks over to the half-frozen Taeja in the middle of the field with an umbrella.  When he sees her, Taeja immediately pulls her in for a hug and rests his face against her shoulder.

Jang-Mi pulls away to yell at Taeja for being an idiot and waiting all day in the field for her…I wonder if he took any bathroom breaks… However, Taeja just thanks her for coming out in the end.


Sighing in frustration, Jang-Mi drags Taeja to the nearby cafe and offers to cook him some warm porridge.  Taeja responds by telling her that it’s more important that he can say what he wants to say.  He explains that it’s impossible for him to continue to restrain himself from asking her out again.


Jang-Mi looks a little more apologetic, but she tells Taeja that her answer has not changed.  Smiling, Taeja notes that he’s been rejected twice so he’s going to fill up his 100 quota.  To Jang-Mi’s shocked expression, he explains that they say all trees will fall after being hit ten times…Since, she’s a human with emotions, he will try a hundred times before giving up.  Got to give the guy props for his tenacity.


The next morning, Mr. Jang stops by to ask Mrs. Baek to cook some porridge for Taeja, who has come down with the flu.  Her motherly instincts triggered, Mrs. Baek whips up a nice porridge with side dishes and brings it over herself.  As she leaves, she runs into Jang-Mi, who’s also brought some medicine.  Guilt, anyone?


Taeja perks up at the sight of Jang-Mi and jokes that he’s feeling better already since she came to see him.  Jang-Mi smiles that he must be feeling better if he’s able to joke about things.  She gets up to leave when Taeja grabs her wrist and asks her to stay as he eats all of the porridge.  Jang-Mi retorts that Taeja is old enough to eat his own meals by himself when Joonhyuk walks in.

Seeing Joonhyuk, Jang-Mi’s hand balls up in a fist…OMG…she totally likes him…Meanwhile, Taeja instinctively holds on tighter as Jang-Mi tries to pull her wrist out.  Of course, Joonhyuk’s eyes go straight to the held wrist, but he’s a harder one to read.

Joonhyuk offers to take Taeja to the hospital, but Taeja declines as he has medicine that Jang-Mi bought him.  Giving Taeja his best wishes, Joonhyuk leaves the two behind.


After Joonhyuk leaves, Jang-Mi turns around in frustration at Taeja for holding her back.  In return, Taeja threatens to keep holding on to her until she promises to stay with him as he eats.  Once Joonhyuk is out of the picture, Jang-Mi seems to calm down and agrees.

Eating, Taeja explains that, as a child, he would take a lot of meals by himself because everyone else was busy.  As a result, he hates eating alone and loves living with Mr. Jang and Joonhyuk.  Hearing Taeja confess this, Jang-Mi warms up a bit.


At work, Chef has turned into a full on Taeja fan-boy.  Since Taeja is out, he comments to Jang-Mi that she should give Taeja break.  He implies that Taeja’s actually suffering from an emotional disease; he’s so stressed by his unrequited love that he’s sick.  Jang-Mi glares back that Taeja has the flue and it has nothing to do with Taeja’s unrequited love, thank you very much, before leaving the kitchen in a huff.

Meanwhile, Mincheol distributes samples of his face mask to his employee and asks her to distribute them as well.  His mom enters right after to let him know that she’s here since Taeja’s mom visits the hospital for treatment today with a triumphant smile.


The coincidental meeting occurs and Taeja’s mom is noticeably more distant today.  However, Mincheol’s mom doesn’t lack tenacity and calls Taeja to invite him out for a group dinner with Taeja’s mom, Minjoo and herself.  Luckily for Taeja’s mom, Taeja answers in a sick voice and ends up running over with food and medicine.


Taeja’s mom runs into Mr. Jang in the courtyard and rips into him for not calling her earlier about Taeja being ill.  Mr. Jang tries to explain that it was just a simple cold, but Taeja’s mom is not having it.  Jang-Mi’s mom walks in and cannot help herself from interrupting.  She tells Taeja’s mom that Mr. Jang asked her to cook porridge for Taeja in the morning and she also went grocery shopping for fresh, organic ingredients to use in dinner.  She reassures Taeja’s mom that Taeja is in good hands.

Taeja’s mom backs off at this point and walks silently into the house to find Taeja sleeping.  After she leaves, Jang-Mi’s mom lectures Mr. Jang for not being able to stand up for himself.  It’s really adorable how Mr. Jang looked so satisfied when Jang-Mi’s mom talked back to Taeja’s mom, though!


Having checked on Taeja, his mom walks into the kitchen to find Jang-Mi’s mom tasting the new side dishes.  Jang-Mi’s mom explains that the food that was brought over has MSG, which Taeja’s mom refuses to believe.  Smiling, Jang-Mi’s mom opens a container of her own side dish and insists that Taeja’s mom tries it.  Taeja’s mom tastes it without a comment, but her expression is enough of a confirmation for Jang-Mi’s mom.  She smugly explains that they only use organic and natural ingredients.  For example, they use honey to sweeten things instead of sugar.  However, in the sign of peace, she adds that she doesn’t mean to insult Taeja’s family’s food…she just wanted to show Taeja’s mom that Taeja is being fed healthy food, while at Mr. Jang’s place.


It seems that Jang-Mi’s mom won this round as Taeja’s mom doesn’t snip back.  She returns to Taeja’s room to find him awake and asks him to come home.  Of course, Taeja refuses her invitation as he still needs to woo Jang-Mi.  Instead of telling her this, he tells his mom that he’s comfortable at Mr. Jang’s place and is fine as Jang-Mi’s mom cooks well.  He even declines his mom’s insistence that he goes to the hospital to get an IV.


Jang-Mi gets text messages from Taeja telling her not to worry as he’s eaten lunch and medicine.  Jang-Mi smiles at the texts and gets caught by Chef, who teases that Taeja likes her so much.  He also wonders if Jang-Mi is also falling for Taeja and she denies it vehemently.  Chef wonders out loud if she’s denying it too much…


At the same time, Mincheol’s mom visits Jangsu at work to threaten him to stay out of Mincheol’s way.  Our baby Jangsu sets her in her place by telling her to leave him alone.  Jangsu notes that Mincheol should avoid him since he’s the one that did the bad act.  Mincheol’s mom huffs that Jangsu’s family was the one who set up the fraudulent marriage and they didn’t do anything wrong.  Gritting his teeth, Jangsu notes that they can ask Mincheol’s patients, who they think was the worse party if she wants to insist and keep bothering him.  He warns her to stop or else he will tell  Mincheol’s patients and leaves.

Minjoo goes to visit Taeja and runs into Jang-Mi.  She explains that she came to bring Taeja soup as he doesn’t eat porridge.  Hearing this, Jang-Mi turns pensive as Taeja ate all of his porridge that morning.


Minjoo goes to complain about it to Taeja and wonders if Jang-Mi sees her as a rival.  She also insinuates that Jang-Mi might try to seduce Taeja because he’s the heir to SL Foods, noting that Jang-Mi’s lack of interest in Taeja’s background supports her theory.

The next morning, Jang-Mi signs the contract regarding Jang-Mi’s recipe being added to the official menu.  She walks down to the lobby with her friend only to run into Taeja’s grandfather.


Jang-Mi calls out in surprise and Taeja’s grandfather smiles kindly.  He invites her to his office, where Jang-Mi starts complaining that Taeja’s grandfather completely deceived her!  Taeja’s grandfather offers to buy lunch and Jang-Mi asks him to buy lunch for her and Taeja.


At home, Jang-Mi explains the situation to her mother and Taeja.  Hearing this, Taeja looks slightly worried at Jang-Mi’s anger about being deceived.  He nervously asks Jang-Mi why she’s not curious about Taeja’s background or how he got his position.  Jang-Mi responds that she doesn’t care and Taeja agrees it’s not important.

Jang-Mi does ask why Taeja wanted to get fired in the beginning.  Taeja doesn’t respond to that and promises to tell her when they get closer.


Next, Taeja and Jang-Mi go ice skating with Chef and his assistant.  Over ramen, the Chef notes that they should come out more often.  Giving Taeja the signal, Chef and Chef’s assistant goes in first and allows Jang-Mi and Taeja time to skate by themselves.


There’s a cute moment when Jang-Mi falls on Taeja on the ice even!


Then they go home by taking the bus together, while listening to music.  Jang-Mi starts remembering good memories and smiles.

At home, Jangsu encourages Jang-Mi to get together with Taeja and Jang-Mi’s mom jokes that she likes Joonhyuk more.

The next day, Jang-Mi starts taking pictures of Taeja on her cell phone camera.  She also offers to buy alcohol after work.  Taeja gets really excited thinking that it’s a date.


Over alcohol, Jang-Mi gives Taeja half of the competition prize money and Taeja gets annyoed that she’s being so strict.  Afterwards, Jang-Mi gives Taeja a scrapbook that she made … full of pictures of Taeja working hard.


Jang-Mi explains that he should look back on it when he doesn’t want to work; he can remember that he worked hard at one point.


Before the bus comes, Taeja kisses Jang-Mi on the forehead and tells her that he’s thankful…He thinks that he can begin to dream again because of her.

The bus arrives and Jang-Mi runs on first.

At the same time, Mincheol’s mom meets with her private investigator, who hands over the photos of Taeja and Jang-Mi ice skating as well as the kiss.


This episode was slightly disappointing.  It seemed like the writers were throwing the book of cliches at the drama and hoping that it stuck. Specifically, everything was going well until Jang-Mi reaction to the revelation of Taeja’s grandfather.  This scene was too forced and awkward…It’s really unnatural for someone, who’s dying to become a permanent employee and will do anything to survive, to act so rudely to the CEO of one’s company or not wonder how she could benefit.  It was too much of a HI-I’M-YOUR-MODERN-DAY-CANDY.

It would have been more natural if Jang-Mi asked to become a permanent employee and asked outright if she now has a network connection.  That could have been funny and Taeja’s grandfather could have joked back that she could apply for an open position when one becomes available.

If Jang-Mi were to be very angry, it would have been more natural for her to act clipped…or awkward…or nervous around him.  Not the petulant tone that Jang-Mi used.  It was just all too fake.  It left a bad taste in my mouth and the remnants of said bad taste kind of ruined the rest of the episode.

I really hope the next episode is better.


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